Getting a gym membership is certainly very trendy these days, but do you go to the gym? Do you find your monthly membership going to waste every time, but you still renew it in the hopes that you’ll muster up the energy to drag yourself out of the house and finally make it to the gym? You should stop wasting your money because you can lose weight without the gym by just following some simple exercise at home. There are quite a few options open to you that don’t require you to hit the machines. Once you start, you’ll realize exercise can be fun. 

Tips to Lose Weight Without Gym

Here are some efficient tips you should follow if you want to lose weight without a gym.

1. Take Help From Exercise Guides on YouTube (Home Workout)

YouTube is no doubt your one-stop shop for great video content, from comedy vloggers to makeup tips. But it’s also the place where you can get lots of exercise tutorials. The good thing about these videos is you can watch someone do the exercises and walk you through them step by step, so you don’t fall behind or feel like you have no idea what’s going on. Once you browse around a little, you’ll find the right exercises for you. All you have to do is roll out a mat and get going. And this is surely one of the best things you can follow every day to lose weight without a gym.

2. Yoga

You hardly need to be in a gym to do yoga. You can try different yoga postures to exercise at home and lose weight without a gym. Yoga sometimes works better for people when they’re alone. Yes, you need an understanding of the basics, which you can get easily from a video or an online guide, or maybe, if you’d like, from calling a yoga instructor to your house for initial lessons. Once you have an idea of the exercises and meditation you need to do, you won’t need much help to get going. Forget about the gym!

3. Walk Everywhere

Walking is great exercise. It helps with weight control and also improves your cardiovascular health. It’s easy to incorporate more walking into your schedule. You could start walking to work or get up early for a brisk walk in the morning (if jogging isn’t your style). Plugin some earphones and get walking. You could also try some healthy alternatives, like taking the stairs as often as possible. If you want to motivate yourself further, try using an app to track your footsteps, or get a Fitbit. If you follow a walking routine every day, you can lose weight without a gym. Try to work a solid chunk of walking time into your regular schedule.

 Start Dancing
 Start Dancing

4. Start Dancing – Best & Simple Exercise At Home

Even people who aren’t great at it think dancing is kind of fun. You could shut the windows, crank up the music, and do it at home. This is one of the most effective and simple exercises at home to lose weight without a gym. Or better, sign up for a dance class near your house – maybe Zumba or tango or something. Not only will you make a lot of friends, but you’ll also be getting a lot of exercises, and it’ll be kind of fun. You don’t have to be good at it, you’re not dancing for competition, you just have to do it!

5. Lose Weight Without Gym – Do Your Regular Home Workout

Who’s stopping you from doing your crunches, planks, and core workouts from the comfort of your home? Make sure you warm up properly before you get into a full workout. You can do squats and even jump rope if you own one. Throw in a pair of dumbbells, and you can manage some weight-lifting too. This can be the best idea if you want to lose weight without a gym.

6. Hike or Climb

Do you like difficult territory and beautiful landscapes? You can find a hiking trail and go on an adventure with a group of girlfriends. Make sure you’re wearing some comfortable hiking shoes. You could also try rock climbing, that would be a fun time with friends. Or, if you just need some time to yourself, you could do it on your own too!

Lose Weight Without Gym
Lose Weight Without Gym

7. Biking

You might have fond memories of biking when you were a kid. But you can still do it, and it’s a really good workout! This could be an entertaining way to lose weight without a gym. Try biking to work in the morning when you’ll have energy, or biking around when you have to pick up groceries or do some chores. Make sure you’re careful in traffic-heavy areas.

8. Join An Amateur Team

Get your friends together to join a football or basketball team in your neighborhood, or whatever sport might be up for grabs. Maybe you can even make a team of your own. There are plenty of adult teams that compete in friendly contests these days. It’s also a great way to meet new people and give you a sense of purpose. It will also help you to lose weight without a gym. 

These were some gym-free tips to lose weight with some simple exercise at home and regular home workouts. You hardly need the gym to complete your daily exercise quota. You simply need the right approach to working out.

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