Curls look flawless and glamorous but the worst part about it is curling itself. Using those heating tools for curling not only damages your hair but they do not last very long. Your hair might not be happy about you overusing your heating tools for curling. Using them might give you short-term unfrizzy and shiny hair but in the long term, it may damage your hair badly if used extensively. 

So what to do? How to get flawlessly curled hair without worrying about damage and heat? What if we tell you that you can curl hair overnight? Yes, it’s possible! You can curl hair overnight with some easy and hassle-free ways which may give you heatless curls overnight. You might ask how to curl hair overnight? What do I need? All of your questions will be answered. Just read on to find out! 

Easy Ways To Curl Hair Overnight 

For some overnight curls, you may need some items which are not so expensive and you can even use them again. Why use heat which can damage your hair to curl your hair when you can get curls overnight with some of these easy ways! 

1. Braid your Hair 

Making braids on your hair might be the easiest way to get curls overnight. If you want loose curls then this method is the best way to curl hair overnight without any heat and damage to your hair. If you want curls at the ends of your hair then make regular braids and if you want all-over curls, make boxer or French braids. All you need is hair bands and some hair spray. Here’s how to do it: 

curl hair
Braid your Hair 
  • Lightly damp your hair (not too much).
  • Part your hair in two sections.
  • Make braids according to the way you want the results.
  • Make sure the braids are tight as a loose braid won’t be effective enough.
  • Keep the braids overnight and sleep.
  • After you wake up, undo your braids and fix them up with hairspray. Tada! You have flawless overnight curls without any heat and hassle.

2. Hair Rollers 

Hair rollers might seem a little old tool to curl your hair but they are effective to get curls overnight. If you want heatless curls, this is an easy, no pain, and helpful way to get curls overnight. Also, hair rollers are easily available, not too costly, and can be used multiple times. So try this tool to curl hair overnight. All you need is some hair rollers, Bobby pins, and hairspray. Here’s how to use it: 

  • Wet your hair and make sections on your hair.
  • Take hair rollers and start rolling your hair from bottom to up.
  • Secure each partition on the roller with a Bobby pin.
  • Let your damp hair dry for 3 hours or overnight.
  • Unpin the hair in the morning and fix it with a hairspray and you have some amazing overnight curls.

3. Elastic Bands 

Who knew some boring elastic bands you never use would help curl hair overnight? Well, it’s true. You just need some elastic bands to get curls overnight. It’s an easy and effective way to have flawless and overall curls. All you need is some elastic bands and hairspray. Here’s how to use elastic bands to curl hair overnight: 

  • Make sections (the more partitions you make the curlier your hair will be) and dampen it with water.
  • In each section, put the elastic band and wrap the hair around it to make a bun.
  • Do this with all the sections.
  • Keep this overnight and undo it in the morning.
  • Drizzle some hairspray on it and you have some flawless hair curls.

4. Pins 

This is a super easy and stylish way of getting curls overnight. You need no heat for it just some pins. You just need to pin your hair and you’ll get overnight curls easily and effectively. You might need some hair gel, hairpins, and hairspray. Here’s how to do it. 

  • Damp your hair with water and apply some hair gel to it.
  • Section your hair.
  • Take an inch of your hair from one side and make a loop with the help of your index finger.
  • Hold this loop and secure it with a hairpin.
  • Make a lot of these until you have no more sections left to make the loop.
  • Go to sleep and after waking up, undo your hair.
  • Drizzle the hairspray and you have flawless overnight curls.

5. Headband 

You can also use a headband to create curls overnight. This method is perfect if you want to go for beachy waves and huge voluminous overnight curls. You just need to put your hair ‘the Coachella-style’. You need a headband and a hair spray product. Here’s how you can do it. 

  • Damp your hair with some water and wrap the headband around your head.
  • Now, start wrapping your hit around the head and get all the hair inside the headband.
  • Pin the hair with the headband so it’s tucked.
  • Let your hair dry for 2-3 hours or you can leave it overnight.
  • Unpin your hair and comb it with your fingers
  • At last, drizzle some hairspray on your curls to fix it up.

6. Try Scrunching 

Scrunching can create some magical and messy curls which look stunning. Scrunching is a perfect, easy, and most simple option if you have textured hair. If you want wavy and natural curls for your hair it’s one of the quickest and most effective ways of doing it. All you need is a hair gel. Simple? Right?

curl hair
curl hair

Here’s how to do crunching to curl hair overnight: 

  • Wet your hair with some water and apply some hair gel on your hair.
  • Take a small section of your hair and start scrunching it.
  • Do not apply hair gel to your roots. Just use it where you want the curls.
  • Keep scrunching every section of your hair to get voluminous and messy curls.
  • Let it dry and your messy curls are ready without any heat or damage.

These were some easy and hassle-free ways to get curly hair overnight. Remember do not vigorously rub your hair as it may damage your hair. Properly follow the steps and you’ll get some stunning curls easily. 
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