Getting pregnant is one of the happiest moments for a couple. A memorable experience and a time when everyone is curious and excited about the sex of the baby. Everyone who gets to know about your good news will for sure share their very own speculations regarding whether you will have a baby boy or a baby girl and their lists of rules to be during pregnancy. Few of these are facts and a few are myths regarding predicting baby gender.

Myths Of Predicting Gender Of Baby

Here are some of the major myths about predicting gender:

1. The Baby Bump

It is said, if your bump is high and pointy you will have a boy. But again some say, for the same that you will have a girl. But the fact is neither is true. The sex of the baby cannot be determined by the shape of the bump. The shape depends upon the body of the mother, her stomach muscles and also the position of the baby.

2. Skin

If the mother looks pale and her skin has several breakouts, some say that she will have a girl and that the growing baby girl is absorbing the mother’s beauty. But again in some regions, the opposite is said. But, in reality, the culprit is the hormonal changes in the body. 

3. Eating Spicy Food

Expecting mothers are discouraged to consume spicy food saying that the spice will harm the baby, cause preterm labor and so on. According to Mary Lake Polan, M.D and Ob-Gyn, spicy food is safe for the baby but can be uncomfortable for the mother and aggravate heartburn and morning sickness.

4. Cravings for saltiness, sourness, and sweets

Soon to be mommy’s craving for sour and salty food will have a baby boy and cravings for sweet food means it’s a baby girl. Again this is a myth. Cravings have a direct relationship with the nutritional and physiological needs of the mother.

5. Sex Positions

Predicting Gender Of Your Baby
Predicting Gender Of Your Baby

According to many people, the sex position plays an important role in determining the sex of the baby. This factor is also agreed by Dr. Landrum B. Shettles. Some of the talked about sex positions which can affect the sex of the baby:

  • Missionary

Conceiving the baby in the old school missionary position increases the chances for a baby girl. 

  • Doggie style

Some couples swear by that the possibility of a baby boy is more if conceived in this position. It is also claimed that if the mother achieves orgasm during the time of conception, it is most likely that a baby boy will be born.

6. Morning sickness

If the mother experiences excessive morning sickness, then she will have a girl. It’s a MYTH. Morning sickness is induced by the hormone beta HCG. Higher the level of this hormone, the higher will be the feeling of nausea. Low blood sugar levels can also contribute to morning sickness. 

7. Mood swings

According to some people, if the mother experiences mood swings badly, there’s a baby girl on the way. But the thing, mood swings have nothing to do with the sex of the baby. During pregnancy, mood swings are inevitable due to the hormonal changes in the body.

8. Lower fetal heart rate

A higher heart rate of the fetus means you will have a baby girl and vice versa. But there is no scientific theory to back this one. The heart rate of the fetus depends upon the age and degree of movement. 

9. Baby’s movement

According to old wives’ tales, if the baby is kicking in the womb or it is moving around then it is definitely a boy. The movement of the baby again has no part to play with gender determination. The movement is influenced by the mother’s physiological conditions and what activity she has been doing.  

10. Hair

Another myth people talk about is the mother’s hair. If during pregnancy she seems to have nice and shiny hair just like in the tv commercials, she will have a baby boy. Expecting moms hear me out, it is because of the hormone – ESTROGEN.

11. Wedding ring spin

The wedding ring spin was originally a western superstition and a myth regarding predicting baby gender, where the movement of the expecting mother’s wedding ring is used to determine the gender. This one you can try out for fun. Tie your wedding ring with a thread and lie down on your back. And ask your lover or relatives to let the ring swing freely over your bump. If the hanging ring moves back and forth, then its a boy and the ring moves in circles, then its a girl.

Pregnancy myths regarding predicting baby gender are endless. Some of them turn out to be true but some are just good old wives’ tales. And to be honest some myths are scary. Do some research on what people suggest to you and most importantly consult and clarify with your gynecologist whatever is bothering you.


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