Change in the Cycle? Relax it's normal. Your protection shield broke and you ain’t on the pill? or in the heat of the moment, things happened without planning? What is your last resort?! You rely on Plan B.  But wait before jumping on to this Plan B you have come up with, you obviously would wonder about how it shall work and what side effects it comes with? Let us enlighten you with oblivion and elucidate the side effects it entails.

What is Plan B?

So, Plan B medically termed Levonorgrel, is a female hormone that can cause changes in your cervix that helps in making it difficult for the sperms to arrive at the uterus and even harder for a fertilized egg to be attached to the uterus. It contains a type of progesterone that is used in the same steroid hormone in oral contraceptives and works in delaying the ovulation process, preventing fertilization, and egg implantation. Plan B is used to prevent fertilization or simply prevent you from being pregnant after having unprotected intercourse or due to breaking of condom etc.

Important Information

It should be kept in mind that Plan B is a pregnancy prevention pill and does not terminate an existing pregnancy. Plan B should not be intended to be used as a regular birth control pill. You may consult your doctor for other ways of control. It is also not approved for use by anyone who is less than 17 years of age. It is considered to be very safe, yet the high dosage of progesterone may lead to some ill effects. Before taking the same, you might want to check with your doctor regarding your medical history. 

Plan B Side Effects

Here are some things that you should know before opting for plan B:

1. Change in Cycle

One of the common side effects of the plan B pill is a change in your periods. It can cause your menstrual cycle to be either heavier or even lighter, similarly, it might also affect the timing when it arrives being either late or early. The side effects are actually because of the high level of hormones that are in the pill that acts on the lining of the uterus at variable points in time during your period cycle. Though how it can affect your cycle is dependent on the time when you take it. The changes that take place are not permanent (if the pill is used correctly) and your next cycle probably shall be regular and or in a week’s expected time.

2. Nausea and Vomiting 

An obnoxiously queasy side effect from the pill is that nauseatingly upset stomach kind of feeling that you might go through. The high dosage of hormones can make your body out of whack for some time until it gets used to the same. In cases of severe nausea and retching, you should seek medical attention as if you throw up within 2 hours after taking the pill, it might be the case that your system did not absorb it and you may need to repeat the dose after consulting your doctor.

3. Dizzy

Don’t Panic if you experience dizziness. If you feel light-headed don’t freak out as it’s a normal side effect you go through after consuming the morning after pill. This is due to the hormone progesterone, which causes relaxation of muscle cells in the blood vessel that in turn leads to blood pooling in the low extremities of the blood vessels that hence, results in less blood flowing to the head causing dizziness and light-headedness, and shall be temporary.

4. Cramping

Women and cramps have some sort of never-ending relationship. Be it periods, pregnancy, or even the process of preventing pregnancy, cramps are always gonna stay in every journey. As progesterone affects the uterine musculature there are chances of moderate cramping can occur. The usual medicines used for cramp relief can alleviate the pain. However, if the pain is severe you can seek medical help.

5. Breast Tenderness

Like other side effects,  this one is also related to the hormone, progesterone. Progesterone, like in a normal cycle, creates headaches and breast tenderness. So likewise as Plan B consists of the same, it is normal to have a sore or achy chest after taking the morning-after pill. 

Breast Tenderness
Breast Tenderness

6. Headaches

Headache is also symptomatic of the side effects of the prevention pregnancy pill. The reason is the hormone, it usually stays up for a few days and goes away. If t does not go away and is accompanied by visual ill effects, consider medical assessment as soon as possible.

7. Fatigue 

Hormones can be irritating, can’t they? They are mostly responsible for every side effect or illness one goes through. Tiredness is another side effect of the hormone progesterone, that causes a feeling of lethargy and fatigue. Hence, before seeking your last resort,  consider reading the above information wisely! And do what you wish to do, Live and rule it the way you desire to!