Searching for ways to shrug off that extra fat around your thighs?? Tired of those hip fats that abstain from wearing skinny jeans? Well, there’s just a bit hustling that you need to do in order to gain back your original shape! Specially reduce thighs and buttocks. All you need to do is be wise with your choice of exercise. There are some of them which get you tired fast and don’t make you lose weight so easily. While some others are there which makes you exert pressure, exactly where it’s, should be done, which further contributes and actually catalyzes your fat cutting process! So, here we go.

How To Reduce Thigs And Buttocks?

Following are the some tips to reduce your thigs and buttocks:

1. Single Leg Rotation Movement

It is basically focused on reducing your fats near thighs, glutes and nearby areas. Turn your face opposite to the staircase region. Now put your left leg’s toe on the first stair. Keep your torso in line with the horizon. While doing this, weigh a dumbbell of around 5 kg in your hands. Now put your right leg at a perpendicular angle that is 90°. Turn your knee in the direction of your ankle. Now turn your torso towards the right-hand side and bring the entire weight of the dumbbell to that side.  Hold on to the same position till you count 2. Now repeat it for around 20-25 times which will surely reduce thighs and buttocks. 

2. Leg Step Extensions Movement

It is majorly meant to improve your hips and hamstrings, etc. Now lie down in an animal position on both the hands as well as both the legs. Keep your hands in a way that they are placed just below your shoulders. Keep your toes in a stepping position. Now place your right knee tucked within your chest. Now put your right leg at extension behind your self. Further, move your glutes in a squeezing manner. Now keep it as it is till you count 2. Now repeat the same with side switching for around 10 times. 

3. Reverse Lunge

Its main focus is to cut fats around the hips and glutes. Stand in a way that your face is towards the stairs. Place your right foot on the second step. Now hold around 5 kg of weight straining your hips. Now lean forward a little and move your left leg in a back lunge manner. Further, bend your right knees at a perpendicular angle. Keep your knees in alignment with your ankle. Remain in a position such that your left foot reaches out to meet the right one on the second stair. Now squatting out, lower your lips by 3 inches. Hold on to this till you count 2 and then repeat the same for around 16-20 times. 

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4. Standing Fly Movement

Its basically meant to impact the thighs and calves, and nearby areas. Stand in a sideways angle to the stairs. Now put your right foot forward on the first step. Place your legs in a far apart manner. Also, put in at a semi-perpendicular angle. Now weigh a dumbbell of 5 kg in both of your hands. Now put your palms further. Now keep your arms upwards in the range of your chest. And now bend your elbows slightly. Now bring these heavyweights towards your chest and lower your hips slightly in order to strike a balance. Hold it for a counting till 2. Now repeat right from the initial position for around 20 times. This will help to reduce thighs and buttocks. 

5. Running Man Movement

This is focused on fat reduction in and around calves, thighs, etc. Now face yourself to the side of the staircase. Now place your elbows in a bent position at both sides. Now, place your legs at a huge gap to the second or third step. Having done that, hop a little and bring your left side leg’s knee upfront towards your chest. Now place your right foot on the stairs. Now come down to the base immediately with your left leg. While doing this, remember to bend your right legs. Hold on to this position till you count 5. To strike a balanced posture, keeping your abs tight is imperative. Do this 20 times by switching sides. 

Running Man Movement
Running Man Movement

These are some of the tedious yet fruitful exercises you need to add up to your fitness regimen in order to fit in your old clothes. Trust us, you will start loving your mirror once again if you follow it at a punctual and consistent pace. 

Stay healthy, stay fit💚

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