Want to save yourself from joining the gym but also want to know how to lose weight fast, that extra fat hanging with your body? We are here to let you know how you can lose weight by doing simple housework instead of spending heavy bucks on the gym. By doing the household work you can easily lose those extra kilos and make yourself all ready for the summer body. And at the same time, your housework will be completed. You will save your maid expenses and get the perfect waistline that you always wanted. 

How to Lose Weight Fast?

Here we have brought the list to daily household work that will burn your calories to make you fit and hot:

1. Mopping the floor

Did you know that floor mopping is actually a great cardio exercise? 30 minutes of floor mopping can cut up to 190 calories from your body. So grab the mop, put on loud music and start mopping the floor. It will not only make your house shine but will also make your waistline perfect for your summer body.

2. Gardening

 It’s time to spend one hour of your mornings in your house garden to do some gardening. Spending one hour planting new plants and digging in the soil can reduce up to 256 calories. This will tone up your arms really well to reach those sleeveless tops. And spending one hour in the greenery of the garden will clean up your lungs too. So that’s two in one benefit of gardening.

3. Car washing

Wash your car for 30minutes and say bye-bye to 150 calories from your body. Grab the water bucket and cloth and start washing your car till it shines like a diamond. Car washing is a great exercise for biceps, shoulders, and neck. So each morning use 30minutes into washing your car before you leave for work and you are done with your morning work out.

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4. Cleaning the dishes

Clean those dishes lying in the sink and reduce 70-80 calories. Yes, spending 30 minutes into washing utensils can tone up your arms. The calorie reduction is not much but is a good contribution to other household works.

Cleaning the dishes
Cleaning the dishes

5. Washing your clothes

The washing machine has done enough its time for you to take over. When you spend 30mintues into washing your clothes, you burn almost 150 calories. Plus, washing clothes will tone up your back, shoulders, arms, bicep and even your core. Washing clothes will make your body work in total and is a great work out. Better than gyming.

6. Going grocery shopping

Go for daily grocery shopping but not by car but walk. Then return carrying weight. Doing this every day can burn up to 75-150 calories. We are addicts of home deliveries, car drives and avoid carrying the weight but to reduce weight, start going for grocery shopping. If you are going grocery shopping once every day, you are doing more than what you set out to.

7. Dusting

Grab a dry piece of cloth and a cleaner and start cleaning the windows, furniture, and showpieces. Doing dusting for 30 minutes everyday can lose almost 100 calories in a day. So start dusting your house and every corner of it and it will not only make your house spotless clean but will help you accomplish the daily cardio requirement of your body.


8. Climbing stairs

If you have stairs at your place then you must quit the elevator and take the stairs whenever you come and go somewhere. Stairs climbing is the best exercise that can burn up to 100 calories a day. So always prefer to take stairs wherever you go and you are done with your work out. So ditch the elevator, take stairs, and stay fit.

Weight reduction is as simple or as difficult as we make it. Even if you are not a gym member reducing weight while doing your daily household work is the best option. So start your household chores special workout routine today.

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