We women are not particularly excited about shopping when it comes to underwear. There is such a wide variety to choose from that it can be a little daunting at times. Between all the different materials and types of underwear, we have all picked a random piece and went with it because of how confusing all of it was. Unfortunately, shopping for underwear is not something that we can avoid. However, if we spend a little time getting to know exactly what a particular style meant, we would have fun shopping for undies! To clear the confusion for once and all, let us take a look at what the different styles mean. 

4 Underwear For You

Here are the 4 best underwear for you:

1. Briefs

Briefs are one of the most preferred styles by women. It fits properly and provides adequate coverage to the crotch and the rear area. When you are searching for the right brief for you, also check the material and the right cut for your body. For those wishing to hide their tummies, control or high-rise briefs are perfect. 

2. Thongs

Thongs are a little different than briefs. They cover the front area but leave the back area uncovered. Women who want to show off their butts can rock thongs. This look won’t suit those with droopy bottoms or cellulite. The thongs are available in G-string and C-string options. 

3. String bikinis 

They are no different than regular bikinis except that they come with strings! Women with a straight-body figure would rock these any day of the week! Straight-body is when there is little size difference between the hips, shoulders, and waist. It helps to add to the curves.

4. Boyshorts

It is similar to boxers for men except that this one is for women. It comes with an elastic band and fits the crotch comfortably. The best part is that it covers everything. However, you do not want to wear boyshorts with a dress. It would make the dress look bulky and weird. 

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How to Choose The Perfect Underwear ?

Now that we know some basic types let us understand how to choose the right underwear for the occasion. 

Perfect Underwear
Perfect Underwear 

1. While working out 

If you wear spandex-blend pants or yoga pants, then do not go with thongs. Tight workout pants are basically a see-through. Many women choose thong as everyday underwear, but experts say that it is not recommended when working out. Thongs tend to slide back and forth. It will cause friction, irritation, and increase the chance of contracting Urinary tract Infection (UTI.) Brief panties one of the most preferred style by women, work well during workout sessions or while performing yoga. It allows your lady parts to breathe and makes you feel comfortable.

2. Cotton underwear is the way to go

When it comes to choosing a fabric for everyday wear, nothing beats cotton. The natural fibers do a great job of keeping the concerned area dry and fresh. They also discourage yeast growth, which means fewer chances of infection. 

3. Seamless styles are comforting

If you are looking for a way to avoid panty lines, then a seamless style is the answer for you. Elastic bands can often be too tight. We all know how uncomfortable it would be if the elastic kept cutting into your skin. Elastic bands often cause friction and skin irritation, which makes seamless style the best choice for those seeking comfort. 

4. Avoid shapewear for health 

Spanx is in! Everyone has a pair of it that they wear often. But you should go easy on them as they could cause health issues. Dr. Orly Avitzur says, “Frequent use of shapewear and other tight-fitting undergarments could bring on urinary tract infection.” However, wearing them a couple of times in a week should be fine. Always wear it with cotton underwear.

5. Go commando at night

Going commando once in a while is great. However, it is best not to do so when you have to go out. Bedtimes are the best time to get rid of that panty and let your body breathe. It will also help prevent yeast infections. Wear loose and breathable pajamas and enjoy a night of freedom once in a while.

Innovation in the area of undergarments has come a long way. If the variety is any indication, there is a lot more coming our way. Knowing what style is suitable for the occasion will save you from embarrassment. Always go with whatever feels most comfortable to you, that is the best choice in any situation. It is also advisable that the fabric is breathable and keeps the area dry, so there are fewer chances of any infection. 

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