Hair is one of the most delicate parts of our body and is directly linked to the beauty of a woman. It enhances one’s personality and that is why it demands the utmost care and attention.

There are many factors that affect the growth of hair- washing the hair daily, dust and pollution, using heat styling and applying chemicals.  Every change in the season leaves our hair dry and frizzy. If someone is blessed with ‘good hair’, it directly affects the level of self-confidence and boosts the mood throughout a day. 

Nowadays everyone wants their hair thick, smooth, shiny, and dandruff free. Hair serum is the only thing that protects the hair from further damages and makes the hair smooth and shiny.  

Mostly we noticed that the good quality of serum is sold at very expensive rates in the market and the chemicals that are involved in these serums can give a negative impact on the hair by making the hair rough. We have the solution to this problem- read on to find out how to make serum at home from commonly used household ingredients. What exactly is a hair serum?

Hair serum is a silicon-based liquid that provides the protective layer over the hair. It is very useful for the people who are worried about the damaged and frizzy hair because it makes the hair soft and smooth. There are many different types of hair serum available in the market.  It is important to choose the one that suits your hair the best. It is recommended that serum should be applied to wet hair. 

The perfect method of using a serum is by taking 2-3 drops of serum and applying it on the shaft of the hair. 

Hair Serum At Home
Hair Serum At Home

Advantages of homemade hair serum

If we look at the benefits of homemade hair serum, we have a lot of it. If you are skeptical of using a homemade serum, read ahead to get convinced about its many advantages over store-bought serum.  

1. Protect from damages: Applying hair serum on hair helps the hair from the outside environment. Extra heat from the styling equipment, UV rays of the sun,  moisture, pollution, or dryness may be harmful to the hair growth. Hair serum puts the coat of protective layer on the hair and protects them from dust, heat, and any other outside impurities.

2. Makes shiny: Makes the hair smooth and shiny. It adds luster to the hair and helps to detangle the hair.  

3. Reduces hair fall: The properties present in hair serum helps to improve the quality of hair and applying it reduces the problem of hair fall. It gives strength to the hair and prevents the breakage of hair.  

4. Provides moisture: Provides moisture to the hair and tries to undo the damage done from various hair products and treatments such as ironing and curling the hair, hair color, etc. Homemade hair serum not only protects the hair but also nurtures them. 

5. Cost-effective: Unlike serums available in the market,  homemade hair serums are cost-effective. There are no side effects of using hair serum. “Homemade hair serum not only protects your hair but also nurtures them”. The market serum gives you the temporary shine as they are silicon-based however homemade serum works differently and promotes natural hair shine.

How to apply the hair serum?

There are many types of different questions that come to mind while applying hair serum. Whether to apply after washing your hair or before hair wash, in dry hair or wet hair. How much quantity should be enough and how frequently it should be applied.

Hair Serum At Home
Hair Serum At Home

The correct method of using hair serum is-

  • Hair serum mainly protects the hair from dust and heat thus it should be applied in clean hair. One should apply hair serum after shampooing the hair thoroughly.
  • Serum should not be applied in completely wet or dry hair. It should be applied in damp hair. When you do shampooing, use a towel to remove extra water from the hair and then apply hair serum in damp hair.
  • Taking the hair serum in excess quantity can harm the hair, take a few drops of hair serum according to the length of your hair.
  • Hair serum works best for your tips and split ends. Take a few drops of serum starting from ends, slowly massage from end to top. Do not apply the serum at the scalp. Just taking 2-3 drops of serum for the scalp is enough.
  • There is no need to apply hair serum every day. If you go out every day then you can apply it alternatively. Try to apply hair serum only when needed or when you shampoo your hair.
  • Comb your hair only after applying the serum, not before that. It will help you detangle your hair easily.
  • You can also apply hair serum before using any heating device on your hair. The Serum will protect your hair from the heat.

How to make hair serum at home?

Finding a perfect hair serum that suits the hair type is difficult. This is because it should match with shampoo and conditioners which are used. They can be very costly and many chemicals may be present in the serum, so it is better to use a home-made serum.

Hair Serum At Home
Hair Serum At Home

These are the 5 easy DIY hair serum recipe: 

For Frizzy and dry hair

  • 4 tablespoons of castor oil
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil

Mix both these ingredients together and store it in a bottle. It can be used regularly. The main advantage of this serum is that it makes the hair smooth and shiny. It removes all the dryness from the hair and also leads to hair growth.

For hair growth

  • 8 tablespoons of grapeseed oil
  • 2 tablespoons of lavender oil
  • 2 vitamin E Capsules

These three ingredients work like wonders for the hair. The homemade serum from these ingredients is the perfect serum for hair growth because it strengthens the hair and promotes hair growth. 

These 3 ingredients are easily available at home. Mix these three properly so that it looks like a single liquid. The powder can easily prick out from vitamin E capsules. Vitamin D is not only good for hair but also for the skin.

For straight hair

  • 3 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 3 tablespoons of soy oil
  • 3 jojoba oil
  • 3 tablespoon olive oil

You can get that straight hair from serum and there is no need to damage the hair from that straightener. Mix well all these ingredients and use a bottle to store them. Apply a few drops after wash, comb them straight and you will notice naturally straight hair.

For Split ends

  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of castor oil
  • 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel
  • Few drops of lavender oil

These are very helpful to prevent the growth of split ends. Mix these ingredients and apply it on the hair regularly.

For Curly hair

  • 2 tablespoon of jojoba oil
  • 1 tablespoon of peppermint oil

There is a need for only these 2 ingredients. Mix them and you can also store it in a container. Apply it regularly for the best results.

Unlike the serums available in the market you can apply all these hair serums even before hair wash and leave overnight as they are just essential and natural oil. All these homemade serums will promote hair growth. Also, keep these serums in warm water before applying so that oil gets warm. 

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