Having silky hair is like a dream of many but after styling, coloring, and using multiple products on our hair, the idea of having silky hair feels like a dream. To get them we have to make appointments to the salon and spend a lot of money to make them look as silky and shiny as we can get them. 

We should understand that our hair is naturally very silky and curly but there are a few mistakes from our side that change this over time. Not to worry we can still turn it around and make hair silky and shiny again. 

You should know that the path to getting silky hair requires a lot of efforts and care from your side, so if you are ready for that you should 

8 Tips for Silky Hair

If you want to know how to make hair silky and shiny, you should follow these simple tips and tricks to get the best results. 

1. Sleep on a Silk Pillow Cover

If you think it is not important what material you sleep on then you are wrong. It has been proven that people who use softer silk material as their pillowcases have fewer complaints about their hair becoming dry and lifeless. This happens as the material is very soft and does not tease your hair all through the night. 

Apart from this doesn’t it feel right to sleep on a silky material to get silky hair? Just kidding. 

2. Use a T-Shirt Instead of a Towel to Dry your Hair

Most people don’t notice it but the way you dry your hair plays a major role in the look of your hair too. If you use a towel and use some pulling and tugging to dry out your hair then you are making a big mistake. This way you are not just harming your roots but also the shine of your hair. 

That is why it is advised to either use a microfiber towel or a T-shirt to dry your hair as it is more gentle on your hair. 

3. What you Eat Plays a Major Role?

You must have heard people say that you are what you eat, this is almost true as to get a healthy-looking body you must eat right. Similarly for your hair, if you want to make hair silky and shiny again you should take proper care of your diet too. 

Make sure to eat a balanced diet and stay away from junk food, with this drink a lot of water to have healthy skin and hair. 

4. Use Dilute Shampoo

Many French hairstylists swear by this method of diluting shampoo to get the best results for your hair. You do not need all the shampoo to wash your hair, half the amount can do the job for you. Using extra shampoo on your hair dries out your hair making it look dull and lifeless. 

Best tips for silky hair
Best tips for silky hair

Apply the diluted shampoo on the roots and use a conditioner for the ends, this way you’ll get the silky hair that you desire. 

5. Avoid Heat on your Hair

This sounds like one of the difficult things to do as we have grown so fond of styling our hair. We need a different look every other day and that usually involves using a blow dryer, straightener, or curling iron. These products though make your hair look good but damage them. 

Avoid using these appliances as little as possible and if you have to use them occasionally always use a heat protectant before you use them. If you use a blow dryer, keep in mind to use it on the cool setting to lessen the damage. 

6. Use Cold Water to Wash your Hair

It is easier during the summers but sounds like a nightmare for the winter season. Washing your hair with warm water strips your hair with moisture and makes it dry and gives way to dandruff. If you wash your hair with cold water during winters it will not just keep the moisture intact but also make your hair soft and shiny. 

7. Check What you Use on your Hair

Most shampoos and conditioners have parabens and sulfates that are not good for the quality of our hair. They make your hair look good for a time but damages it a lot. So you don’t just want your hair silky, you also want them to be healthy. So it is advised to check what you use on your hair and avoid using sulfates and parabens as much as possible. 

8. Use Homemade Masks

Nothing is better for your hair than a good homemade mask, if you want to make your hair silky and shiny look around in your kitchen you’ll find something that will make your hair silky. You can use these for your hair:

  • Aloe Vera 

You can never go wrong with aloe vera. This is a magic food that is good for you in all possible ways. It helps you internally and externally alike. You can solve so many of your skin and hair related problems with this. 

For your hair, apply some aloe vera gel in your hair at night and wash your hair the next day for naturally soft hair. 

  • Egg

We have heard the many benefits of an egg for our health and our skin too. You can get silky hair by just applying an egg to your hair. This works well if you mix it with honey. Use it once a month to see obvious results. 

  • Coconut Oil

Our grandmothers were not wrong when they raved about the benefits of coconut oil for our hair. It is one of the widely used and loved products in our houses. Coconut oil has proved its worth in making our hair silky and soft over all these years. If you want to double its benefits then warm it a little before applying it to your scalp. 

These were some of the tips and tricks for you to get silky hair. Another thing that is very important along with all this is a happy and stress-free head on which your hair grows. Keep these simple things in mind and you will have the silkiest and shiniest hair. 

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