Everything To Know About Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery. The conventional beauty standards are changing. Today beauty is achievable artificially. What was earlier considered beautiful might not be attractive anymore. The definition of beauty is changing and we are all victims to it. Today beauty and cosmetics are a scientific discipline. 

There are analytical techniques like the golden ratio and face measurement to determine the attractiveness of a face.

What Is Considered Beautiful?

Women are supposed to be beautiful. Their waist should be thin enough to fit in a corset. Hair long and voluminous. The face has to be petite and symmetrical. 

Deep blue eyes and pink cheeks. A chiselled jaw and plump lips. This is the traditional European beauty standards that women are supposed to have. Of course, not all of us have these stunning features.

When we fail to surpass the beauty standards, we feel hideous and ugly. But mind you these are the beauty standards that are set by our society. 

If you don’t fit into this convention, it’s okay. Beauty is a perspective and personal opinion. You might be attractive to someone who conceives beauty in a different way.

Why Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery? 

People who are not satisfied with their natural beauty want to change or modify some of their features. Women and cosmetic surgery are mutually inclusive. They want to get rid of the long or broad nose, make their face look a little uplifted.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery has been practised all around the world for thousands of years. Plastic and cosmetic surgery is the modification of your body or facial features to make it more attractive. These operations are performed by doctors and surgeons trained in their respective fields.

Everything To Know About Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery

There are several complications in cosmetic surgery. These surgeries are risky and not always successful. Sometimes it makes your face unrecognisable and hideous. It is very costly.

It requires maximum hours of pondering before arriving at a decision to go under the knives or LASER. Here’s everything to know about plastic and cosmetic surgery.

What Is Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery?

Plastic and Cosmetic surgery are two different entities and often misunderstood. Cosmetic surgery involves going under knives to make yourself more beautiful or attractive. 

Plastic surgery is often done to hide a mark or scar from a traumatic accident. It is performed on people with third-degree burns or those who have disfigured face or body parts. 

There are many types of surgeries available:

Face Contour

If a person is not happy with their facial structure; they can undergo this type of surgery. Contouring can help to give your face that external lift which might not be present naturally. It will give you a toned and chiselled jaw along with an uplifted face.

Skin Peel

This treatment is used to remove the external layer of skin to get rid of the old skin. The new skin that replaces the old one will be young and new. It will not have any scar or acne mark. Some people undergo this surgery to remove the freckles on their face.

Nose Surgery

The nose is the central feature on our face. It draws attention quicker than any other features. An ideal nose should be small and narrow. It should be sharp and pointed. Rhino Surgery is done to give your nose the look that is considered attractive and beautiful. 

It is one of the most common and famous surgeries that is done across the world. It seems that women want to get rid of their broad nose.

Plump Lips

Lip fillers are injections that are injected near the lips, multiple times to give your lips a fuller appearance. It is definitely desirable to have plump lips, but this process works temporarily. Many women undergo lip surgery to have permanent lip augmentation that makes their lips plumper.


People who cannot lose weight in the gym often go for this option. Liposuction reduces all the extra fat that our body has. It is a faster way to achieve the body you desire, but definitely not a healthy option. Healthy eating and exercising will be more beneficial in the long run.

Facial Uplift

This surgery focuses on your facial features. It is a method to uplift your eyes, brows, nose, and cheekbones to give it a flattering and uplifted appearance. You can always do this with makeup, but it will be temporary. 

Breast Enlargement And Reduction

Big breasts are considered the most essential trait for a woman. Women with smaller breasts often feel less confident. Breast enlargement is adding silicon implantation to your breasts to make them large and firm. Saggy breasts are contradictory to your youthful body.

Everything To Know About Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery

Similarly, sometimes large breasts could result in back pain and often women tend to reduce the size of their breasts.


It is generally done to get a youthful skin or face. Multiple injections are injected with Botox serum in it. It removes wrinkles and pores from the skin. Hence, giving clear and flawless skin.

Hair Transplant

This is one of the most important surgeries. Many celebrities have undergone this surgery. All the chemicals and hair spray make it difficult to maintain the health of your hair.

As a result, we can encounter hair loss and hair fall. This could lead to early baldness and receding hairlines. Hair transplant is very costly, but it is the ultimate solution to having a covered scalp.

Skin Lightening

Fair skin is still preferred over dark skin. Even after all the activists and protest to demonstrate that all skin tones are beautiful. It’s a shame. Many brown women undergo skin lightening treatment to remove the melanin (the pigment responsible for dark skin). 

This is important to understand that skin colour doesn’t matter. The risks and complications in cosmetic surgery of a face are way too high.

What Are The Complications In Cosmetic Surgery?

  • Since it is a type of operation; it might lead to excessive blood loss.
  • Anesthesia used to numb the area which has to be operated might lead to permanent nerve damage.
  • The surgery might not be satisfactory. It might not be as promised or equivalent to what you expected. But the damage is irreversible.
  • The procedure can result in several allergies and skin problems.
  • It is a painful and frightening process.
  • You might have to undergo several procedures and book many appointments.
  • You might develop an addiction to this. You might desire to have more symmetrical features and therefore undergo several surgeries. Human nature is to be greedy. We are never satisfied.
  • People can generally tell that you have undergone surgery. It will not be a secret.
  • It is very expensive.

This was the list of everything to know about Plastic and cosmetic surgery. Women and cosmetic surgery are not an unfamiliar topic. We need to understand that we are beautiful no matter what. 

No conventional beauty standards should define your beauty. And nothing should make you feel bad about your appearance. We highly believe in natural beauty. But it is up to you and your perception of beauty to undergo these treatments.