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It’s Classic, Basic and perfectly reliable. It might not be as intense as other positions or sexy or even exotic, but it’s that warm blanket that gives you comfort kind of position.The missionary position or man-on- top position according to Wikipedia, is generally in which a man lies at the top of the woman as she lies on her back while they face each other and engage in vaginal intercourse. It is the most common sexual position for couples yet is not regarded as the most favoured one. 

Why Is It Preferable For Romantics ?

The missionary position is often preferred by couples who wish to enjoy the pleasure of romantic aspects in their relationship even while getting intimate, as this has ample skin to skin contact and opportunities uo look into each other’s eyes, kiss each other and caress each other’s body. 

However, while you may be waiting to try other positions and be skeptical as to why missionary is being claimed to be the best position of all time, there can be a plethora of reasons as to why it is the best sexual position ever. From the intensity of the romanticizing the intercourse to G spot arousal potential, Below are some of the best reasons as to why missionary is the best Position of all times.

Skin Contact Maximized!

The missionary position isn’t the position that is used to do the basic hammering and get away with the idea of it. This position if done in the appropriate way, is about using the whole body to rub your body with your partner’s and create the arousal within that shall be worth and is surely underrated. 

Eye Gaze

Intense eye contact with your partner makes you feel so loved and passionately engaged in the activity.  This eye gaze while having sexual intercourse can be electrifying and can be actually termed as something that is far from boring and the most underrated acts of foreplay. And being in missionary position, shall give you ample opportunities to indulge in the same. 

Sweet Whisperings

And when you’re into the intense gaze with your partner, the missionary position is the right position to whisper the sweet nothings or even utter filth into the ear of your partner. Talk whatever is in your mind and have those small cute conversations with your partner during the sexual intercourse. Those sweet whisperings can even help you gain more passion and love for your partner as you are in the process of it!

Best for Clitoris Stimulation 

This position provides the women to have better chances of reaching orgasm, as the men’s public area gets into the perfect position to rub directly onto the women’s clit, the missionary is one of the best positions to ensure to reach the highest level of pleasure.

Space For Snogging !

In missionary,  there is always some extra space for kissing and cuddling amorously. And what is not to love about a good song? A good snog during sex is heavenly and feels highly lovable. It keeps the motion in flow and helps you keep pace as well. So  the missionary shall always provide you with the extra!

G Spot Potential 

The missionary position with its undeniably extremely incredible positioning, brings high potential of your man getting your G spot hit. So, not only does missionary mean more clit action hence, with the help of a well positioned pillow, your G spot might enter in on the party as well.

It Can Be Naughty!

It can spice things up and obviously can be acclaimed as the perfect position for a bit of consensual domination. Missionary does not have to be monotonous, on the other side of the coin, nothing can be sexier than you being tied up on your back while your partner can take on the dominance and enjoy the full advantage of your submission. 

And in the end, what really matters is how you feel about a sex position! No amount of adjustment or repositioning can help if you do not feel or enjoy the idea of being in the same. So, try twisting yourself into new positions from cowgirl to doggy style, as you are always going to have something to rely upon! 

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