Hair-care consists of various components which come together to ensure the good health of your strands. From cleaning out everyday grease to conditioning to providing hair with nutrients to make it grow stronger, there are various ways in which you can give your beautiful locks the support that they need.

In today’s age, there are many hair treatments available, both professional and homemade, through which you can focus on the problem areas that you want—making your hair longer, stronger, silkier, straighter, etc.

One such type of treatment is that of adding shine to your hair and maintaining the color. Your hair often loses its luster because of everyday wear and tear. Thus, there are treatments available which can reverse this dullness and restore the beautiful glow that your hair deserves. 

There are two popular ways of doing this treatment: hair glaze and hair gloss. Both aim for the same result but do so in two different ways. If you are someone who has been wanting to try either of these two, you might be feeling confused about which one you should choose.

Well, worry not because we are here to help you resolve the battle of hair gloss vs. hair glaze by giving you the pros and cons of both so you can make the call yourself!

Hair Gloss

A hair gloss is a treatment that is done to add shine and vibrancy to your hair. It can both add glow to previously dull hair while also working on other problem areas such as dryness, frizzy hair, split ends, etc. 

Hair Gloss Vs Hair Glaze
Hair Gloss Vs Hair Glaze

Usually done for colored hair, hair gloss can help in making certain changes to the shade of your hair such as subduing overly-bright or brassy highlights or enhancing underlying colors.

With time, your dyed hair can start to wither in quality due to everyday wear and tear, using the wrong shampoo and conditioner, etc. Thus, a hair gloss will help in reviving the dull color and bring some life back to your gorgeous strands.

A hair gloss penetrates your cuticles, meaning that the effects last longer, for around 4 weeks. It can deposit semi-permanent color, depending on the shade of your hair, and give a long-lasting shine to it.

Hair gloss can also be used to treat non-colored hair, by simply adding some glow to your hair or bringing out certain hues of your natural shade. Hence, if you simply want to add some radiance to your hair without committing to hair-coloring, you can opt for a hair gloss treatment to give you the results that you want. 

Since this is a treatment for a longer-lasting outcome, it is usually done in a salon at the hands of a professional. It is usually applied in the form of a hair mask i.e. your stylist applies the product to your strands, leaves it on for some time, before rinsing it out. 

If you can’t go to the salon, there are at-home gloss options you can buy, although their life-spans and quality will differ from their salon counterparts.

Hence, a hair gloss is an effective treatment to both work on color while also giving a conditioning effect and supporting the health of your hair.

Hair Glaze 

So then, what is a hair glaze? Well, a hair glaze is another treatment that aims for shine and vibrancy as a hair gloss, but it does so in a shorter-lived manner. A hair glaze is a more basic version of shine treatment, in which the color and glow to only the upper surface of your strands. 

Hair Glaze
Hair Glaze

Thus, it only coats the strands without penetrating deeper, meaning that it will come off much sooner. A hair glaze usually lasts around a week or so, depending on what external care you take, such as using color-safe shampoos, etc.

A hair glaze does not contain any ammonia or peroxide and hence, it only acts externally and does not need any mixing during preparation. This means that at-home application of hair glaze is more easily possible as compared to hair gloss. Usually, you simply need to apply the glaze on your strands, leave it on for around the recommended time, before rinsing it off.

In addition to adding shine, a hair glaze also helps in taming frizzy hair and providing conditioning effects 

Hair Glaze or Hair Gloss?

Now that you have read about both these options, you may be wondering: hair glaze or hair gloss? Well, both will give you similar outcomes, which is improving the tone of your hair color and making it more radiant. However, there are differences that you must consider, depending on what you want.

For example, if you want a more professional, longer-lasting treatment, hair glaze emerges as the clear winner in the match of hair gloss vs. hair glaze. If your focus is on properly focusing on your colored strands or grey hair, a hair gloss might you a more satisfactory result.

Hair glaze or Hair Gloss
Hair glaze or Hair Gloss

Though both these treatments will eventually fade, a hair gloss lasts longer for around 4 weeks while a hair glaze can only make it up to a week or two. A hair glaze will fade faster the more you wash your hair and you might not get to enjoy the benefits for very long. Hence, if you are looking for something which gives you longer-lasting results, you might want to go for hair gloss.

If you are looking for a treatment that is gentler on your hair, hair glaze might be the one for you. While both hair glaze and hair gloss are safer when compared to permanent color, hair glaze is a step ahead because it coats only the shaft of your hair.

Hence, it is non-penetrative and comparatively lighter on your hair in effect. Hair glosses usually contain peroxide in their formulas, while hair glazes contain neither ammonia nor peroxide. 

If you are looking for something which lasts only briefly, hair glaze might work better for you. You might not want to directly jump into a month-long result without testing things out first. In such cases, hair glazes might be a good place to start.

While both these treatments have both salon and at-home applications possible, a hair gloss is more professional and thus, is usually done at the salon for best results. Hence, if you just want to do a quick job at adding shine while being home, you might want to try using hair glaze instead.

Ultimately, your choice depends on what outcome you are going for. Whether you choose hair glaze or hair gloss, your hair will be treated in a much safer way as compared to permanent dyeing. You will come out of either scenario with glossier, vibrant strands that are much smoother and evenly-toned. 

So, try not to worry much about making a choice. Just do your research thoroughly and choose the one which most fits your tastes.

Hair-Care is all About Consistency

 In the end, proper hair-care is about much more than just getting the occasional treatment. Taking good care of your hair means making healthy changes in your diet, being aware of your specific hair type and its needs, making sure that your hair gets all the nutrients and nourishment it requires, cleaning it out effectively but gently, using safe products, etc. 

If you have colored hair, try to go for special shampoos and conditioners which are safe for hair color so that the quality is not reduced. Remember that just because your hair looks good after that initial treatment does not mean that your job is done. You have to be patient and care for it as much as possible.

It’s okay if you slip up every once in a while, it’s okay if there are still bad-hair days. What matters is that you try to support it as much as you can. If some days that means being detailed and following all the steps to your hair-care plan, then good.

If some days it means just untangling the knots and combing through it, then that’s good. Even if some days it feels like you’re falling behind, we at The Voice Of Woman want to tell you that we are proud of you for looking after yourself. 

Remember that a happy you is always the healthiest you, so don’t forget to put that glowing smile on your face as you add that glowing shine to your hair! 

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