One trimester down, just two more to go! Can you believe that you’ve been doing this for so long? Remember the early days of pregnancy when you were so unsure and doubtful of everything? Look where you are now, officially entering the second trimester of your pregnancy, still scared, but even braver.

Pregnancy is not just about the growth of the baby, but also about your growth as a parent and a person. Without going on this uncertain and exciting road, you would have never known that this much love and strength exists inside of you. When you come out on the other, you will look at yourself in a much different light. 

At 14 weeks pregnant, your feet are walking on this road to parenthood much more firmly than they were before. You may already be feeling bittersweet about the months you have left behind because that first burst of delight when you found out the news is irreplaceable. But remember newer surprises are waiting to be discovered in the coming weeks. There are new turns ahead, with your baby growing and moving more with each new day. 

So, put on your favourite pair of loose pants or maternity dress and get ready to face it with even more resolve. 

Size of the Baby At 14 Weeks

The size of the baby at 14 weeks is between 3 to 4 inches, usually around 3.5 inches. This means that the baby is around the size of a peach. You can’t sense it, but the baby is actually making different expressions inside your womb. Now, the baby can squint, frown, grimace, etc. due to the various brain impulses, which goes to show just how much your baby has grown.

Though the size of the baby at 14 weeks may still seem small to you, the baby is also working on stretching outwards, which means that soon their arms will be more proportionate to their tiny body. The baby may even be breathing by taking the amniotic fluid in and out of their lungs. The baby is even growing a thin, peach-fuzz type hair around their body, known as lanugo. This will keep them warm.

Pregnancy Week 14
Pregnancy Week 14

Remember those first few weeks where you were just longing to see that baby bump? Well, now is the time for you wish to manifest into reality because your 14 week baby bump is even more apparent. Your baby is rapidly growing this week, which means that you’re probably starting to show more. Your 14 week baby bump may make you want to immortalize the moment in a picture. You can track the progress of your belly from now on through photographs before your baby bump ready for that maternity shoot.

14 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

You may find that your 14 weeks pregnant symptoms are a lot less bothersome than the ones that had troubled you before. This is because the symptoms of the first trimester may start fading now, though they may not completely vanish. Still, there is a feeling of relief, both mentally and physically, knowing both you and your body have crossed a milestone. You know that whatever changes happen in inside of you, you will eventually learn to handle them.

Here are a few 14 weeks pregnant symptoms that you can expect:

1. Abdominal pain

As your uterus accommodates the baby, your muscles and ligaments stretch in the process. Due to this, round ligament pain is common, along with some cramps. This is just your body’s attempts to adjust to your 14 week baby bump. However, if you have any concerns about the pain or cramps, call your doctor to inform them.

2. More energy

As the earlier symptoms lessen, you may find your energy slowly coming back, making you feel ready to do more things. Even if you want to finally work on the plans you have been making while in be, remember to still take it easy and not strain your body too much

3. Increased appetite 

If your morning sickness is beginning to go away, you might find yourself working up an appetite. Keep in mind that the food you eat will supply nutrients to your baby, so you should always stick to safer foods. If your nausea is still acting up from time to time, settle for smaller, healthier meals throughout the day. In case you find you find your symptoms being too persistent and extreme, give your OB a call so you can figure out the reason.

4. Changing moles

Pregnancy can do weird things to your skin, which means that you may find certain older moles changing in color and size, new moles appearing, etc. While these usually go away after pregnancy, make sure to consult a dermatologist so you can keep an eye on these moles, to prevent them from turning into any skin conditions.

5. Thicker, shinier hair

One of the positive effects of pregnancy is that you might tind your hair getting thicker and lustrous in quality, making you feel even more confident in your pregnancy glow. Accept this as a reward that you deserve for the hard work you have done so far!

14 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Though it is not common to have 14 weeks pregnant ultrasound, in case your doctor chooses to do one, you may be able to see your baby clearer. At the 14 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you might be able to see the baby wiggling their toes and even sucking their thumb. Though the sex organs are formed by now, it is still too early to detect the sex of the baby. If you wish to find out, be patient for the next weeks and you’ll know soon.

Self-Care Tips for Being 14 Weeks Pregnant 

This is the time to set up a plan and routine since you probably have more energy, both mentally and physically. Here are a few things you can add to your checklist this week:

Eat healthily

Now that you are finally feeling hungry and your nausea is fading, you can decide on proper meal plans, after a discussion with your doctor. Usually, doctors recommend eating 300 extra calories per day if you are pregnant with one baby, and around 680 extra calories if you are pregnant with twins. If you are at a normal BMI, the goal will be for you to gain one pound per week starting from now. This will be the same goal for twin moms as well, until week 20.

Pregnancy Week 14
Pregnancy Week 14

In case your BMI is lower or higher, your doctor will alter your meal goals accordingly.

Make an exercise plan

If you’re starting to feel less tired already, you can start planning an exercise routine. Nothing too strenuous, of course, but activities like yoga, walking groups, water aerobics are good activities. You can consider joining a prenatal exercise class so you have other people to bond with. Discuss the dos and dont’s with your doctor so you can keep safety in mind while exercising.

Visit a dentist

It is important to maintain your tooth health while pregnant, so you can avoid the development of any dental issues. Be sure to visit your dentist and get your mouth examined to spot any problems and curb them in time.

Research about childbirth classes

Though it is not yet time to go to a childbirth class, start researching on them so that you know your options and do not have to face any confusion at the last moment. Talk to friends or colleagues who may have attended any of these in the past and ask for recommendations.

There are different methods used in these classes and there are variations in the duration accordingly. Thus, it is better to build your knowledge from this point onwards so you know what to expect.

Spend time with your partner

This is the time to spend quality moment with your partner, especially because you were so drained in the first trimester. Soon, you will be welcoming a little one in the world and may not have as much time for each other. Thus, go on dates, have special evenings where you discuss your feelings and fears. Don’t be embarrassed to ask your doctor about the safety of sex during this time in case you find yourself longing for that physical intimacy. 

It is important to encourage yourself from time to time and give little reminders of your achievements. If today you managed to squeeze in a little exercise in your schedule, make sure to praise yourself for it. You are going well and you have come for far so bravely. You’ll keep going on, just like this, for sure.

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