If you want to get your lower body in shape, there’s no better workout than squats. Squats are an important part of most workout routines, especially if the focus is on strength training and developing balance. 

The proper position can be difficult to sustain initially but with time, squats are going to be your favorite workout for their immense benefits. However, you have to ensure that you’re following the proper techniques while doing a squat. We’re here with this article to help improve your squat. 

If you’re not doing squats correctly, it won’t just affect your overall development, but at the same time, you might even get severely injured. Thus, learn to follow the correct steps before you begin your workout. 

We have mentioned some of the most common ways to improve the squat workout that can help you gain the maximum benefits out of it. If you’re not sure whether you have been doing your squats effectively or not, read along to find out more!  

7 Ways To Improve Your Squat Strength 

Here are the ways to improve your squat strength:

1. Developing more core strength

If you want to improve your squat workout, you have to focus more on quality than on quantity. Even if you do 5 to 10 squats every day, the position should be proper and your core muscles should be firm and upright. 

The best way to get your posture correct is to take a deep breath before you start the squat and hold it while you’re sustaining the squatting position. When you get back up, release the breath. Then when you attempt the next one, take a deep breath again. 

Improve Squat Strength
Improve Squat Strength

In this way, the pressure points of your torso would be uniform and you’d be able to develop a firmer core. Avoid doing the squats too quickly in the initial days to avoid injuries and excessive muscle cramps. The key is to start slow and steady. 

2. Proper technique 

Paying attention to the technique is an important part of improving your squat strength. Whichever type of squats you attempt, you’ve got to maintain the basic posture that includes keeping the hips back, chests forward, and knees pushed outwards. 

If you follow these three steps appropriately, there are chances that you’re doing your squat workouts correctly. Ideally, you should be positioning your knees diagonally, instead of keeping them parallel to each other. This doesn’t restrict movement and you get more comfort while performing the squat. Try to go down as much as is possible, to make the most out of the workout and help your lower body become stronger. 

3. Strengthening the upper back 

Most people don’t focus on working on their upper backs while doing squats. You can improve your squat by paying particular attention to your upper back since if it’s strong, your squat posture is going to be straight and vertical. You’d also be able to maintain the stability of your core muscles while working out with the bar. Moreover, having a strong upper back can help you place your elbows firmly while doing the squat so that you don’t tend to bend forwards. Hence, you should include workouts that would target your upper back like seated row, chin-ups, pull-ups, etc. 

4. Hip strength is the key 

Improve Squat Strength
Improve Squat Strength

The more we talk about how you can improve your squat workout, the more you’ll notice how important it is to pay equal attention to every part of your body that’s going to be involved while you’re performing a squat. 

If you don’t have strong hip muscles, also known as glutes, spinal erectors, and hamstrings, your squat wouldn’t be satisfactory. Your hip muscles should have good coordination with your torso if you want to attain the ideal squat position. Hip strength is important for most strength-based exercises because of the vitality of hip extension for firmness. The exercises that can help you develop your hip muscles effectively are rack pulls, dumbbell swings, or kettlebell swings, Romanian deadlifts, etc. 

5. Don’t restrict yourself to one form 

If you’ve been doing squats for a long time now but getting slow results, you’re surely not following the right steps to improve your squat workout. The squat is an umbrella term for a wide plethora of its subtypes and you’ve got to do a combination of them, even if you’re not able to do all, to get faster results. 

Some of them are goblet squats, sumo squats, pistol squats, dumbbell squats, landmine squats, etc. If you include some of them in your workout routine alternatively, you would also be able to work on different muscles, making your weight loss or fitness journey easier and smoother. 

6. Bend deeper 

One of the most common mistakes that people make while doing squats is that they don’t go deep. The entire point of doing squats is to make you feel the burn in your muscles as a result of the deep bend. You need to push your limits and bend as much as you can. 

However, do not overdo it as you might end up causing muscle injuries. A very important aspect of working out is to be aware of your limits, based on your periodical progression. Start slow but don’t stick to the same intensity for a long time. 

7. Shift the pressure point 

Improve Squat Strength
Improve Squat Strength

One of the most important tips to follow while you’re holding the squatting position is to apply pressure on the floor, instead of your knees. In this way, you’ll shift the pressure point and the posture would be more accurate and way easier to do as well. You should always use all the force you can downwards, to keep your upper body straight and steady. This reduces the chances of injuries as well. 


We have spoken of some of the most effective ways to improve your squat workout. If you’ve not been following them right, make sure to inculcate them in your workout routine for the best results. 

Squats can go a long way in making you achieve your dream body if you give the right amount of effort and follow the proper techniques. 

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