Can’t stop staring at your cute little booty? You wish it was better than it is, you have tried exercising and workouts but still can’t seem to get the results efficiently? Well, here’s an interesting fact. There are 4 different types of female buttocks. Yes, we are not kidding. Females can vary in the type of their buttocks largely. This might be the reason the workout you are exercising is not working – because it is not for your booty type.

Amazing Buttocks Exercises

You need the correct type of exercise routine to get a firm, uplifted and the booty you desire, according to your buttock type. Here in this article, we tell you all about the types of female buttocks and how to exercise for every one of them.

1. Inverted V-Shape

V-shape booty means the line from your hips to your pelvis runs inwards. This type is considered the women who have broad shoulders, and narrow hips. It is usually found in older women because the lower Estrogen levels can result in the shift of fat storage from the butt to the midsection, which can subsequently lead to an inverted shape. Exercise Tip: Gluteus Maximus is the main focus in the inverted V shape bum, so it needs to get fired up to achieve a lift in those posterior gluteal muscles. An effective exercise recommended would be practicing goblet squats.

2. Heart/Pearl “A” Shape

You are an A-shape (or popularly called ‘upside-down heart’) if your butt gets wider below the hip bones. It’s usually considered to be the most feminine of the butt shapes. Fat storage around the butt and thighs in women is triggered by the hormone Estrogen. However, as women grow older, the Estrogen levels are reduced might result in fat being stored in the midsection rather than the buttocks. Exercise Tip: The focus here is in the gluteus medius, as the heart-shaped bum doesn’t lack much in the gluteus Maximus area. Therefore, training the hamstrings and gluteus medius will help to lift the gluteus medius area and can be done by practicing single-leg squats, also known as pistol squats.

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3. Square “H” Shape

This specific shape is when the line between your hip bone and outer thighs runs straight, perpendicular to the ground, without any outward or inward leaning.  The overall effect is the butt looks square-shaped. Exercises Tip: The focusing muscle should be on the gluteus medius for a squared shape bum because it can create the “muffin-top” look on the love-handles area. The way to remove those is to incorporate rotation exercises, for example, rotation lunges. Rotation lunges can train the abs and trim the waist down by targeting the oblique as well as the abs muscles.

Buttocks Exercises
Buttocks Exercises

4. Round “O” Shape

The round butt shape is curved outwards and then inwards in a big peachy circle. It is characterized by a fat distribution around the cheeks of the butt that includes the upper portion of the cheeks, which causes a rounded effect while viewed from behind. Exercises Tip: People with this bum shape can do glute exercises that hit all angles such as the lunge matrix or plie.

Find out what your bum shape is and practice the best butt exercise you should do for your hip type to create a more rounded and visually attractive shape. You can also try something like “Butt Lifter” or BBL surgery (Brazilian butt lift) to get a more lifted and nicer butt. You can go for butt-building exercise as a quality, natural and permanent solution for improving your butt shape. Another option to try and boost your bum is using specialty undergarments that can make your hips look better and your butt look its finest the moment you pull a pair on.

Get yourself bum lift pants or jeans which can make your butt look better than before – these clever garments are the easy option for you. You can also go for Brazilian buttock augmentation also known as the Brazilian buttlift, which is the process of fat transfer to the buttocks to make the bum shape nicer and firm. These are all the methods you can try to make your butt appear better and more attractive.

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