We all want to make nails grow long and strong. Spending so much money on nail extensions and maintaining them, gradually becomes tedious. Having nails that are strong and long naturally is a dream of every woman. You must be thinking about how to grow nails long fast or is it even possible to make them grow fast? Well, it is! We are going to tell you some tips and hacks for long and strong nails. 

It must be infuriating to see your friends having longer and healthier nails. Having brittle, dry, and short nails feel really unattractive. But don’t worry, we got you! Read on to find out the ways to make nails grow long and strong. 

What are the Nails Made Up Of?

Before we learn some tips to make nails grow long and strong fast, we must first know what are nails actually made of? 

Nails are made up of a hard protein known as keratin which is also responsible for the growth of your hair. Your body uses keratin to create the top layer of the skin and your hair. Healthy nails should be strong and smooth as they are an indicator of your overall health. 

Why are your Nails Not Growing?

There is no specific reason for the slow growth of nails. One of the many reasons is biting your nails extensively. It’s a bad habit which most of us are guilty of. It can be one of the main causes of your nails not growing. The habit of chipping off your nail polish is also a reason for your nails not growing. These habits need to change if you want strong and long nails. 

Not having a balanced diet is also a reason for your nails not growing. If you treat the body well, you will get the same from your body too. If you do not eat a good diet, you might as well not have healthy nails. So your diet is responsible for your nail growth.

Diet and Supplements to Make Nails Grow Fast 

As we have discussed earlier, eating a good and balanced diet helps us in growing nails faster. There are also various supplements available if you want to grow your nails fast. So, how to grow nails long fast with diet and supplements? Read on to find out the answer!

1. Folic Acid

Folic acid or Vitamin B9 is responsible for nail and hair growth. Folic acid helps in cell growth inside your body. You can consume vitamin B9 by eating leafy green vegetables, eggs, citrus fruits, and beets. Folic Acid or Vitamin B9 is also available in supplements. Consuming this supplement is one of the great ways to make nails grow longer fast.  

2. Biotin

Biotin which is also called Vitamin H is found in food like bananas, avocados, salmon, sweet potatoes and nuts, etc. help in nail, hair, and skin growth. It helps the body convert food into energy and plays many other important roles in health. You can also consume biotin as a supplement. Make nails grow long and strong with this powerful vitamin. 

3. Vitamin C 

Vitamin C, which is a strong antioxidant, is great for your nails and hair too. Vitamin C fights bacteria in your body. Consuming Citrus fruits like oranges, tomatoes, lemons, etc. helps in the consumption of Vitamin C. Other than foods, Vitamin C can also be taken by supplements. 

4. Protein 

It’s vital to eat a good amount of protein for your overall health and nutrition and it can also affect your nails and the speed at which they grow. Make sure you are getting the daily recommended amount of protein each day to help your nails grow long and strong. Consuming protein is a great way to make nails grow long and strong.  

Hacks for Long and Strong Nails

Making efforts and taking care of your nails will make them grow faster and stronger. Proper grooming, a balanced diet, and hygiene can really make a change in your nail growth. Here are some hacks for long and strong nails! 

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil which works amazingly on your skin to provide moisture and nourishment can help you grow your nails too. Coconut oil which is enriched with Vitamin E and antioxidants gives moisture to your nails and prevents any fungal infection. Doing this trick is a great way to make nails grow long and strong. 

Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil

Warm some coconut oil and massage onto your nails and fingers in a circular motion for 5 minutes which will help in blood circulation and hence, nail growth.

2. Orange Juice

Orange juice is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B9 helps promote nail and hair growth. Antioxidants in orange juice promote health by preventing oxidative damage. It also helps in collagen production which is vital for nail development. You can use this fruity juice to make your nails grow long and strong.

Squeeze some fresh orange juice from an orange or two. Soak your nails in the fresh orange juice for 10 to 15 minutes.

3. Lemon Juice 

Just like oranges, lemons are packed with nutrients including vitamin C and B-complex vitamins. Vitamin C in lemons promotes the healthy growth of nails. Lemons also help in removing yellow nail stains since they act as a bleaching agent. Applying Lemon juice is a great tip to make your nails grow long and strong. 

Lemon Juice
Lemon Juice

Cut a lemon into two pieces and rub it on your nails for 2-3 minutes and then rinse it with warm water. Doing this regularly every day can help the nails to grow faster. 

4. Olive Oil

If you have damaged and brittle nails, then olive oil is your best friend. It is easily permeable and reaches the inner layer of your nails, soothes it, and alleviates the dryness. It also boosts up blood circulation and helps in nail growth.

Warm some olive oil and massage it onto your nails for about 5 minutes. Rinse it with warm water. 

Tips for Longer and Stronger Nails

  • Exfoliate your nails regularly. Do not over-exfoliate, be gentle with your nails. It strengthens the nails and keeps them clean.
  • Getting regular manicures is also important if you want your nails to grow longer and stronger. Remove hangnails and other dry areas around the cuticle.
  • Avoid any glue-on nails or toxic nail paints. They can weaken your nails and damage them. Use less toxic nail paints.
  • Stop biting your nails and chipping off your nail paints. Chipping can damage the upper layer of the nails.
  • Stop wearing acrylics and gels on your nails. The removal of these gels and acrylics can damage your nails making them dry and brittle.
  • You can apply to strengthen creams designed for your nails to make them grow faster.
  • Moisturize and hydrate your dry cuticles.

These tips to make nails grow longer fast can help you a lot. Adding in some dietary supplements to make nails grow long and strong is also beneficial. So, rather than spending a lot of money on manicures or nail extensions, try out these hacks for long and strong nails today! 

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