Know About Different Kisses And What They Mean

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different types of kisses
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Kissing is not a mere physical act between two people but it carries a lot of emotions. It is one of the most precious acts of affection that comes naturally. Kiss gives a person unexplainable joy and it evokes different feelings and emotions within a person. May it be a passionate lip-lock between lovers or a little kiss on the forehead, it is all very special. Let’s find out about different types of kisses and their meaning:

1. Kiss on the forehead

The most tender and loved fill is a kiss on the forehead. It is an assurance of comfort and respect. It is also called the kiss of kings, gods, altars or noblemen. It is a protection symbol that one provides to another. This kiss can be out of love, sympathy or protection. 

different types of kisses

2. Love kiss

The symbol of the absolute desire for each other is the kiss of love. When two lips come together in unison and are filled with love and passion the magic that is called love is created. It is the symbol of attraction and romance. 

different types of kisses

3. Kiss on the cheek

The very obvious kiss is the one on the cheek. A little peck on the cheek of your kid or spouse or parents or friend is very lovely. It is a gesture of pure bond of love. It symbolizes love, friendship, respect, and affection. It is the most casual yet love-filled kiss.

different types of kisses

4. Kiss on hand

A kiss on the backside of a person’s palm is a mark of respect and gratitude. It is the symbol of devotion towards a person. This sweet gesture is filled with courtesy, politeness, and admiration. Kiss on a persons’ knuckles is also a gentleman’s way of greet or oblige a lady. 

different types of kisses

5. Kiss of an angel

It is a sweet gentle kiss on the eyelids just below the brow bone. It is also an intimate and lovable kissing gesture. It is usually done by a mother to her child or between a couple. 

different types of kisses

6. Eskimo

Rubbing noses together is the Eskimo kiss. It is a part of a casual cuddle moment. It is a symbol of mischief, love, and romance. It is just a way of expressing that you are enjoying someone’s company. 

different types of kisses

7. Kiss on the neck

This kiss is considered very arousing especially for females. Usually an in-bed kiss, it symbolizes passion and urges to be with each other. This kiss is a staple of foreplay and is irresistibly good. It is a mark of physical chemistry.

different types of kisses

8. Earlobe kiss

An earlobe kiss is a naughty gesture between couples. Guys are usually sensitive to it, this kiss arouses them. It is a fun kiss with a lot of meaning to it.

different types of kisses

9. Single lip kiss

An arousal act in which you like to suck on your partner’s lower lip. It is a very sensual type of kiss and is steamingly hot. This kiss says ‘i can’t get enough of you.’

different types of kisses

10. Kissing the back

Kiss on the back means he wants more of you. It is a private love or lust gesture. Very romantic yet arousing for a female. This kiss means that one wishes to take things forward in the bed. 

different types of kisses

11. Spiderman kiss

Named from the movie spiderman, this kiss is done upside down. This a naughty act of love. Spiderman kiss is only possible if a person is already lying on a bed or couch. It is not very common but a fun kiss to do. A must-try.

different types of kisses

12. French kiss

A lip kiss while using your tongues is a french kiss. It signifies intense passion and arousal. It is a lusty kiss that can lead to lovemaking. 

different types of kisses

So now you know about so many kisses and what they mean. So try different types of kisses especially when Valentine’s Day and Kiss Day are just around the corner.

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