The art of doing makeup needs lots of patience and technique. As much as people may stereotype it, makeup does not come from a place of insecurity and superficiality. Instead, it comes from a place of self-love, because you want to express all these different shades of yourself.

There is nothing wrong with having a makeup routine as a comfort habit.  After all, if you know what your best features are, why should you hesitate to enhance them? You deserve to look into the mirror and paint yourself in the glow you desire.

However, as important as it is to be safe and precise during your makeup application routine, it is just as essential to have a proper makeup removal routine, too. The makeup that looks so gorgeous on your face in the morning can end up causing damage if left as it is overnight. So, we must remove it safely.

Yet, many of us tend to get careless in this process. We don’t pay as much attention to the details as we do when it comes to applying makeup to our faces. Because of this, we end up committing basic makeup removing mistakes that can cost us in the future. This has to change because taking off that makeup as gently as possible ensures that your skin remains in a good condition. After all the healthier your skin is, the better you will feel on the inside.

Why is a proper Makeup Removal Routine important?

If you suspect that you have been using some wrong ways to take makeup off, you should begin first by knowing the importance of a proper makeup removal routine. While removing makeup may not be as fun as applying it, here is why you should not skip this step: 

  • Removing makeup properly and cleansing your skin ensures that it is free of product, dirt, grime, and other impurities.
  • It reduces the chances of skin blemishes such as pimples, blackheads, redness, etc.
  • It promotes the renewal of skin cells, along with improved microcirculation due to the massaging action during cleansing.
  • It leaves your skin feeling light and breathing easy.

Thus, you should be aware of the makeup removal mistakes that you may be doing, so that you can replace them with the right way of removing makeup. After all, your daily skincare routine only comes to an end when you go to bed with your skin feeling fresh and clean.

What are Some Basic Makeup Removing Mistakes?

Picture this: you come home from a late dinner, feeling exhausted in your special outfit. The makeup you took hours painstakingly applying has now started feeling dull and heavy on your skin. You look into the mirror, getting ready to take it off. But behind you, your bed looks as tempting as ever and you just want to lie under the soft sheets. This may make you hasty in your removal and cleansing process, leading you to skip over certain essential steps.

At that moment, what are the makeup removal mistakes that you may be doing? In your urge to get things done fast, you may actually be damaging your skin. Thus, you must be careful and not compromise your skin quality just to get it over with. 

Here are some makeup removing mistakes that you should be on the lookout for: 

1. Using The Wrong Products

When removing makeup, we can mistakenly assume that using aggressive formulas that leave our skin feeling fully clean is the best option to choose. However, these same formulas can leave your skin feeling irritated and damaged. 

Makeup Removing Mistakes
Makeup Removing Mistakes

The right way of removing makeup is by using formulas that suit your skin type, especially if you have acne, rosacea, or eczema. Formulas that suit the skin’s natural pH are best because they clean the makeup off your face gently, in the way that your particular type of skin needs. Thus, when buying makeup remover, don’t blindly choose what looks good. Look through the suitability and also get to know your own skin more. 

2. Skipping neck, jaw, and hairline regions

While doing makeup, you are probably thorough with the foundation, blending it carefully along the edges such as the hairline, and past the jaw. Yet, when it comes to removing the makeup, you may skip this region or be tardy with it. This is one of the wrong ways to take makeup off because it will leave residue accumulating behind in these areas.

The right way of removing makeup is by thoroughly cleaning all the parts of your face and neck. Make sure to give yourself a once-over at the end of the process to confirm that you have reached every little spot possible. Remember to treat your skin delicately, even as you clean it because care and safety must be prioritized along with hygiene. 

3. Using hot water

Using extremely hot water can be aggressive to the natural lipid barrier of your skin, causing dehydration and dullness. Even the use of extremely cold water in summers can be damaging, even if it feels like a relief. 

Makeup Removing Mistakes
Makeup Removing Mistakes

The right way to remove makeup is by using lukewarm water that gently cleans your skin. Lukewarm water does not erode your skin’s upper layer but instead manages to clean the underlying dirt and grime. So, wet your face with lukewarm water and finish the process with it too. In case you want some cool relief, splash cool water on your face at the end, after you have cleaned thoroughly using lukewarm water.

4. Not cleaning the eye region properly

Eye makeup needs to be removed gently, without using fingers or improper cleaning tools. Aggressively scrubbing under the eyes is one of the wrong ways to take makeup off. This can leave your skin puffy and irritated. 

The right way to remove makeup around the eyes is by using a proper eye makeup remover, along with help from a cotton pad. Make sure to use a different cotton pad for each eye for the sake of hygiene. Instead of scrubbing, make slow, sweeping motions, lifting the cotton pad and repeating. You need to be extra careful with this region and use the proper materials needed. 

5. Only using cleansing wipes

When people just get started with makeup, just using cleansing wipes may seem to be a quick and easy solution to clean the makeup. However, this is one of the common makeup removal mistakes because while the wipes may leave your skin clean on the surface, they are dry and cause irritation. They also can only clean superficially and cannot thoroughly nourish your skin.

Makeup Removing Mistakes
Makeup Removing Mistakes

The right way to remove makeup is by investing in makeup removers, cleansing oils, or balms, which nourish your skin and make it softer by their conditioning effect. These are also able to clean the spots of the skin which the wipes can’t clean and they do so in a much gentler manner.

6. Merely removing the makeup

Often, people think that just using a makeup remover is enough to call it a day. However, this is one of the harmful makeup removing mistakes, as after the products have been cleaned, your skin still needs moisturization and hydration. Using a makeup remover may be a start, but it cannot be the whole process in itself.

First, consider double-cleansing. In this, you first use your makeup remover which is designed to remove makeup and then follow it with a cleanser designed to clean the impurities such as dirt and oil. After this, try to apply a moisturizer at least, so that your skin gets the extra support after having gone through a whole cleaning process. This will ensure that your skin is not left behind dry, but instead is conditioned as you turn in for the night.

7. Drying your face aggressively 

The way you finish your makeup cleaning routine also affects your skin. Aggressively scrubbing with a towel can undo all the pains you took to be gentle during makeup removal. 

Makeup Removing Mistakes
Makeup Removing Mistakes

The right way of ending your routine is by using a special towel to gently pat-dry the skin. Make sure to keep this towel separate for this use and change it every two or three days to avoid the accumulation of germs and impurities. 

Practicing Proper Skin-Care

Practicing proper skincare means avoiding makeup removing mistakes in your usual makeup routine. It means focusing on comfort along with beauty and paying close attention to how your skin responds to different products. Finding out the perfect products can take time, so remember to be patient and always choose the option that suits your skin type. 

Makeup Removing Mistakes
Makeup Removing Mistakes

At the end of the day, makeup, like any other thing, is a commitment. When you stand in front of the mirror early in the morning to apply those colors to your face, you are promising yourself to also be as dedicated when it comes to removing. Remember that beauty is not just on the outside—it needs hard work, effort, and above all, self-love on the inside!

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