Oily skin is a major problem for a lot of people. Oily skin gives way to a lot of skin problems like acne and blackheads. There’s this constant fear of applying makeup on the oily skin as it might worsen the condition. So, most of the girls try to avoid makeup as much as possible, but that should not be a solution. 

Oily skin may not have any permanent solution but it sure can be handled. Let’s decode the Makeup for oily skin. If you wish to learn some oily skin makeup tips you should continue reading. 

Makeup for Oily Skin

 Now that saying no to makeup is completely ruled out, we should look at the Do’s of the oily skin makeup routine.

1. The CTM formula aka Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing

Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing should be one of the prior steps in your oily skin makeup routine. Don’t think that any of the steps of skincare should be ignored. Use products that are effective and made for oily skin. You can also involve homemade recipes in your skincare routine. 

2. Primer is a must

Primer is another very important oily skin makeup tip. Primer helps to blur out the pores on our skin which restricts them to produce more oil while you are wearing makeup. Do your research and find a suitable primer for your skin and use them in your makeup routine to make your makeup stay for longer. 

3. Choose the correct foundation

As much as choosing the right shade of foundation is necessary so is choosing the correct formula according to your skin type. Foundations come in various types and there are a lot of companies that bring products for different skin needs. So next time while you are matching the right shade of foundation make sure to see whether it is suitable for oily skin or not. This is one of the most important tips for makeup for oily skin.

4. Use powder-based products 

Makeup products can be segregated into two major categories cream-based and powder-based. While cream-based may further increase the oily texture you should try to use powder-based products to give the mattifying effect to your makeup. 

Powder Based products for oily skin makeup routine-

  • Powder contour
  • Powder blush
  • Bronzer
  • Powder Highlighter
  • Powder Eyeshadow

5. Seal with a setting spray 

You can use a setting spray post makeup to set everything in place. Use a mattifying setting spray to get the perfect snatched look. Add this to your oily skin makeup routine and you are all set to carry your makeup for longer now. 

Makeup for Oily Skin
Makeup for Oily Skin

Oily Skin Makeup Tips

Here are some more makeup tips for oily skin, to make your makeup look flawless and stay on your face for a longer duration. 

The three major problems faced by people with oily skin

  • Melting 

This is one of the main problems faced by people with oily skin. On oily skin, makeup tends to melt down quickly within a few hours.

  • Oxidization

In this condition, the makeup tends to react with the atmosphere and all the dust particles resulting in the face looking darker than it is.

  • Shiny T zone 

Oil is produced mostly around the T zone area so when you apply makeup on oily skin it gets shinier on the T-zone because of all the oil.

So, in order to fight all these problems and prevent them from happening, we must investigate some more oily skin makeup tips

1. Use ice treatment before makeup

In order to get your makeup to stick and stay for longer, use an ice cube, and gently massage over your skin to clean your pores that often clog up because of the oil. This step is very useful to make your skin glow and be a perfect canvas for makeup. 

2. Regular steam for your face

You don’t have to involve this in your makeup routine, but you should take steam therapy for your face to open the clogged pores that further lead to acne.

Oily Skin Makeup Tips
Oily Skin Makeup Tips

You need not go to the parlor every time for this just dip a towel in hot water and put it over your face. You will see instant results. 

3. Never forget to moisturize

We tend to think that moisturization is a step that would lead to the oiliness of your skin. This is totally wrong as moisturization benefits oily skin. If your skin produces oil in excess, it is because it is not properly hydrated. Our bodies tend to devise ways that will fulfill the required needs.

So, if you don’t want your skin to do that job, you should do it and properly moisturize your face. If you do this your skin will change for the better. 

4. Use translucent powder

To set your makeup and your cream-based products like your foundation and concealer to not let them move when you tend to sweat, or your skin is oily. Translucent powders come in a variety of kinds for you to choose but make sure to not use too much unless it’s Halloween and you want to recreate James Charles’s, Flashback Mary. 

5. Use blotting paper

These come in handy when you are sweating on your face or feel like your makeup is starting to get oily. There are blotting papers available on the internet that you can buy, or you can DIY them at home using thicker tissues. Cut them into small rectangular pieces and carry them in your purse wherever you go. This way you’ll be prepared when your makeup starts to melt.

Makeup for Oily skin is a tricky job, but it is manageable with these simple tips that do not cost you anything extra nor take too much of your time. You don’t have to be a makeup expert or a makeup-guru to create a flawless base even when you have oily skin.

You have to learn a few tips and tricks, here and there to fix this issue. Just remember to follow them while you apply your makeup and now, you’re ready to take on the world. 

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