Not happy with your appearance? Are you planning to change yourself externally? Then you might have already decided to go through cosmetic surgery by now. Before taking that step, gather all the knowledge and information about what is a cosmetic surgery all about and should you do it or not. 

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

As the name suggests, it is a full-fledged surgery. Cosmetic surgery is completely different from plastic surgery. Even though, both the surgeries change your appearance, the processes and its results are different. 

Cosmetic surgery is unique. In simple words,  medicines are forced into your face and body to enhance. This surgery can be done in almost all parts of your body, like your face, neck, breast or any other parts. 

Most commonly done cosmetic surgeries are :

  • Facial surgery ( Facial contouring and face rejuvenating)
  • Breast enhancement
  • Skin rejuvenating
  • Body contouring

7 Benefits Of Cosmetic Surgery

Here are the top benefits of Cosmetic Surgery 

1. Changes Your Appearance

Changing the way you look or the God-given structure of your body is not possible to change on your own. No amount of exercise will give you the exact appearance you have in your mind. Cosmetic surgery does it. You can change your appearance to exactly the way you wish to see yourself. Cosmetic surgeries will help to fulfil your wish. It enhances your overall appearance. 

2. Biological Or Physical Enhancement

The medicines that are forced into your body enhances the physical strength of your body. It improves and boosts the cells to regenerate. One of the most common surgeries is rhinoplasty surgery. This surgery is done on the nose to relocate or to give a new shape to it. It fixes the respiratory issues as well. Some types of surgeries reduce the number of chances of causing diabetes, blood pressure etc.

3. Psychological Improvement

After you are fully done with the surgery, you will have a flawless appearance. This will eventually boost your confidence. You will completely be a “new you”. The change in your appearance and your confidence puts a great impact on your psychological issues. Your complete mindset changes along with your look. 

4. Results Are Permanent

Once the surgery is done, you don’t have to repeat the same thing over and over again. Cosmetic surgery is a permanent solution to your appearance. So think twice before you do it.  Once you do it, there is no looking back. Hence, choose the appropriate outlook to give yourself the best appearance.

5. Love Grows

Cosmetic surgery makes you fall in love with yourself. The surgery gives you a perfect look that you have always wished for. It bestows you with a flawless YOU. How can you not love yourself then, right? You will have a ” beautiful new you”. 

6. Convenient And Easily Available

Cosmetic surgery reduces a whole lot of work. All you have to do is, you consult a doctor, take his/her advice, share your thoughts. If you find it convenient, go ahead and prepare yourself for the cosmetic surgery. 

Continue with some medicinal courses and voila, you have your perfect appearance. With growing demands, it is very easily available in today’s world. And also with the advances technologies, cosmetic surgeries are quite reliable too. 

7. Minimum Pain

Since it is a formal surgery, you will face a minimum amount of pain. But don’t worry, people exaggerate the amount of pain they feel, or it can also be a psychological effect for some people. This pain gradually wears out as time passes. 

Disadvantages Of Cosmetic Surgery

A coin has two sides, as well as cosmetic surgery. It has both pros and cons. Here are a few disadvantages of cosmetic surgery. These points will give you an overall picture about “is cosmetic surgery safe”? 

1. Expensive

Cosmetic surgeries do not come by free treatments or by low fees. It costs a huge pile of money. Cosmetic surgeries are not available to everyone. Especially for the people who are conscious about their expenses. The operational equipment and medicines cost a lot of money. 

Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery

2. Leads To Addiction 

One of the worst side effects of cosmetic surgery is that patients get addicted to it. As they go through the surgery, their expectations grow higher and higher. Either these patients are not satisfied with their look or they get bored with it easily. 

They repeat it and eventually damages the form of their body. Cosmetic surgery, in the end, affects the psychology of the patient. Patients ultimately suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder(BDD). BDD is a disorder where the patient finds faults and flaws continuously on their body. They go through multiple surgeries but harms themselves as it cannot be cured by cosmetic surgeries. 

Cosmetic Surgery Risks

There are a number of risks regarding cosmetic surgery. Following are the dangerous risks you should know before you go ahead.

1. Risk Of Mistakes

Doctors are human. Mistakes can happen by them too no matter how experienced they are. There is a change for the treatment or the surgery to go wrong. You never know. Thus, it is always advised that you think multiple times before taking this step. Do you really want to change your birth appearance? Go forward only when you are completely sure about it. 

2. Risk Of Life

Sometimes, cosmetic surgeries turn out so hugely wrong that it might cost your life. It’s true that the chances are very minor, yet you have to sign an agreement before taking the surgery. The agreement says that you have no objection if anything goes wrong during the surgery. There have been few cases where the patients lost their lives. 

3. Risk Of Not Meeting Your Expectation

There is a risk of not meeting your expectations. Sometimes, you may not get the result you have dreamt of. There can be a completely different look of yours. 

4. Depression

If cosmetic surgery does not meet your expectations, there is likely a chance to fall for depression. It can be one of the many factors of depression. Cosmetic surgery may lead to more dislike of yourself.

Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery

Is Cosmetic Surgery Safe?

There can be complications but under proper treatments, and with measured risks, it is safe. Technology has advanced and is very reliable too. 

Now you know what is cosmetic surgery and as always, every surgery has pros and cons. No risk means no gain but always take measured risks. Don’t risk your life just to look good externally. 

Being great and beautiful internally really means a lot. And yes, love yourself. No matter what flaws you have or how you look, you are a creation of God and you are truly beautiful. 

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