Don’t Let Pesky Periods Spoil Your Wedding

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how to avoid periods on wedding day
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Periods are a nuisance, every time and especially during some special occasions like vacations or God forbid– on your own wedding. Weddings are once in a lifetime experience, and you wouldn’t want to spend the entire time worrying about stains on your wedding dress. On top of it come the horrible symptoms- cramping, back pain, heavy flow, fatigue and nausea feeling. PMS can turn a bride into a bridezilla. Periods have an annoying habit of popping up when you least want it.

In an Indian wedding, the bride is decked in heavy lehengas or silk saris, donning jewellery and make-up. It can be quite uncomfortable while going about the hundreds of rituals, and yet smiling for the pictures. You are knackered at the end of the long day, and no brides need Aunty Flo to add to her agony. And well, it essentially spoils your wedding night plans with your husband for good.

We at The Voice of Woman, sympathize with brides who are tormented by the idea of the impending period on the big day. Here are a few ways on how to avoid periods on wedding day.

Keep the period tracker handy

Yeah, as a bride you have planned your wedding to the minute details but you forget to keep a tab on your monthly cycle. Download a period tracker on your phone, and keep a tab on it. It is especially beneficial for girls who have a regular cycle of 28-30 days. It doesn’t help much for those who have irregular and delayed cycles.

Pop a pill to keep periods at bay

If you have problems monitoring your menstrual cycle, then it is best if you consult with a gynecologist for help. Don’t feel shy, to ask for medical assistance to avoid feeling bogged down during the D-day. Prescription drugs are available containing norethisterone. By taking this medicine three days before the start of your period, you can delay it. Your period will start three days after you stop taking the pills.

How To Avoid Periods On Wedding Day

Skip the placebo pills

Those of you who have been taking contraceptive pills, you can take 2 sets of active hormone pills, by skipping the placebo pills in the middle. This will help you skip your periods. Consult with your doctor.

Dig the right diet

If you want to take the natural method for skipping your periods, then you need to incorporate certain food items in your diet. But let’s warn you, it doesn’t always work and isn’t 100% sure. Drinking Apple cider vinegar along with water for 10 days prior to your periods can effectively put it on hold, also it helps in flushing out the toxins, making you glow. Drinking a glass of lime juice or a teaspoon of mustard powder mixed in a warm cup of milk, taken a week before the start of your period, can help delay it. Parsley is a cooling herb, hence it will slow down your cycle. Spicy foods are best avoided to keep your skin glowing as well postpone the flow. 

But if you want to get over with your periods before the big event, then incorporate food which is “hot”, as it helps in uterine contractions. Ripe papaya, almonds, turmeric milk, and celery can start your periods early.

Raise the temperature

To start menstruating, brides can use a hot compress or heating pad on your lower abdomen. You can also take a relaxing hot water bath, and massage is always relaxing before a wedding- ask your masseuse to give you an abdominal rub as it stimulates uterine contraction.

How To Avoid Periods On Wedding Day

…. But if Aunt Flo still arrives like an uninvited guest

Well, we got you covered for such situations too.

Prevent feeling bloated

Period bloating is just horrible, especially on your wedding. Every girl needs to feel great in her well-tailored wedding dress. To prevent bloating, have a protein-rich diet, and avoid processed and salty foods, which lead to water retention. Also, cut back on caffeine and alcohol consumption.

A cup to your rescue

Use a menstrual cup instead of tampons or sanitary pads. It is not only an environmentally friendly option, but it is also more convenient and comfortable. You can wear it for 12 hours continuously, without emptying it, unlike tampons or pads that need to be changed every 3-4 hours depending on your flow. Also, you don’t need to worry about staining. Try to wear it for 2-3 months prior to your wedding.

Ditch the sexy lingerie for some period panty

Period panties should be your BFF, during such times. Slip-on a good quality period panty-which can absorb about 2 tampons worth menstrual blood. It prevents leakage, smell, and feeling of wetness. 

Confide in your bridesmaid

You would be surrounded by hundreds of people, just confide in your close friend or sister. She can keep an eye for any signs of spots and can help you visit the washroom.

Let your hair down and enjoy- you get married once

Keep the emergency bag handy- containing painkillers, sanitary pads, extra pair of knickers and anything that you would require to get on with the day. Avoid wearing stilettos, as it can further aggravate your cramps and pain. Keep yourself hydrated. If you are paranoid about staining your bridal wear. Just wear Spanx or a slip below your dress.

Remember you get married once, don’t let pesky periods spoil your mood. Aided with our suggestions, you can enjoy your day to the fullest.

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