Eyes are the mirror to the soul, as they say! Eyes are the first thing a person notices when they meet someone. Eyebrows are the frame to the eyes; they accentuate the beauty in the eyes and the face. An adequately framed and neat eyebrow attracts the onlooker. Add to that striking, beautiful eyes, and the result is astounding. Brows must be kept neat, and specific tips and tricks are maintained to get the beautiful eyebrow. 

How To Shape Perfect Brows?

Some of these tricks include:

1. Beautifully Shaped Tail

An overflowing tail makes the eyes look droopy and the face fatigued. The eyebrows should end at the portion where the face glows up, and it should be neatly curved to give a striking look to the front. To ensure the brow tail curves beautifully, measure the end with a brow pencil placing it diagonally at the nostril and gradually line it up to the eye side. The place where the brow pencil hits the brow bone is where the brow should end.

2. Right Arch

Arch of the brow defines the person; some have pointy eyebrows, some have subtle ones. If you want to keep your brow arch subtle and not too pointy, hold the brow pencil against the nostril and line it diagonally according to the eye center. This is where the arch should fit naturally. After that, with a brush, brush the eyebrow hairs in a downward manner and create a slight peak where the arc ends. Finally, fluff the brow hair back into place so that the arch looks beautiful and natural.

3. Harsh Lines

Create a beautiful brow shape by using small, hair-like strokes and use a brush to remove any sharp edges with delicate back and forth movements.

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4. Shape the Brows

Unruly and unshaped brows are a big no-no. Unshaped brows can be tended to with the help of a slash shaping. This will give more structure and an attractive look to the face. To get it into shape, you can also use a tweezer to remove and strays and shape the brow and arch beautifully.

5. Sparse Spots

Did you resort to over-plucking and have a sparse spot in your brow? If you have, then mask it with brow powder with the help of an angled brush or a pencil. After that, groom the brows with brow mascara.

6. Outline Brows

Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows
Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows

Outline the brows with a highlighter instead of a concealer. A highlighter can bring many highlights to the eyebrows and make a face look too glittery. As such, use a concealer that is a shade lighter to your skin and brighten up the eyes and brow area.

7. Start from the Centre

When highlighting and featuring the brow arch, start working on the arc and gradually move towards the nose bridge followed by using it on the tail of the brow. This will ensure you have left the lesser product as you reach the brow start, making the eyebrow and the make-up look realistic. Start your brow, making the application look realistic.

8. Brow Color

Choosing the wrong brow color is a big no-no and would make the brows look fake. If you have trouble getting the right share, use two different tones of color to fill in the brows. Like, if you are a redhead, create the eyebrow with a taupe pencil and then an auburn pencil to give a natural dimension to the eyebrows.

9. Blend the Product

Whenever you are defining brow arches, make it more natural by blending the product into the brow. An easier way to fill brows is by forming a brow line under eyebrows at the beginning with a brow pencil. Thereafter, use a brush to diffuse the product into the brows. Getting the perfect brow is easy if you follow the right steps and maintain the shape regularly. 
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