Bipolar disorder did not stop me from finding my true eternal love. But in ways, it helped me reach my love. What about you ?Do you have trouble living your relationship? If you are suffering from bipolar disorder, then go through the following points and work on them, you will have a better life. Bipolar disorder is when you experience drastic fluctuations in your mood. It is a mental illness that can be identified by symptoms that include elevated mood called mania, episodes of depression. There are different types of bipolar disorder, know about all of them by clicking on this link.

Things To Know About Bipolar Disorder

Following are some of the major things about bipolar disorder that you should know about them:

1. Bipolar depression is a war of the mind

A lot of people confront depression and at times feel extremely sad, but bipolar depression is different from the two. It is when your mind is in a war zone for a lifetime. you will always have a battle in your mind and will struggle with situations and people. 

2. Bipolar disorder forces you to survive at extremes

This is mainly for bipolar when you will have days either with mania or depression. The episodes may last for several days or weeks. 

3. The less control you have, the more chances you will cycle between depression and mania

You can get depression and mania within a blink of an eye with bipolar. In a day you can be on the top of the world while just a second next to that you can be as low under the ground. It is only about how much you try to control the way you react to the triggers.

4. Bipolar disorder is accompanied by many other diseases

When suffering from bipolar disease you are prone to suffer anxiety. To cure the bipolar issue you will be given certain medications that have a lot of side effects, such as gaining weight, insomnia, etc.

5. Bipolar I is more likely to generate the suicidal feelings

Bipolar depression is one such severe illness that will generate feelings that will trigger you to commit suicide or hurt yourself. It is when you will feel crash down to feet under the earth. Getting back to a stable mindset is very hard, harder than you can think. 

6. Bipolar depression is the worst part of one’s life

For any person’s life, the phase of bipolar depression is the worst. This is a situation where you either break or make it. 

Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder

How to Overcome Bipolar Disorder?

This treatment usually takes a lifelong period.  They can be diagnosed by:

  • Taking prescripted medicines and psychotherapy.
  • Identifying the things that trigger you and altering the reactions that you give in return
  • Start thinking if your reaction will hurt the other person
  • Understand and educate yourself about bipolar disorder and how you can minimize the effects.
  • Do not give yourself the utmost priority by thinking about whatever you are feeling is correct
  • Try to calm down or see the stress-relieving essentials.
  • Do not isolate yourself. Stay connected to people who make you happy. Being alone would generate many thoughts in your mind creating a battlefield.
  • Staying busy with your friends, family, and members from your society can also play an important part in keeping you euphoric and energized

These are some of the steps that you can take to reduce the impact of such disorders in your life. Knowing that you suffer from such an issue, you should not go weak, instead strategize yourself with things that will make you appear stronger. Put some efforts and you will get the best of all. Never let bipolar disorder be a barrier to finding your soul mate. Instead, you can make it your way to find your love and your love will help you to get over the bipolar issue. It is okay to have storm in a teacup in any relationship, be it with your siblings, parents, friends or your man. 

So if you work on overcoming the manic depression, even if you are left with some effects of the disorder, your life will go normal. Being a veteran, I would like each one of you to never let any circumstances stop you from finding your lasting love because every human being on this planet is destined to be with someone, and it is your job to put efforts and find THE ONE. If you have any issues regarding relationships, click here and you will get a lot of helpful articles. 

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