“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation”- Glenn Close

With rising environmental concerns and the fast-paced lifestyle, there is an added stress and anxiety in our already overcomplicated life. Unlike physical maladies, the diagnosis and especially acceptance of mental health issues is extremely pressing.

On women especially, there lies an added onus of having it all together, making it even more difficult for them to confront the problem. 1 in 5 women suffer from mental health conditions but the percentage that seeks help is very marginal, and the problem lies there.

For women, mental health is important, and many issues can affect them. This especially applies to young women who are finding their place in the world. From new mothers to women finding jobs, it can be a stressful time and a time where it’s extremely overwhelming. This especially applies if you have a family history or if you’re someone who is stuck in a tough situation.

The cause for being afflicted by mental health disorders can be myriad but one of the most common causes among women is abuse- whether it is sexual abuse especially during the formative years or even later, domestic violence, marital rape, or even sexual harassment at workplace. Ladies often find it difficult to express themselves for the fear of ostracization and lack of support and also evidence in certain cases. 

Mental abuse doesn’t show signs unlike physical abuse but that doesn’t make it any less life-threatening. With proper help and intervention at the right time, it is possible to keep mental health issues at bay and lead a wholesome life. 

Various Mental Health Issues can Affect Women

In this post, let’s look at several disorders that can happen.


Having anxiety on occasion is common, but too much anxiety can lead to trouble sleeping, feeling irritable, unable to try new things, and a sense of dread all the time. From work to relationship issues, there’s quite a lot that can lead to anxiety disorders. It’s important that you seek treatment if you feel like your anxiety is too much. Also, looking for ways to calm you down is important too.

Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is found in both men and women, but women’s hormonal changes can make it difficult for them. As you may know, bipolar disorder involves mania and depression. Women with bipolar disorder may feel on top of the world in one instance, and then feel like the world is falling apart in the next.


Another common mental health issue that can happen in women is depression. From stress to isolation, many things can trigger it. While we all get depressed on occasion, chronic depression can keep a woman from getting out of bed and prevent them from enjoying the things they used to love.

Mental Health Issues
Mental Health Issues

One form of depression that is faced especially by women is postpartum depression. This is depression that forms after giving birth. While a baby can be a joy, the problem is that giving birth leads to massive hormonal changes. Postpartum depression tends to go in a way, but you may not want to underestimate it. Should you feel too depressed, you may want to seek help from a doctor.

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Borderline Personality Disorder

BPD tends to happen in a woman’s 20s when the stress of life begins to show more. BPD can involve intense periods of emotions such as anger and depression, with symptoms that can last for quite a while. Many people with BPD can be self destructive and end up getting in trouble. If you have BPD, it’s important you seek help from it ASAP.


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder tends to be associated with boys, so adult women tend to get overlooked with ADHD. They may feel like they are unable to focus, feel disorganized, forgetful, and be less social.

ADHD is treatable, but many women believe that it’s just a part of being an adult, since ADHD is commonly associated with children. However, many adults have ADHD as well.


As women become adults and are allowed to drink, their chances of misusing alcohol and other substances tend to be a problem. When stressed, it’s easy to drink too much alcohol and take drugs you shouldn’t have. Addiction can be an expensive, damaging problem that can haunt young women for a while.


This is a severe mental health issue that involves delusions, paranoia, and other behaviors that can seem bizarre. It can happen in young adulthood, turning a woman who is sensible into someone with paranoid fantasies. There are ways to treat it, but a woman who is deep into schizophrenia can refuse treatment due to a persecution complex.

Staying Healthy can prevent many Mental Health Issues

Living a healthy lifestyle can keep you mentally well. Here are some ways you can reduce your chances of these issues.

Mental Health Issues
Mental Health Issues

● Eat plenty of healthy foods. From foods with protein to foods with essential nutrients, your mind will thank you for it later.

● Get plenty of rest. A woman needs 7-8 hours of sleep on average. However, the stresses of life can make it difficult to fall asleep. Unwind before bed and practice proper sleep hygiene. Use your bed only for sleeping and sex.

● Try to socialize whenever possible. Too little socialization can lead to isolation, and this can cause severe mental health issues.

● Exercise as well. This can keep you focused, help you sleep more, and your brain releases endorphins as well, which can make you feel good.

The Importance of Therapy

Before we go, we should stress how important it is to seek help from a therapist or counselor if you have mental health problems or if you have other issues that need support. Not speaking to a therapist can lead to mental health problems being undiagnosed.

In these tough times, online therapy can make accessing a licensed therapist much easier. Connect to a therapist who fits you, and you’ll be on your way to healthiness.  

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