So spending long days at the office, you really don’t want to smell bad. If you heavily rely on deodorant to get you through those long working days (spray-ons, roll ons, perfume…you name it, you’ve probably got a collection), then you’re certainly not alone. Sweat and body odour problems are quite natural bodily functions, and obviously you can’t smell like a bed of roses all the time. But it sucks to smell bad, so you have to use natural deodorants.

Why Should You Reconsider Using Those Store-Bought Deodorants

Unless you’re buying natural deodorants, many of the ones you pick up at the store by big brands contain a lot of ingredients which can be toxic for your body over time. Many of them contain parabens, which might interfere with female hormone regulation if absorbed by the body. 

Antiperspirants contain aluminium, which has been linked to the growth of cancerous cells (although there isn’t much research in this area). Chemical deodorants also contain other questionable chemical compounds. It might be of particular concern to you if you have sensitive skin or have allergies.

Why are Natural Deodorants A Good Option?

So why should you use natural deodorants? You’ve probably guessed it. They contain natural ingredients, and they also don’t contain the chemicals that you’ll find in the run-of-the-mill chemical deodorants. They do, however, help to make you smell nice and fresh and remove body odor problems.

Also, bonus, if you’ve ever wondered why you can never quite get your hold of the perfect scent on the market, here’s your chance to make your own! You can use items which are less likely to mess with your skin or your body ecosystem.
Also, natural deodorants are effective when it comes to smell, but don’t entirely block off sweat, which can be a good thing. Your natural sweat probably isn’t that bad, everyone has a natural smell and as women we need to learn to embrace it.

Tips for Natural Homemade Deodorant

So how are you going to ensure that you smell nice and fresh with natural deodorant? Here are some tips for natural homemade deodorant creation!  

  • Usually, there are a few normal ingredients for natural deodorants. These include baking soda and arrowroot starch, with coconut oil. You could also try shea butter, or beeswax.
  • Add a few drops of essential oils of your choice. If you’ve always wanted to smell like fresh lavender or cool mint, now is your chance. You could also consider tea tree oil, rosemary, lemon, sage…there are lots of options out there. Frankincense is good if you’ve got particularly sensitive skin.
Natural Deodorants
Natural Deodorants
  • Store your deodorant according to its texture and consistency. If you’ve used shea butter or coconut oil, your deodorant will be more on the oily end of things, while if you just use baking soda and arrowroot, you’ll have an all-powder deodorant. If you’re using beeswax, it might be a little harder, so you have to soften the deodorant a bit with your fingers before you apply it. It’s entirely preference based, and you can personalize it depending on what you like! Everyone perceives scents differently.

Will they actually work?

This is a reason many are reluctant to switch to natural deodorants. Will they actually work, or is this some funky stuff that’ll just be a waste of time? They will work! But you can’t expect the same results you did with your usual chemical deodorant.

Natural deodorants are for scent, not to mask sweat. But actually, your sweat doesn’t smell bad by itself anyway, it’s just the fact that sweat mixes with bacteria and results in a smell. Natural deodorants will help your body odour issues, but if you’ve just had an intense gym workout, you can’t just spray some of it on without a shower (although hopefully you weren’t doing that before)! If you’ve got extremely sensitive skin, you can skip the essential oils altogether and just go for unscented natural deodorants.

Should I try them?

If you’re worried about the fact that your bathroom closet is stuffed with too many chemical products (all your beauty products, makeup, skincare, and so on), natural deodorants might be the way to go. If you don’t want to go to the bother of customizing one (although it’s really very simple!) you can try to get one in stores.

Natural Deodorants
Natural Deodorants

If you sweat a lot, you might have to consider other options, like antiperspirant, but natural deodorant can be great for most women. It’s just that many people don’t consider it at all. Also, if you’re really sick of deodorant, here’s an idea, don’t use any! After all, many men don’t, and they’re doing fine. Unless you’ve just had a rough workout or it’s the peak of summer, you’ll probably be okay.

But yes, natural deodorants are a much better alternative to chemical deodorants, they’re better for you and for your skin, and made of organic products. So go whip up a new fragrance and smell like a dream!

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