We are in a modern era and technology has come a long way. During these difficult times, we are using our laptops and mobile phones constantly. The relationships have turned long distance which is very frustrating. The only thing which keeps two love birds close is being online. Seeing each other on a video call or facetime is the only alternative we can opt for. As the dating game has changed, people prefer meeting their preferred match on online dating video chats.

Do you like video chat dating? Have you matched with a new partner and they want to have an online date with you? Are you worried about what and what not to do on an online date? Do not worry, online date can be easy and a great way of knowing each other well. Plus, it can be romantic too! (Wink! Wink!) Read on to find out what to do and what not to do on a video date. 

Pros and Cons of Video Dating

There are both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to an online dating video chat. It depends on the personality of people whether they like or dislike having a video date. Let us see what are the pros and cons of video dating. 


  • You can find a large variety of people according to the preference you put in the video chat dating app. You can find people from around the world with different cultures, ethnicities, religions, and sexual preferences. You can also find a range of people who might have the same hobbies or interests as you.
  • You can connect with them immediately. The best thing about an online date is you can connect them anywhere you want. You just need to tap on the screen and voila! It’s a date.
Video Dating
Video Dating
  • Video chat dating is much safer than physical interaction. Meeting a stranger which you found online physically can be a little nervous for you, especially when you have a lot of serious safety issues. Also, due to coronavirus, it’s better to stay home.
  • Video date is a great alternative for introverts as they may get comfortable virtually easily rather than a real meeting.


  • The common drawback of having a video date is the scammers and fake profiles. Scammers can deceive people to achieve their motives. Scammers usually do this for money or hacking purposes.
  • Ghosting is also a common thing when it comes to video chat dating. Some people usually do this when they don’t like the other person and they leave without saying a word and never talk to them back.
  • There can be a little awkwardness if one or both of the people are timid and cannot start the conversation properly. Some people avoid using video chats because it can be too uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing.
  • Physical touch and intimacy are important for every couple which is a no in an online date. It’s impossible to touch or feel them when you are having an online video chat.

What are the Dos and Don’ts in Video Dating?

When it comes to online date, you need to be prepared and well organized before you start a video chat with them. There are various dos and don’ts you should know to have a successful video date and a delightful experience. 

1. Check your internet connection and camera

This is the first and important thing to do before you start a video chat with your match. You don’t want any internet connection interruption while you are having an online date with them. Also, make sure your camera is of good quality and your microphone is working properly. 

2. Choose a decent location

You can connect with your match instantly anywhere but make sure the location is decent and proper. Make sure there are enough lightning and no noise in the background. Tip: Do clean the mess in the location. Your match might be an organized person and seeing the mess around your place can be a red flag. Oops!

3. Wear proper clothes

We know, you might be thinking why do I need to dress if there is no interaction with them. Yes, but they can definitely see you up to the waist. Make sure you are at least wearing the clothes on the top properly. Your match can be a fashion geek and may expect you to wear accordingly. 

4. Start off with an introduction

Video Dating
Video Dating

There may be some awkwardness when you video chats with them for the first time. But, don’t panic. Just start with introducing yourself. Where you live, what you do, what you like, and dislike. This can be a great conversation starter. 

5. Do not interrupt

This can be a reason for you getting ghosted by your match. Yikes! You should never interrupt the person talking about something they want to tell you. If you want to say something, wait for them to finish and then start your conversation. Interruption is so not nice. 

6. Don’t call without asking them

You should never call them without asking them first, especially when it’s your first date. Do not be so spontaneous. Schedule your date at a proper time and do not call before the scheduled time. It’s not very proper. If they are late, send a quick text message asking them when should you guys start the video date. It’s a more proper way of doing it. 

7. Do not let them wait

Being punctual on an online date is as important as a physical date. Make sure you are available at the scheduled time so that your match doesn’t have to wait for you. They may not like you being late for the date. 

8. Do not multitask 

You must be attentive when they are talking about themselves. Don’t use background applications while you are on a video chat with them. Make them feel that you are interested in their conversation and make them realize that they are not boring you. Listen to them carefully. 

Online dates can be really fun and creative if you like the person you are talking with. We suggest you some online dating video chat apps you can try out like Bumble, Badoo, Meet4U. Be safe and have a good time! 

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