Best Foods For PMS is a frequently appearing evil that menstruators face every month. It refers to extremely painful cramps, swelling, nausea, and irritability. As a result of making ourselves feel better, we often end up binging on unhealthy, high-calorie food. In this article, we’ll be talking about the best foods for PMS that are not only nutritious but also sumptuous. We don’t realize that instead of benefitting us, junk food harms us further by increasing bloating and more often than not, adding up to period acne. 

Once you start eating junk food, you won’t be able to stop and it becomes a vicious cycle. This may rapidly increase your body weight and lead to several ailments like PCOS/PCOD. Hence, the best way to satisfy your food cravings during your PMS is to follow a diet of nutritional value. This would help to boost energy levels and make you feel lighter while quenching your hunger at the same time.

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9 Best Foods For PMS

Here are the 5 best foods during your PMS that will help you boost your energy:

1. Broccoli 

The health benefits of broccoli are immense and it is one of the best foods for PMS. It controls the levels of estrogen and regulates the digestive system, thereby maintaining digestive health. The wide plethora of vitamins and minerals contained in it are responsible for aiding the well-being of women during PMS. These refer to Vitamins A, B6, C, E and magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Vitamin A keeps a check on the impacts of hormone fluctuations in the body. The best way to consume them is by boiling them and making salads or adding them to your main course, making them healthy.

2. Yogurt 

A rich source of calcium and vitamin D, talking about yogurt is a must when it comes to the best foods for PMS. Remember, the yogurt needs to be fat-free or low-fat, to be effective. According to experts, women who consume yogurt are known to have lower chances of developing PMS than those who don’t. It is the most pleasing and healthy morning or evening snack that you can think of. 

3. Eggs 


Our favorite foods are a part of the best foods for PMS and we couldn’t be happier! Eggs are as versatile as they can get and their high vitamin content acts as the icing on the cake. The vitamins B6, D, and E, present in eggs are the reasons for reducing the symptoms of PMS in women. It is thought that the vitamins in eggs regulate the chemicals in our brain that direct to PMS. Usually, egg yolks are considered to be unhealthy by fitness enthusiasts. However, they can be eaten if you follow a proper, healthy diet. 

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4. Bananas 

If you experience increased muscle cramps during periods, there’s a chance that you have a potassium deficiency. Bananas are going to be your savior in such a circumstance. Its high concentration of potassium and vitamin B6 makes it one of the best foods for PMS that diminishes bloating and water retention. If you don’t like bananas, oranges are a similar alternative that can be a part of your diet for PMS. 

5. Pumpkin seeds  

Want to get rid of the irritability? We’ve got you covered! Try out pumpkin seeds to lift your spirits and feel alive. Magnesium, contained in pumpkin seeds is responsible for the same. It also results in the lessening of water retention. These seeds also have in them, manganese, which is yet another mineral that helps to combat PMS. It relieves the tension and grumpiness that characterizes women during PMS. Zinc, fiber, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids are the other beneficial components of pumpkin seeds. 

6. Chamomile Tea 

Chamomile Tea
Chamomile Tea

Instead of depending on loads of caffeine, opt for a healthier alternative, chamomile tea. Caffeine can make you feel worse by adding up to the tenderness of your breasts, thereby making you feel irritated and uncomfortable. Chamomile tea is known for its soothing properties, concerning stress and anxiety. It also diminishes the intensity of period cramps and cures muscle spasms. When you come home after a tiring day of PMS, a warm cup of chamomile tea is sure to make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It’s one of the best foods for PMS. 

7. Peanuts  

Who doesn’t like peanut butter? We bet all of us do. Peanuts and peanut butter are rich in magnesium, which acts as a magical potion during PMS. It curtails the retention of water, thereby not causing bloating or swelling. It is also the regulator of our happy hormones or serotonin. These hormones reduce stress and tension. It also incorporates vitamin B6.

8. Dark Chocolate   

Not fond of dark chocolates? Too bad. But if you do, you’re for the win. It alleviates the signs of PMS like tiredness, anxiety, bloating, etc. Frequent consumption of dark chocolates can reduce the levels of cortisol or the stress hormone. Moreover, the antioxidants present in dark chocolates improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels. If you don’t want to have it raw, you can play with it and add it to other preparations, creating new desserts. Dark chocolates taste amazing when consumed with strawberries or you can even make a delicious chocolate shake. 

9. Pulses  


Other than proteins, fibers and non-heme iron also constitute pulses. Fibers battle PMS symptoms and control insulin levels and blood sugar. Thus, the body’s energy level is sustained. A higher intake of non-heme iron means a lower risk of PMS. It is usually found in plant-based food items. Thus, pulses like peas, lentils, beans, etc. contain non-heme iron. 


PMS is hard to deal with since it impacts both physical and mental health. But, with the consumption of the foods mentioned above, you’re sure to get some relief. These are the most widely known and best foods for PMS. While the symptoms are usually short-lived in most cases, you might consult your doctor if they remain even after your periods are over. With proper treatment and diet for PMS, it is manageable and wouldn’t be as hard. 

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