How do you make curly hair stay curly? So you sit in front of your mirror primping till your hands ache and you can’t hold a comb or a curler anymore, but your hair still wilts and won’t sit nicely in curls. Or it looks nice for a bit, and then you come home after two hours and you find your curls have all dropped and, at the most, your hair can be generously described as ‘wavy’. Sound familiar?

How Do You Make Curly Hair Stay Curly

Here are some of the tips that you can follow to maintain curly hairs:

Why won’t it stay curly?

There are a few reasons why you can’t get that perfect curly-haired look. You might want those bouncy, picture-perfect curls, but it’s just not happening. Here are some things to consider that are influencing the curl factor with regard to your hair texture.

  • Strangely enough, it could be that your hair is too clean! Sometimes when you have very healthy, clean hair, the outer layers are too smooth to make hair hold a curl properly. So if you’ve just washed your hair and you’re curling it right after, you might find your curls drooping way faster than you’d like.
  • Hair is always going to go back to its natural form. So if your hair is naturally straight, you might have a tough time. In that case, to make straight hair hold a curl becomes much harder.
  • If your hair is genetically very fine, it might be harder for you to figure out how to make curly hair stay curly once you’ve styled it. On the other hand, if your hair is also very thick and long, the curls might also drop down fast because your hair can’t bear the weight (some good curly hair tips here: if you love the curled look enough, have your hair cut in layers, so your hair is overall lighter, or have it cut shorter).

How do you achieve that perfect curly-haired look?

It might be a little harder if you’re working with hair texture that just doesn’t style well into curls, but it’s not impossible! Make sure you’re doing the right things to maximize your chances of getting that perfect styled and set hair with these curly hair tips.

  • After making sure your hair isn’t too clean, prep everything properly. You can use some dry shampoo to add a bit of volume, and try some curl-enhancing products like sprays, or some texturizing sprays so that the curl has some grip. Make sure to use heat-protectant some one night of glamour doesn’t leave your hair ruined! All these products will combine to help make your curls last as long as you need them to. However, don’t go overboard on the products! Use very little.
  • Make sure you’re using some good tools with the right barrel size. Drugstore curling irons are cheap but may not be as effective. You might want something a bit more high-end if you’re planning to curl your hair regularly. As for barrels, smaller barrels allow the curl to be tighter, and there’s less likelihood of it just falling out. Larger barrels create the right size at first, but they can droop really fast.
  • When you’ve curled your hair, don’t just let it fall, hold it there (clipping it is faster for you) for some time till it cools. This will definitely help make your curls last longer.
  • Don’t start curling when your hair is still a bit wet. Wet or damp hair will not hold a curl for long! Similarly, try not to curl your hair in a very humid room.
  • Make sure the heat is at the right temperature. Too much heat affects the texture of your hair and makes it more sleek than curly. Then again, obviously if the heat is turned too low, the curls won’t form properly either.

And then a hair check


With these curly hair tips, you should now have the perfect set of Hollywood curls. But, if your hair still isn’t curling right, it’s very likely that your hair is too damaged to be able to hold curls. If you over apply heat to your hair, this could happen. This means you definitely need some strong hair therapy, look into hair masks or spas or enquire at your local salon.

When styling your hair, you need to be patient! Don’t rush through the process or the results you get will be substandard. Even if you’re in a hurry, take your time, otherwise you might end up with burnt fingers!

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