We all know just how particular artists are with their art. No matter how free-spirited their inspiration and technique may be, they are aware of each stroke and just where it is placed, because they know that it is these small details that most of the reader don’t notice which in fact shape the whole piece. 

Your face is no less a piece of art than the paintings which are preserved in museums. All of us are beautiful just the way we are naturally, as long as we are comfortable in our bodies. But wanting to enhance certain features and add some details does not mean you love yourself any less. It just means that this is your way of treating your body with respect. There is no harm in showing-off the features you like the most to the world. 

When most of us think about our most definitive features, we think about our eyes, our lips, our skin and everything else, often forgetting to consider the two lines that run above your eyes, having such a big effect on your face. Yes, your eyebrows are in fact an extremely important part of your face, not just because they keep dust and moisture away from our eyes, but because they also subdue or enhance certain features of our face. Eyebrow shapes can do wonders about your overall facial traits because when done in a certain manner, they can bring out those features that you love the most.

Of course, we are in no way saying one needs to have perfect eyebrows to look good. People have their own ways of finding comfort in their bodies, and it’s okay if this isn’t yours. But if you are someone who has considered experimenting with eyebrow shapes and exploring the different types of eyebrows, we are here to tell you about the basic shapes, so you can decide for yourself. 

Different Types of Eyebrows

You may be surprised to hear that there are more than a dozen types of eyebrows, amongst which are different eyebrow shapes. Various factors change the type of eyebrows, including length (short, medium, long), thickness (thin, medium, thick), arch height (straight, shallow, medium, high), arch shape (hard angle, soft angle, round), definition (soft, medium, full), etc. The combination of a few of these factors gives us the basic different eyebrow shapes.

As mentioned before, an eyebrow shape can do wonders to highlight the parts of your face that you want to highlight. For example, eyebrows with arch would draw the attention towards the eyes of someone with a square face. Similarly, there would be a suitable eyebrow shape for a round face would slim down certain parts of your face as well as sharpen your facial bone structure. 

There are many different eyebrow shapes for girls which can give them the look they feel comfortable in. It’s okay if you want to shape your eyebrows and style them. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t confident in yourself. It just means that you are confident in trying out different styles, to find the one which calls out to you.

Without further ado, here are the few basic different eyebrow shapes for girls:


Straight eyebrow shape is one that does not have an arch in its length. Instead, it’s a flat, straight line that runs over your eye. This can be your natural brow shape and if it is, there is nothing wrong with it. Arches are not the only thing that can make eyebrows pretty. FOr example, straight eyebrow shape can actually give your face a rounded look, if you a long face. 


Straight eyebrows with a slight downward curve or even no curve at all can give your face that added compact look that you may be seeking. Keeping your straight shaped eyebrows brushed with a spoolie brush will give them a more polished appearance.


An S-shape eyebrow is the type of eyebrow where the brow starts in the centre, dips a little downwards subtly and then rises into an arch, give your brave the shape of the letter ‘s’. This eyebrow shape does not have a dramatic arch but instead curves gently into its angle. It can be a good choice for those who want to go for subtler angular arches and add a bit of definition to their faces, without overdoing it.


When a brow’s arch isn’t angular, but instead a soft, rounded curve, it becomes a rounded eyebrow shape. This could be the type of eyebrow you want to go for if the rest of your face has sharper features, such as a sharp chin in case of a heart-shape face.


Eyebrows don’t always have to enhance your features, but can also be used to soften some of them, to achieve a semblance of balance if that is what you desire.

Hard angled

Hard-angled eyebrow shape is one of the different types of eyebrows with an angular arch. In a hard-angled face, the arch is much more prominent and pointed, giving a rather bold look to your face. This can be a good eyebrow shape for a round face because it will add a sharper edge to your face and balance the roundness if you wish to do it. Hard-angled eyebrow shape can seem daring, but if you feel ready and comfortable to do it, it can be a good shape to try.

Soft angled

Soft-angled eyebrow shape is another suitable eyebrow shape for a round face, especially if you do not want to go all out on the arch. In a soft-angled eyebrow shape, the angle of the arch is softer and gentle, so while it gives your face that sharp look, it does it much less dramatically than its hard-angled counterpart. A tweezer and a brow pencil will help you get this look, provided you grow comfortable in shaping your eyebrows carefully.


The upward eyebrow shape is one that starts at the inner corner of your eye and from there just rises in a straight line, giving an expressive look. While this may not seem appealing to you, it can be an interesting look to try out. Remember to first discuss all these things with the person who is trimming your eyebrows so they can give you a more realistic image. 

Choosing the Eyebrow Shape that’s best for you

When you start getting warmed up to the idea of shaping your eyebrows, you may find yourself confused about just how to get the eyebrows that are perfect for you. Always remember to be patient with yourself, because it is normal to be in two minds, especially when it’s your first time doing something like this.

The most important thing is to be realistic about your expectations by discussing them in detail with the person doing your eyebrows. Make sure to let them know your wishes and listen to their advice, before coming to a decision.

It can be daunting to try something different, especially on a part of your body that you cannot hide from the world, but remember that it is not your eyebrows that define who you are. You are only trying this out as you would try out a dress that you find cute. If it fits, then fits. But if it doesn’t, you are still beautiful underneath, just as you were before and nothing can change that, because only you define you.

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