First, it stops as a gentle throbbing, and it has turned into a full-blown blinding pain before you know it. Headache causes are not always naughty children and errant teenagers, jokes apart, though moms would most certainly say it was a legit cause, can be many and myriad. Headaches are extremely debilitating and can ruin your entire day, so it is essential to find the trigger and smash it from the root so that you can enjoy your life!

Headaches are the most common condition that everyone experiences. The causes are different for different people as everybody differs from one another. There are four types of headaches - sinus, tension, cluster, and migraine. But, the main symptom is excruciating pain in your head or part of your face. Suffering from bad headaches and not knowing the root cause can be frustrating. To help ease your pain, knowing what triggers headaches is crucial. 

Surprising Constant Headache Causes 

Here we have listed 10 surprising constant headache causes

1. Weather

Changing weather is one of the major factors for headaches, especially for people who suffer from migraines. As the temperature drops, so does the barometric pressure; this change in pressure causes sinus headaches. Keep an eye on the weather forecasts and plan according to your requirements. Weather is also one of the significant sinus headache causes. 

2. Stress

Be it financial stress or family stress; headaches are a constant for all types of stress one experiences. Stress leads to the release of certain chemicals in our bodies that lead to tension headaches. It is also one of the major tension headache causes.

3. Dehydration

Dehydration causes headaches due to the lesser amount of fluid in your body. The brain may temporarily contract or shrink due to fluid loss, which leads to severe headaches. Drink loads of water and keep your body hydrated to avoid headaches.

4. Strong Aroma

Are strong perfumes a cause of your headache? Maybe. Strong aromas cause blood vessels to dilate, and this affects your nervous system leading to headaches. If the headache is accompanied by nausea, one of the primary headache causes is a strong scent. Avoid using perfumes and stay clear from strong odors. 

5. Oversleeping

Irregular sleeping patterns lead to headaches because of neurotransmitters. Oversleeping causes disruption of serotonin, which is one of the important neurotransmitters, which in turn triggers a headache. Serotonin levels are imbalanced, and this leads to headaches.


6. Hormones

Hormones play a major role in the well-being of your body. Balanced hormones mean a healthy body. A drop in estrogen levels usually triggers headaches. These are mostly triggered during PMS, while pregnant, or in post-menopausal women- where there is a lot of hormonal fluctuation.

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7. Skipping Meals

Both irregular sleeping and eating patterns trigger headaches. Skipping meals drops the sugar levels in your blood because of which the body releases hormones indicating the brain to eat. These hormones also increase blood pressure and tighten your blood vessels, triggering a headache. Eating on time and never skipping meals is essential if you want to avoid headaches.

8. Caffeine 

Caffeine narrows the blood vessels, and when the intake of caffeine is restricted, the blood vessels enlarge, leading to excess blood flow and pressure. This pressure is one of the main headache causes. Headaches are also triggered as a result of caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Intake of caffeine should be completely avoided by people who suffer from migraines and are sensitive to headaches. 

9. Screen Time

Exposing yourself to a lot of blue light and constantly looking at your screen is bad for both your eyesight and your headache issues. Screen time causes eye strain, and eyestrain causes headaches. Eyesight issues are one of the constant headache causes. If not checked at the earliest, the headache prolongs. Taking care of your eyes, reducing your screen time, and exercising is a great way to avoid headaches triggered by eyesight problems.

10. Bad Posture

Bad posture causes strain and tension in your neck, upper back, and shoulders. This leads to severe pain on the base of the skull, which later moves to the forehead. A good posture will never trigger a headache. Working on your posture is the only way out if the root cause of your headache is your bad posture.

Home Remedies to keep away Headaches Causes

Treatment of headaches may be tricky if the root cause is unknown, and taking a tablet when you don't know the root cause is not advisable. Here are some tips you can consider and try to reduce your headaches: 

  • Drink plenty of water and have a proper diet. Never skip a meal. Taking care of your body goes a long way and also keeps you healthy. 
  • Essential oils like peppermint oil, when applied, reduce the pain. It works the best for tension headaches. Tension headache causes include many factors, but peppermint oil is your savior. 
  • Intake of ginger tea has been shown to minimize headaches. Ginger also reduces nausea and vomiting, which come with severe headaches. 
  • Exercising is a great way to avoid headaches. Multiple studies have shown that the lesser the physical activity, the higher is the risk of headaches. 
  • Practice yoga. Yoga helps your deep breathing, which may also help with your headaches. 
  • Cold packs are also another way out of headaches. Treating your headache with a cold compress also helps reduce severe headaches. Severe headache causes usually lead to migraines as well. 
  • Heat also helps reduce the pain. Though most people prefer cold packs, heat also does the same job as cold packs. 
  • Avoid bright light and direct sunlight. Busy patterns and bright lights trigger headaches as they irritate your eyesight. 

Treating headaches is tough if you don't want to consume tablets. If you experience headaches very often, consumption of tablets every day is not advisable. Headache causes can range over a million things. Always consult a doctor and get it treated. It can be something as simple as an increase in your eye power or might be a manifestation of some underlying severe health issue.

Never turn a blind eye to your health and well-being, and never let your headaches get the best of you. 

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