We often face a very common hair problem that is, hair knots. It’s a serious challenge when you have adamant hair knots and you can’t detangle them even after pulling them. We all can relate to you. Have you been so irritated by your knots that you decided to just cut them out? It’s not quite easy to detangle your hair when they are not combed for days, especially curly and textured hair, they can get knots very easily. So, how to get knots out of hair, and how to prevent them? There are many ways to get knots out of hair and we are going to tell you all about them. So, just read on to find out! 

Why Do We Het Tangled Hair?

There can be a bunch of reasons you might have knots in your hair. The tangled hair is caused when the hair cuticle is damaged and opens up to form a lot of knots in your hair because the opened cuticles block each other making it difficult to comb the hair. The hair knots are built because the tangled hair wraps around each other and becomes intertwined. It gets messy when you get knots and gets tougher to get them to detangle. 

Here are some of the common reasons you can get knots in your hair: 

  • Rubbing or massaging your hair too harshly.
  • Extremely dry and frizzy hair.
  • Styling your hair with heat.
  • Windy weather.
  • Not brushing your hair daily.
Tangled Hair
Tangled Hair
  • constantly brushing the hair.
  • Sleeping with your hair down
  • Slip ends on the hair.
  • Harsh hair care products.
  • Lack of hair care.

These are some of the most probable reasons you may get tangles or knots on your hair. However, curly or wavy, or textured hair needs additional care than any other hair type. 

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How To Get Knots Out Of Your Hair? 

Getting knots out of hair can be tough, even more, when you treat them harshly and try to pull them forcefully with a comb which is even worse because it may damage your hair in the long run and also causes hair breakage and split ends. So, it’s better not to try rigorous combing when you get knots. You can try some easy ways instead! Yes, there are some easier ways of getting knots out of hair. Here are they! 

1. Use A Conditioner

Conditioners are Saviors for our hair and are the best hair care product to get knots out of hair. Not just for damaged hair but conditioner is an amazing product to get knots out of hair. Conditioning your hair is an important part of good hair care. If you skip it, especially if you have textured hair, it will feel frizzy and not smooth at all. 


So, for getting knots out of hair and to make them look and feel smooth, apply conditioner at the tips and roots (but not on your scalp), leave it on, comb your hair to detangle, and rinse it. Voila, you have smooth and detangled hair without pain or force. 

2. Use Oils 

Oils are not only hydrating but also nourish the hair. Your hair needs nourishment and moisturization when it is detangled. So, if the conditioner didn’t work for you, you can try oil to get knots out of hair, especially when you have heavy knots which are not going to detangle easily. 

Use Oils
Use Oils 

You can use an odorless and colorless oil like mineral oil to detangle the knots. Apply it on your hair and let it sit on your hair for 30 minutes. Comb the knots and wash them off afterward. 

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3. Use A Detangling Brush

Rather than using closely packed toothed combs, use a detangling or wide-toothed comb. A regular brush may not help you enough to get knots out of hair, it may even worsen or increase the knots. So, instead of using a regular brush, use a detangling or wide-toothed comb to get the thing done.

Use A Detangling Brush
Use A Detangling Brush

Do not comb the hair too harshly or forcefully if you can’t get them off. Comb it gently. Part your hair in small sections and carefully get the knots out of hair. The key is to be patient. 

4. Use A Hair Serum

Hair serums are extremely nourishing and help your hair stay unfrizzy for a long time. Naturally, hair serums are used after washing and conditioning the hair. The instant boost of hydration and nourishment of hair with the help of hair serum may help the existing knots to open up quickly and instantly. 

Use A Hair Serum
Use A Hair Serum

5. Use Your Fingers

This is recommended when you have small knots or when you are going to use a conditioner or any other product for detangling your hair. Just use your fingers as a comb, this will get some small knots out of your hair. Although, if your hair has some thick knots, avoid using fingers as it may be painful.  

6. Start From The Ends to Upwards 

Something most of us have done wrong is detangling our hair from the roots. It is quite common and a big haircare mistake. Never comb your hair starting from the roots. Comb the hair at the bottom and slowly come upwards and gently detangle your hair. This is an effective way to get the knots out of hair. 

Tips To Prevent Knots On Your Hair? 

Knots can happen because of many reasons and sometimes they are out of your control. Weather and humidity may also be a reason for your tangles and knots which can’t be controlled. However, you can try some easy ways to prevent the knots on your hair.

Try some of these: 

  • Do not sleep with your hair down. Make a ponytail and keep it above your head before you sleep. Also, use silk pillowcases to prevent frizz.
  • Make sure your hair is hydrated as tangles can be a sign of dry hair. So, make sure to give your hair ample nourishment and care.
  • Use sunscreen on your hair as the sun can be a reason for those knots.
  • Make a hair care routine and brush your hair daily. Make sure not to overbrush as it may create more knots.
  • Use good quality hair care products.

This was all about getting knots out of hair and some tips to prevent them. Remember, self-care is an important tip to keep your hair, skin, and body in good condition. So, do not forget to care for yourself. 

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