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While in this westernized society, relation has been mostly rooted in online dating or the starting ignites from technology. Gone are the times of letters and landlines, with modernization, dating has been a phenomenon that’s in trend or you could interchangeably use the term dating with online dating. It has turned more inclined towards modernity and online dating applications have been playing a major role in forming intense, loving bonds and relations. Relationship goals now achieved by online dating.

Online Dating

Dating apps also come in with the options where people rather go for hangouts and hookups when they want nothing serious. It’s really hard to get into these apps and try finding the match that shall be compatible with your personality. The bigger problem lies with plus-sized women. They are no different, but the society has categorized every difference and embedded a hierarchical structure that has an ideal over the less preferred. Indeed, they seldom face social anxiety or peer pressure or under-confident about themselves

So let us talk about the thing no one talks about – Online dating plus sized women!  How it ideally should be, undirected and fearless.

Relationship Goals

Stop Overthinking! – You need to calm down, relax your head and all the questions and anxiety you go through while swiping right! Questions like, “Am I too fat in real life than in my pictures?” “Why would such a hot guy even swipe a right to me?” “Will, I ever get someone who ‘ll be serious about me?” 

Stop answering the questions your very own mind formed. You cannot respond to the questions in your head that are to be answered by the other person! 


While people can be mean nowadays and put you down just by the words they shall utter with their pride and ego. The inner voice that creates an immense fear in you and directs out your actions and reactions should not be heard. People always judge that’s a hard bite to gulp but bitter truth. So, stop letting them and their talks bother you. Your confidence is the key to fight with judgments, criticisms, and fears. Guys can be mean, annoying and disrespectful, do not question your being and the way you look, rather judge the character of that guy.

You are Enough, You are Worth it!

It is ridiculous to find yourself unworthy and not good enough just because of your weight! Never treat your weight as a hurdle that you need to overcome. Do not treat your weight as some deep dark secret you need to tell or make the other acknowledge about the same. You should never apologize to someone for simply being you. You are as worthy as any girl is, it’s the talks, opinions, thoughts kindness and heart that matters and makes you the worthy kind.

Relationship Goal

You Can Have a Type!

You are allowed to have a type. Yes, read that loud again! NO more saying that you are not allowed to find certain qualities in people more attractive than others, just because you weigh more than an average person. You as a person, are allowed to have a type just like others. You should not find yourself unworthy of having one, never forget to love yourself first. Though it is completely normal for someone to not like you, it happens with everyone but reasoning the rejection by blaming yourself and your body should never be the case. Never apologize for being yourself. 

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Never Edit Yourself!

It is necessary for you to not hide. Always include full-length body pictures in your dating profile like the others. It’s good that you make sure they know what you look like, and it shall also act as a sign of you being confident and unapologetic about your size, shape and you. Embrace who you are by not editing and hiding whatever you think can be unacceptable to the nasty social world. 

Unmatch The Shamer! 

It is extremely common to come across people to site comments on the way you look. You need not give explanations and take their comments on your heart! Be vaguely sarcastic and savage. People talk. Your Dreamy guy would never go on to tell you how you should look and how could you look any better. Never tolerate the negativity that they bring in your life as that could bring anyone’s confidence down. Unmatch and block the one who poses a threat to your confidence, self-esteem and you.

online dating

Embrace The Curves

I know it’s an obvious thing to say, but reminders always help when you feel low! Embrace the way you are and how you look. The body does not define the beauty that resides in you. Body confidence doesn’t come from trying to achieve the perfect body, it comes from embracing the one you got!

So go on, try the dating apps fearlessly and confidently! 

Never wait for someone else to tell you that you are worthy of flowers!

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