Makeup is used to improve a person’s features, to beautify, and to enhance certain parts of one’s image. It is a way of art and self-expression. Makeup can be utilized for different intentions. However, the utilization of makeup can be a source of unfounded and fallacious tips.

It is vital to clarify why such misinformed know-hows aren’t right and shouldn’t be passed around nor heeded. Also, knowing what tips to avoid in putting on makeup is crucial in looking good and put together. With that being said, here are a few examples of incorrect tips about makeup, and why we shouldn’t believe them.

9 Makeup Tips That Women Should Avoid

Here are some makeup tips that should be avoided:

1. Applying waterproof mascara daily

If you aren’t going to go swimming or think that you’ll be exposed to rain or any other reason to wear waterproof mascara, then don’t. It’s better to wear a standard mascara daily than a waterproof one. When the day ends, it’s you who’ll need to make an effort in removing waterproof mascara. Aside from the hassle, rubbing your eye excessively will weaken your eyelashes.

2. Buying expensive makeup

Don’t fall for this capitalist trick that corporations spread around wherein the most expensive makeup has the best quality in the market. Sure costly makeup can look nice, but the same goes with less expensive alternatives. The formula for a lot of makeup items is pretty much the same.

So ignore these capitalistic makeup myths and treat yourself to makeup that works for both your skin and budget. Check out Candid Cosmetics if you are looking for great quality makeup for an affordable price.

3. Don’t throw out your mascara

Most people only throw out their mascara if it’s used up or has gone clumpy. However, it is recommended to dispose of it after at least three months regardless of its state. Mascara is one of the makeup products wherein you are exposed to the risk of eye infection due to it being an ideal place for bacteria to breed. Thus, it is better to throw it out after a few months and replace it with a new one to avoid eye infection.

4. Always relying on foundation

Many people will try to tell you that your makeup routine will never be complete without foundation. However, this is not true at all. In fact, if your skin is in excellent condition, you most likely won’t need to bother with the foundation to pull off a smooth finish. Furthermore, it may just make you look exaggerated or overdone.

You can even choose to skip using foundation and just use a rich nourishing face cream or a light tinted moisturizer to enhance your natural glow. To top it off, try using a light shimmer highlighter to brighten your face. If you want to have a natural shine, skip the setting powder.

5. Pumping the tube to prep your mascara

The tip that states that before using the mascara, it is better to pump the wand in the tube several times is not right. Doing this is always a bad idea. Pumping your mascara is not recommended for a lot of reasons. Mainly, it will introduce air inside the tube, which will make the formula dry quicker. You wouldn’t want this to happen because using a dried out formula will make your lashes look spidery and clumpy.

Moreover, bringing air into the tube will make it favorable for bacteria to breed. Bacteria bred in the tube may get into your eyes through the wand and may lead to infection or irritation.

6. Testing foundation on your hand

It is for the fact that a lot of women test the foundation on their hands to see if it will match their skin tone. However, you shouldn’t do this because it is inaccurate. Your face and your hand take on different levels of sun exposure. Thus, they do not have the same shade.

Although the shade difference is subtle, it is noticeable enough that you’ll end up purchasing a foundation that may not suit you. Rather than testing foundation shades on your hand, use your neck. This is a better alternative because your face and neck are more similar in coloration.

7. Using a darker foundation to look tanned

This tip is downright absurd. Doing this will not make you look tan; it will make you look as though you’re using the wrong shade of foundation. What’s more, there’s consistently that ugly line where the more profound foundation ends and the natural color of your skin begins.

Makeup Tips
Makeup Tips

The best way to successfully darken your skin tone using the foundation is to cover each patch of exposed skin on your body. Not only does this waste a tremendous amount of foundation and stains your clothes, but it will also consume so much time only for your skin to look unnatural afterwards. If you want to look tan, just opt to go for self-tanning or spray-tanning.

8. Using a lighter foundation to look fair

Like it isn’t recommended to use the foundation to look tan, the same goes for using it to look fair. Remember that there is a reason why you need to choose a foundation shade that is similar to your natural skin tone.  Foundation is used to make your skin seem smoother. It helps conceal any imperfections on your face and assists in the evening your skin tone.

However, using a foundation shade that is visibly lighter than your natural skin tone will make you look unnaturally fair ashy. All in all, don’t try to change your skin tone using foundation and just simply choose a foundation that perfectly matches your skin.

9. Uneven application of under-eye concealer with foundation

Makeup is more of coordinating colors rather than matching them exactly. With this said, it is acceptable to choose an under-eye concealer that has a different color to your foundation. Although it is okay not to match with your foundation, what’s more, important is selecting a concealer with peach undertones. If you use these concealers, it will eliminate visible blue undertones under your eye, giving you a fresh and vibrant look.


You can easily find a ton of misleading and downright untrue makeup tips out there. This is due to the lack of legitimate makeup know-how and misinformed tips by makeup buffs who think they are professional makeup artists. It’s important to know what false makeup tips to avoid so that nothing is in your way of becoming gorgeous and confident!

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