If you’ve been lucky enough to just have a wonderful wedding, congratulations! But there’s danger on the horizon: you might have already considered the issue of post-wedding weight. In many cases, couples get a bit lazy with their usual gym visits after the wedding. You’re probably a lot busier setting up in a new or unfamiliar house, managing your work, maybe thinking about children, visiting your in-laws and new relatives, and going on a honeymoon

There are endless things to do after a wedding for a bride. Also, all the rich, delicious food you’ve been eating during the wedding can’t have helped things. Sometimes, people just feel the need to let go after the wedding. There’s no one to impress anymore, right? But you know that it’s important to stay healthy, not for anyone else’s sake but for you. It might be good to let loose for a few days, but eventually, you should try to get back to your usual regimen. Here’s how to make sure you’re staying on track post-wedding.

Ways to Watch Weight Post Wedding

Here are some of the best ways that you can try out to watch weight post wedding

1. Catch up on the sleep

In order to have enough energy to work out and to stay healthy, you need to make sure you’re sleeping right. In the weeks leading up to your wedding, you might be too busy dealing with flower arrangements, decor, outfits, invitations…you name it. But after the wedding, this won’t be a concern! No more late nights with your parents agonizing over which relative can be left out of the reception. Now you can relax and catch up on some much-needed sleep, so your body is feeling refreshed and ready to catch up on some exercising.

2. Eat light on the honeymoon

Many couples still opt for the honeymoon, and if you’re not too sensitive about these things, this is a good time to do some weight-watching. Wherever you’re staying after the wedding – maybe a hotel, or a nice seaside resort – make sure you pick the healthy options. Fresh salads, fruits, and lots of veg are always good choices. Of course, it’s fine to splurge every now and again, a woman only gets one honeymoon (hopefully!). But try not to go overboard, especially since you’ll be offered an array of delicious foods every day. Be moderate with the chocolate, pastries, and the like. 

Ways to Watch Weight Post Wedding
Ways to Watch Weight Post Wedding

3. Do couple workouts

Weight-watching isn’t anyone’s favourite hobby, so you should anticipate the problem and just get back to your usual exercising regimen. Or adjust it so that your partner can join in. Instead of spending your quality time slumped on the sofa watching television and eating junk food, try to pencil in some time for exercising together. Maybe you can get your partner into yoga, or just visit the gym together. If you have someone to do it with, there’s more accountability, and you’re less likely to put it off.

4. Cook your dinners carefully

In the days leading up to the wedding, all rules go out the window. You’ve probably gotten tired of cooking healthy and ordered pizza more days than you’d like to admit while you’re stressing about whether you’ll fit into your outfit. But now we must return to normal life. Post-wedding, you and your partner can make up some kind of schedule taking turns to cook, or cook healthy meals together.

The more you cook at home rather than ordering takeout, the more control you have over what goes in the food. Also, making meals together is a great way to spend time together. You can even have healthy romantic meals, with nice desserts which are tasty and low-cal. Crack out all those recipe books you’re sure to have received as wedding presents and get going.

5. Stock the fridge right

A lot of post-wedding weight-watching is in making sure you’ve got the right foods at your disposal. If your kitchen is crammed with junk, that’s what you’re going to eat. But if you’ve got lots of fresh, healthy food in your fridge, you’re going to end up eating that. Make sure the partner who is more sensible when it comes to nutrition does the grocery shopping, or you’ll end up with a fridge full of unhealthy snacks. 

Ways to Watch Weight Post Wedding
Ways to Watch Weight Post Wedding

Weddings are wonderful and the return to real life or normalcy can be disappointing, but it should be exciting! You have a whole new life to live with your new partner. But you don’t want to begin this new chapter by feeling sick to the stomach after overindulging in rich foods. Give yourself some adjustment time after the wedding, and definitely don’t be taken in by the notion that women need to have ‘perfect’ bodies, because there’s no such thing. You should aspire to be at a weight that is healthy and ideal for you.

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