Everyone loves a little bit of experimenting with their hair and trying out different styles and shades once in a while. And with such a wide range of options to choose from, dying and coloring hair has become the new trend! No doubt, it is fun and fresh as change is always good, but you might also wish to remove your semi-permanent hair dye after some time due to its dry and damaging effect on your locks. And going to the salon just to spend a huge sum for getting rid of hair color does not seem like the most viable option. So, what’s the solution? Well, you need not worry, because all you need is Vitamin C to remove hair color at home, by yourself. 

What Is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is one of the healthiest and safest nutrients that is helpful and effective in many ways, which is why it is highly recommended by experts and nutritionists for better growth and development overall. It is present in the form of both foods as well as in the form of pills. It is regarded as ascorbic acid and is one of the many vital antioxidants that fortifies one against damaging molecules and chemicals. 

Why Should You Use Vitamin C To Remove Color?

The main ingredient that makes up a Vitamin C tablet is ascorbic acid. This acid, along with one of its other constituents, citric acid, interacts with the molecules of the hair color, thereby breaking the chemical bond and helping remove the particles of the dye that are stuck to the hair. 

Reasons For Using Vitamin C To Remove Hair Color

Although it contains acid, which is rather harmful, using Vitamin C as a hair color remover is highly recommended, not only because it is a cost-effective as well as a safe option, but also because the only way it would change the quality of your hair would be by making it a little dry, and causes absolutely no other harm. Besides these, there are several other reasons as to why it is recommended to use Vitamin C to remove hair color: 

  1. Vitamin C helps in improving the growth of your hair to a huge extent.
  2. It removes the residue of hair dye without harming your natural hair or greying them.
  3. The constituents of Vitamin C also help in fighting dandruff.
  4. It is a simple and gentle hair color remover.
  5. Its anti pigmentary properties help in lightening the shade of the hair color and in restoring the balance of your natural hair.
  6. It saves both your time as well as your money and is an immensely effective home remedy.
Use Vitamin C To Remove Hair Color
Using Vitamin C To Remove Hair Color

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Keeping these into consideration, Vitamin C is one of the best and the most helpful home treatments for restoring your healthy hair. 

Usage And Application

Now that you are rethinking your decision to dye your hair or simply want to go back to your original look, gather your tools and get to work! 

Materials required: 

  • Vitamin C pills (powder base)
  • Pestle and mortar
  • A mixing bowl
  • Anti-dandruff shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • A shower cap

How to apply: 

  1. Take around 15-30 Vitamin C tablets and crush them thoroughly with the help of a pestle and mortar. Take the pills according to your hair length, if your hair is short, then 10-15 tablets would suffice, otherwise, take up 20-30 of them. Now, put the end product, that is the crushed tablets in a mixing bowl.
  2. Make sure there are no sorts of product dyes or food coloring as these will hinder the process of removing the hair dye.
  3. Now, take around 45-59 ml of your anti-dandruff and dye-free shampoo and pour it in the mixing bowl, wherein you put your crushed tablets. If your hair is long, then you would require about 75-89 ml of shampoo. And mix away!
  4. Keep mixing the constituents till you get a thick paste kind of product as the result.
  5. After mixing it, dampen your hair just a little and then apply the mixture from the mixing bowl to your damp hair.
  6. Gently massage your hair, especially your scalp so that the mixture is applied to the roots of your hair as well.
  7. As you are done applying the paste on your hair, wear a shower cap so as to cover your hair and let it be like that for at least one hour. This will give the mixture of the vitamins and the shampoo time to absorb into your roots and work its effect.
  8. Rinse your hair properly after the mixture has been there for the given time and make sure that all the paste has been washed off your hair completely.
  9. Apply a moisturizing conditioner if required, i.e., if your hair tends to get frizzy after a wash.
  10. Dry your hair after that. And voila, your work here is done!


If you wish to lighten the color more, you can also repeat the process in a similar way you first carried it out, and you will notice that the dye would have faded more. The best part about this Vitamin C color treatment is that it does not even require high maintenance once it’s done! Just take care of your hair by oiling, washing, and conditioning it regularly, and you should be fine. 

You only require basic things during the entire process which you can easily find at home and in case there is an item or two missing, the money you would be putting into buying that would still be way lesser than what you would have to pay at a salon for getting your hair dye removed. And on top of that, you would only end up facing more hair issues! So, using Vitamin C as a hair color remover is undoubtedly your way to go. 

Although using Vitamin C to remove hair color is not free of any disadvantages as it might cause a little dryness to your scalp and hair, it is still the least-damaging remedy for getting off hair dye, thereby providing you with a definitive and satisfactory end result and helping you restore your original hair in the healthiest and the most natural way possible. 

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