Love is the best feeling in the world but it is tricky too. Sometimes you’re like ‘udta hi phirun…‘ And sometimes it’s like ‘ jag soona soona laage…‘. When u love someone romantically, you wanna do all sorts of stuff with them and for them. You want to make them feel special, want to pamper them, want to spoil them, want to be with them, want to impress them…Ah! Those candlelight dinners, those fun outings, walking while holding hands, those kisses, hugs, and cuddles…those romantic evenings, everything feels so good. At times you want to do things the way your partner likes, you try to look at things from their perspective too. You stand by them through every thick and thin. At times you are so busy giving your love to them that you neglect yourself in the process. It doesn’t matter if you feel down, it doesn’t matter if you feel broken, it doesn’t matter whether you’re having a bad day…you still give as much love as you can, at times not even getting a little in return. Here we will talk about the importance of self love.

 self love
 self love

People may start taking you for granted, they may say you hurtful things, may treat you with disrespect, may not even care for your feelings at all. You are left to wonder what you did wrong, you search for your happiness in them. Right!?Wrong! “Your relationship with self is the most important relationship in your life.”- Neil Pasricha, The Happiness Equation. Don’t search for your happiness in others, search it within you. You need not be selfish but more considerate for yourself. People may or may not reciprocate your love. You get too tired and depressed by doing for others and not receiving. At worst, you may even blame yourself for their mistakes, you may continue being in toxic relationships at the cost of your own happiness. But when you love yourself you are sensitive towards disrespect thrown at you, you know to stand up for yourselves. When you love yourself more, you love others more and the more others love you. If you can’t love yourself how can you expect others to love you? Loving yourself means that you become fully aware of your being, of your strengths and weaknesses, you are more aware of your gift to the world. You become a much better individual after knowing the importance of self love.

There is nothing wrong to be thoughtful, to be caring, to be considerate of others and to love others. This makes you human. Just don’t forget to love yourself in the process of loving others. Don’t stop doing what makes you happy to impress others. Don’t stop being you. You can never be happy this way. Don’t go overboard while giving love to others. Don’t let others misuse you just because you love them or share some good memories with them. No doubt, relationships are all about adjustments. You should adjust where it needs to be but you should not be the only one trying to adjust and making things better. Remember it takes two people to make any relation last. There should be a mutual effort. Know your worth and never settle for anything less. 

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