When you go for a haircut, do you exactly look for hair thinning shears ? A haircut that suits not just your facial features but, also your overall vibe as a person. Thus, hairstylists have a lot up their sleeve that they have to keep in mind while cutting your hair. It’s not just about making your hair beautiful and presentable but also about making you feel comfortable in your hair. The products that make their job a tad bit easier are hair styling and hair cutting equipment such as thinning shears, thinning scissors, etc. Are you wondering what is a hair thinning shear? Well, you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ve got you covered! 

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What Are Hair Thinning Shears? 

Hair Thinning Shears belong to the family of scissors with two blades, one of which has creases or teeth and the other doesn’t. These teeth help to evenly section out hair, without much hassle and reduce surplus weight. They also soften lines. According to experts, thinning shears are not necessarily the primary hair cutting tools and can be more appropriately referred to as finishing devices. The main shape and structure of the hair are not determined using a hair thinning shear but instead, are used to give the final touches to make the finished outcome look cohesive. 

Do Hair Thinning Shears Cause Damage?

Well, they don’t. However, they shouldn’t be overused either. The key to effective usage is wetting the hair before hair cutting. That’s the most essential and basic step to follow before using any tools on the hair. Thinning scissors or razors shouldn’t touch your hair when it’s dry.  Damage or no damage depends on your hairstylist. Skilled hands cause the least amount of damage. So the next time you consider getting your hair trimmed, choose your hairstylist wisely. 

Hair Thinning Shears
Hair Thinning Shears

Types of Thinning Shears 

The various types of thinning shears depend on the setting of their teeth. Some of them have closely spaced spikes, while others have a farther positioning of the spikes. These can be of three types. One for dissolving lines and blending, one for removing excess weight, and one for the finishing touches. The ones with wider teeth are mostly for removing the extra bulk or weight from the hair. They have 7-15 teeth, widely spaced, to get the job done easily. However, it’s not advisable to use them too much. Thinning shears that have a closer spacing of teeth are mostly used for blending and creating texture. The fine teeth give an excellent finish, with smooth ends. 

Can Thinning scissors be Used on your Own? 

The answer can be a bit dicey. There indeed are chances you might mess up but since thinning shears do not have edges as sharp as conventional scissors used for hair cutting, they are safer to handle and harder to mess up with. Make sure to be careful though, to avoid injuries and accidents. There are a few things that you need to remember before you choose to thin shears for your little adventure. 

  • Choose the Right Pair

Do not end up choosing wide teeth thinning shears because the smaller ones are easier to deal with and work better. These are the ones meant for smoothing and finishing. Use them as carefully and gently as possible, without taking them close to the scalp. They’re meant for your length. Remove weight there and add final touches. 

  • Use Proper Technique

Before you try your hand at cutting your hair with thinning shears, educate yourself a bit. You wouldn’t want to harm your hair. If you make the wrong cuts, your hair could have holes. The ones with wider teeth especially are quite risky to use. If you take them too close to your hairline, you could have chances of making severe blunders. Moreover, always cut in the direction in which your tresses grow, to avoid abrupt, misplaced edges. 

  • Study your Hair

The best you could do before using a hair thinning shear is to know more about your hair. The length and the texture of your hair play a big role in the way you should approach cutting your hair. 

Study your Hair
Study your Hair

If you have longer hair, do not overuse the thinning shears because that can make your hair feel thinner and weaker. If you have thick hair, you would need a bit of weight removal whereas, in the case of thinner and finer hair, softening out the sharp lines is the priority. You’ve got to use the thinning shears to your fullest advantage and the only way you could do that is by being aware of every detail about your hair.

How to use Hair Thinning Shears? 

For blending, wash and dry your hair first, followed by using scissors and a comb, over two separate hair points. Start from the lower sections and gradually make your way up to the higher sections, without going too close to the roots. Now, for removing weight, section out your hair and remove tangles. Place one section between your pointing finger and middle finger and position the thinning shears in the direction of your hair growth. That’s it, start cutting and make sure that the snips are smooth, drifting through the entire length of the hair. The key to removing more weight is to begin at least one inch higher than your tips. 

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We’ve put down the basic guide for you, concerning hair thinning shears and if you’ve been planning to try them out, the steps mentioned above are going to help you. Get adequate research done before you do it on your own but even if you go wrong, don’t be too harsh on yourself. At the end of the day, it’s just hair. They’re going to grow back in no time. So, are you ready for a hair transformation? What are you waiting for? Head out to your favorite salon or get a pair of thinning shears ordered for your fab hair makeover. 

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