Green Tea, the healthiest beverage with a lot of health and skin benefits. From blood pressure to diabetes green tea has been a little effective in relieving these problems. Apart from health benefits, green tea is also good for those who want glowing skin. But, do you really like drinking green tea? Well, most of us hate it. It tastes like grass and really bitter but those health benefits entice you to drink it every day. But can you replace this healthy tea with any other drink? Well yes! It’s possible. Even if you don’t like drinking green tea you still have a lot of substitute for green tea you can choose and make a habit of it. Don’t worry they are as healthy as the amazing green tea. Read on to learn about some amazing substitute for green tea: 

Healthy Substitute For Green Tea And Their Benefits 

Looking for some healthy substitute for green tea? You are at the right place. Below you will find some of the healthiest substitute for green tea and their wonderful benefits: 

1. Black Tea

You might have heard a lot about black tea and its benefits. Well, they are absolutely true. Black tea (without sugar) is truly amazing for your health. Also, black tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world.

It is stronger in flavor and contains more caffeine than green tea. It offers a lot of health benefits you never knew so you can definitely make black tea your green tea alternative. Here are some known benefits of black tea: 

  • Black tea offers a lot of antioxidants that promote overall health benefits.
  • Black tea may help in boosting heart health as it contains flavonoids that are beneficial for your heart.
  • Black tea can lower bad cholesterol (LDL) relieving high blood pressure.
  • Black tea can also help in lowering blood sugar levels and might help in preventing diabetes.
  • Black tea is also great for improving your alertness.
Black Tea
Black Tea

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2. Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is an amazing option for green tea alternative. Teas made with herbs provide a variety of health benefits. Herbal teas are considered old yet they have incredible power to make your body and mind healthy. It might not be an actual tea but herbal tea is a great substitute for green tea. If you don’t like green tea leaves for some reason, try using herbal tea by brewing them. They provide a lot of benefits such as: 

  • Herbal teas can help relieve the cold easily and quickly.
  • Herbal teas are amazing for your digestive system. It can help you get rid of an upset stomach.
  • Herbal teas are also considered remarkable for boosting immunity.
  • Herbal tea is anti-inflammatory preventing a lot of health problems like arthritis.
  • Herbal tea can reduce your stress and anxiety because of its soothing properties.
  • Herbal tea is amazing for your skin. Whether it is foraging signs and overall skin health.
Herbal Tea
Herbal Tea

3. Oolong Tea 

Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea. If you don’t want to drink green tea for some reason and want to attain the same benefits for your body then oolong tea is one of the good alternatives for green tea. It possesses almost the same nutritional value as green tea and black tea. So, without thinking much, you can add this healthy drink in your green tea alternative list. Here are some terrific benefits of oolong tea: 

  • Oolong tea may help you prevent diabetes as it contains antioxidants that reduce blood sugar and insulin levels.
  • Oolong tea can improve your heart health.
  • Oolong tea is amazing for losing weight as it contains antioxidants that can activate enzymes that can use stored fat for energy.
  • Oolong tea is beneficial for your nervous system and improves alertness.
  • Oolong tea may also be beneficial for bone and teeth health as the antioxidants in oolong tea will keep your bones and teeth strong.
Oolong Tea
Oolong Tea 

4. Ginger Tea

Just like green tea, ginger tea also possesses a lot of health benefits. Not choosing green tea? Well, ginger tea is one of the best alternatives for green tea. Ginger is used to spicing up your food but it gives off a lot of health benefits and treats a lot of health ailments.

The benefits of ginger tea are numerous and you can use it as an amazing green tea alternative due to the following reasons: 

  • Ginger tea can help relieve motion sickness symptoms like dizziness, vomiting, and cold sweats.
  • Ginger tea can also help alleviate nausea because of its active components.
  • Ginger tea may also improve your heart health and reduce the chances of high blood pressure.
  • Ginger tea may help lowering blood sugar levels which can prevent diabetes.
  • Ginger tea can also help in weight loss by increasing the feeling of fullness and reduced hunger.
Ginger Tea
Ginger Tea

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5. White Tea

White tea is made from Camellia sinensis plants from which green tea and black tea are made. However, white tea is the least processed of the three and because of this, it contains a high amount of antioxidants. White tea is the best and immediate alternatives to green tea. There are various science-backed benefits of white tea which makes it one of the amazing substitute for green tea. Here are some benefits of white tea you might want to know: 

  • Again, like any other substitute for green tea, white tea is also rich in antioxidants which can help in boosting overall health.
  • White tea may reduce any risk of heart diseases and boost immunity.
  • White tea may also help in losing weight as it is very effective in burning fat.
  • White tea may also reduce the risk of insulin resistance.
  • It is an amazing tea option for achieving healthy skin.
White Tea
White Tea

These were 5 healthy substitute for green tea you can consume if you don’t like drinking green tea for some reason. They bestow the same benefits as green tea like a healthy heart, lowering blood sugar levels, and reducing cholesterol. Making these green tea as your everyday cup a tea may help you in achieving your health goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What can we drink instead of green tea?

A. Herbal tea and black tea are the best alternatives of green tea.

Q. Can you replace green tea with water?

A. Yes, consuming too much green tea can lead to health problems.

Q. What herbal tea is similar to green tea?

A. Chamomile tea is similar to green tea.

Q. Is water or green tea better for weight loss?

A. Green tea is better for weight loss.

Q. Is lemon tea as good as green tea?

A. Lemon tea also has the weight loss properties and it is equally beneficial.

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