How often have you come across a social media page which you found boring, despite it being active throughout? This aspect can be explained by social media presence. When we are talking about the social media presence, it doesn’t refer to the number of social media accounts being there or not. Rather, it refers to the way it is there. It refers to ‘how’ it is there.  To build a social media presence, your posts have to be frequent and engaging. 

The social media presence is all about depending on the content you post and how engaging are those contents for the audience. It does not refer to it being ‘present’ alone, but it refers to the act of making your ‘presence’ felt to others. Social media presence is mostly how you are, within the arena in which you are. It combines the factor of being ‘present’ with the ‘presence’ it makes. 

Social media presence shows your commitment and availability to the audience.

How to Build A Social Media Presence?

Merely putting up posts timely might lead you to lose some of your followers. Hence, it is important to engage with your audience. For that, you need structure and social media strategy. Make your audience feel that they are a part of your social media ‘family’. 

There are many ways on how you build a social media presence!

1. Set “SMART” goals

“SMART” stands for 5 characteristics i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound

  • SSpecific– Stick to a single agenda which means that if you want to follow and promote “plus-size figures/models”, stick to that. Do not step on other topics like “environmental awareness” or “cooking delicacies”. 
  • MMeasurable- The response rate should be measurable. Measuring the inputs and outputs helps you to grow your page.
  • A-Achievable–  Whatever goals you set, it should be realistic. The audience should feel connected to it. It is important to let your audience know that the goals that are put up by you are achievable enough.
  • RRelevant-  Your goal should have an impact on social media, making it relevant.
  • TTime bound– Break your goals into specific time frames. Make up your mind to achieve that certain goal within that time-frame.

Having a certain goal will help you from posting aimlessly.

2. Identify your audience

Not everyone is your audience. 

When you are setting your goals, it is important to have an audience that you are targeting. After selecting the target audience the next step is to analyze the content they expect from you. Identify the type of content they want and then post accordingly.

Search about their personal field of interest, desires, specific behaviors, and attitudes. It is important to know about how you represent the content, the strategy you use should complement the wishes of the audience. 

3. Connection with your audience

Gaining followers is easy but maintaining the numbers is not so easy! Hence, it is important to keep your audience engaged to your page. Your audience doesn’t want to see the posts only  After some time, they want to know the person behind the contents.

Social Media Presence
Social Media Presence

Show yourself and/or your team to your audience. Interact with them one-on-one once in a while. Nobody wants to feel like they’re following a robot on social media. The interaction will make them feel like they belong to your page as well. 

4. Share a relationship 

Social media is a platform primarily to ‘socialize’. Do not leave out the ‘social’ part. Connect with your followers whenever and however you can. Not only will it inspire the followers (with whom you connected) to stick with you, it will also inspire the other followers to look up to you. 

  • Always mention (@) people of your reference in your posts.
  • Answer the questions people ask
  • Respond to their comments and mentions
  • Have friendly live sessions now and then

5. Focus on helping

In today’s world, people are looking for help in some issue or the other. Focus on helping your audience, rather than publicizing your page/product. This is a very smart technique to ensure that your followers look up to you.  When you offer some help, there will be a sense of compassion in your audience for you. Not only will it help you to gain more followers, but it will also put a certain identity on your page/product.

Importance of social media presence

Social Media Presence
Social Media Presence

Social networks are one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The importance of social media presence is manifolds. Social media presence will help others to identify your page/brand. It will also ensure that your profile reaches many people.

Moreover, it will help to strengthen your bond with your existing audience.

A strong social media presence will-

  • Solidify your credibility and reputation
  • It showcases your knowledge, which appeals to your audience’s interests.
  • It serves as a way to meet the needs of your audience, as it establishes a direct way of communication
  • For you to uplift your platform, you must have a strong purpose and goal for your social media.

Social media tips

Not many will know this, but there are a few social media tips (and tricks) that will ensure the positive energy flowing into your profile. These tips will ensure that you have a higher chance of exceeding your desired directions, than your counterparts.

While handling your profile, the following should be kept in mind-

  • Always show the positive comments and feedback.
  • See what your audience is sharing from your profile, and how!

It is important to know what type of posts from your profile your audience is sharing. This will enable you to understand them and their views better. Also, you will get an idea of your popularity among them.

  • Link your profile with your other profiles and your website.
  • Be active.

Even though you don’t have anything new to present, do not disappear from the face of your profile for more than three days. Temporary discontinuation will lead you to lose your audience. Consistency is the key. These social media tips will create a subconscious positivity among your audience. Undoubtedly, they will keep coming back for more!

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