Mental health

Mental health is the term which is used to describe the level of cognitive faculties or the emotional well being of a person. It could be seen that less interest is paid in taking care of our mental health as we take of our physical health. But we are making a great mistake in that as Mental health is a part of a sound body. 

Women’s mental health

It is surprising but yes gender plays a pivotal role in the mental health of a person. The difference between a male and a female does not only lie in the physical attributes but it could be also seen in the psychological makeup.

We have seen that there lies a huge difference in the way of communication, the way of dealing in a relationship, and the way of expressing feelings and reactions to deal with stress between a man and woman. A 2011 report of the World Health Organization reflects that women are more prone to mental health problems than men.

The facts of the report are:

  • Depressive disorders account for close to 41.9% of the disability from neuropsychiatric disorders among women compared to 29.3% among men.
  • Leading mental health problems of the older adults are depression, organic brain syndromes, and dementias. A majority are women.
  • The female hormone is a key determinant in women’s mental health. Women’s mental health is largely affected by various social factors which push women’s mental health at higher risk than a man. The various social factors that may be ascribed are career-related, multiple roles needed to be played by them. Social media plays an important role in creating women’s mental health issues

Toxic effects of Instagram

Instagram or the so-called IG is one of the worst social media that leaves its users with various mental problems. Instagram highly influence its users to certain mental problems which are described hereunder:

1. Psychological impacts

It often leads to anxiousness, stresses, and depression. 

2. Reduction in sleep 

It is so because the users spend lots of time over IG scrolling their favorite follower’s posts without paying heed to the time. Moreover, they also do not have a sound sleep since they get awakened by an Instagram notification that beeps on their phone. 

3. Insecurity about our body 

Women experience insecurities about their physical appearance, their dressing sense. They feel that their bodies aren’t good enough as most people use filters from all angles to appear them look perfect. 

4. It also shakes the confidence

Instagram also lessens the confidence of a person, especially women. The way their favorite follower is dressed up, the way they are living, their lifestyle remains intact in the mind of a woman. We keep pondering about them and it often results in searching the vagueness that persists in our lives thereby leaving our self-confidence low. 

5. Fear Of Missing Out( FOMO) 

The fear of missing out refers to the inner feeling or perception that makes an individual feel that others’ lives are better, they are enjoying their life and having more fun, or experiencing better things in life than the individual. There is a great involvement of a deep sense of envy.

It is not only the sense that other’s lives are better but it specifically involves the feeling or emotion of missing out something basically important that other people are presently experiencing in their life.

Women's mental health

6. Failed relationship

Though indirect, it is one of the major reasons for a failed relationship. This is because as earlier mentioned life seems to be far better than Instagram posts and this comparison which may often lead to argument and trifle and finally divorce

Women mental health issues

Mental illness is a wider connotation. In layman’s language, it can be understood as the condition that affects the mood, thinking capacity, the behavioral pattern of a person. Instagram on women’s health has numerous effects. Some of the major mental problems faced by women are

1. Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety often leads to fatigue, irritability, sleep problems, and difficulty controlling worry and their emotions. Whenever it goes out of control, the person starts behaving in a very aggressive manner in any given situation. You might not realize, but subconsciously you are irritated by the artificial lifestyle that you endure on Instagram.

2. Comparison And Jealousy

It is said that women’s life is filled with the two most unnecessary sentiments. And you will prove it right exactly the moment you start to compare yourself with every Instagram user. Women tend to get jealous easily too. And due to this jealousy, they push themselves to an extent where they behave in an artificial course, they start forgetting their actual lifestyle and end up being confused with their actual life. Their “show-offs ” ultimately harm their life and their loved ones.

3. Change In Personality

Repeated action becomes a habit. Similarly, in the process of competing and maintaining the standard with fellow followers, it is possible to change one’s attitude completely. Their way of talking, way of thinking, style of walking will get changed entirely. This sometimes leads to Multiple Personality Disorder. 

4. Becomes A Burden

Using too much of Instagram, sometimes becomes a burden. Since too much of everything is bad. This app is purely for entertainment and sharing pictures, but it becomes a burden when you start living your life to impress other people instead of living a good healthy life. Instagram is so addictive, that coming back to real life from an artificial life seems like next-to-impossible. Limited things are always appreciated. So maintain a proper balance to live a healthy and happy life.

5. Criticism

Some people love to criticize. It gives them pleasure. However, their bitter words affect the emotion of the person they criticize. Do not accept those hurtful words to your heart. Criticizers are the ones who are sad about their own lives. They are truly unhappy people. 

Instagram is just an app. Do not let it affect you in any way. You and your life are way more precious than Instagram. Women’s mental health is very fragile. Do not allow yourself to suffer from the bad effects of social media. Take care of yourself. Stay happy, stay healthy.