When people meet you physically, they judge you by your Instagram bio , communication skills, and the way you present yourself in front of them. In the same way, the first thing about you that people notice about you on social media is your bio. Your Instagram bio or Facebook bio is an extension of your persona that you put into words. Your bio is who you are and it has to be genuine, conveying what you stand for, in a short but crisp sentence. If you’ve been wondering about how to curate your Instagram bio for a recent startup or small business or even your private account, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll be talking about how to write a bio or profile for yourself with short bio examples. Read along to find out! 

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How to Write an Instagram Bio? 

Your Instagram bio or Facebook bio should not be too short or too long. People don’t want to see one-word bios or extremely descriptive bios. Be brief and write exactly how you want people to perceive you. If you want bio templates for your private account, it would be more informal and casual. You could put down whatever goes well with your persona and post your pictures. On the other hand, if you have a business page, you’ve got to abide by certain basic guidelines when you write your Instagram bio. This would not only make people notice you more but also help boost your business. Here are a few guidelines. 

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1. Keywords

If you are aware of your target audience, it would be easier for you to find out appropriate keywords. These would help you get noticed by people better and help you get more reach than you would, otherwise. For example, if you have a food page, you’ve got to include keywords like ‘recipe’ and ‘ingredients’. On the other hand, if you have a page on healthcare and nutrition, words like ‘diet’ and ‘wellness’ are important. 

2. Target Audience 

If you want to run your business account successfully and use it to its full potential, you’ve got to figure out your target audience first. You need to understand who are the people who engage the most with the type of content you post. If you have a fashion blog, there are chances that people belonging to the age group 18-30 years would be more interested than younger or older audiences. Your bio should also have the name of the place where you’re based so that clients or brands can determine whether you’re approachable or not. In this way, the people of that particular place would know about your work. 

3. Add a Link 

If you add a link to your Instagram bio, it would immediately increase the chances of you getting better reach. Most people who tap on profiles, click on the link that’s present in the bio. 

Add a link
Add a link

This is a great way to make people view your endeavor. You can add the link to your YouTube channel, your blog, or your website, to garner clout. 

4. Contact Details 

Your Instagram bio or Facebook bio needs your contact details like your phone number and email if you own a business account. The addition makes your bio more put together and enables your audience to get in touch with you. People always like to have a personal touch in whatever they engage or invest in and having your contact details out there would surely help in establishing the same. 

5. Make your Hashtag 

If you’ve been on social media for a while now, you already know the importance of proper hashtags. These enable people to find posts and accounts that they are looking for, easily. If you encourage more and more people to use your hashtag, it would become trendy and popular, directing a lot of interaction to your account. Your hashtag should be present in your Instagram bio. Hashtags play a more important role in Instagram but you can use them in your Facebook bio as well. 

6. Use Emojis 

Emoticons or emojis make online typing fun and lively. Adding emojis would not only add dimension to your bio template but would also make it more interesting. 

Use emojis
Use emojis

If you go on writing without adding emotions, the bio would appear boring and not influence people as much as it should. Moreover, try to space out the words well and use proper grammar before you finalize our bio. The first impression may not be the last in real life but when it comes to social media, it may. You’ve got to sustain people’s interest, so that they scroll down and go through your account, instead of getting bored and exiting it. 

Short Bio Examples for your Private Account

  1. The best thing to be is yourself!
  2. I dreamt it, hence I do it
  3. Welcome to my little photo diary
  4. Scroll down to peek into my bubble
  5. Life’s not perfect but your instafeed can be
  6. If you want to read my mind, go through my feed
  7. This is where I dump my feelings
  8. Trying to spread positivity through art, one photo at a time
  9. Here’s my ongoing mood board
  10. Scroll down and see the world through my eyes


We have tried to give a basic idea on how to write a profile about yourself and create your Instagram and Facebook bio. Now that you’re aware of the various essential steps that you need to follow before making one, what are you waiting for? 

Get started on formulating the perfect bio that goes well with what you stand for. Once you’re done writing your Instagram bio and setting up your profile, you would notice engagement in no time, given that you post frequently and use the different fun features of the application. You can take informal bio ideas from the examples given above and get inspired! 

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