All hair types are beautiful and we can’t forget the gorgeous natural curly hair. Despite its criticism of being a mess or trouble in styling, curly hair will be a blessing for most of the beauties. Some curls do not settle, we agree on that and those tangles and knots on your hair can be a great trouble if you have curly hair. Curly or wavy hair can be a mess when we try to style them. 

Although curly hair can be difficult to style we have some amazing curly hair styles you would want to try out. If you have naturally curly hair you can try out these curly hair styles easily or you can curl your hair to try them out. 

Read on to find out some stunning curly hair ideas to try this 2021. 

8 Gorgeous Curly hair styles to try this winter 

If you are looking for some easy and elegant curly hair styles, you are in the right place. Curly hair can be a challenge to handle because of the thickness and its texture. However, to save your time and energy, you can try out some easy to do curly hair styles and make your life more simple. We have a variety of impressive and startling curly hair ideas you can try to stand out from the crowd. 

Ombre Curls for short hair 

Who doesn’t love those smooth, thick and round curls? If you have short hair up to the nape of your neck, this curly hair style can be the best for you. With those silky smooth natural curls and a sexy little punch of ombre on the ends is going to look stunning on your short hair. This is the most common African American hairstyle. It is one of the most common curly hair cuts for curly hair all around the world. Highlighting those beautiful curls can enhance the look and make you feel amazingly sexy. 

You can try a beautiful golden or purple ombre on the ends and leave your hair as it is without any styling. The puffy look is going to make your face look fabulous. 

Thick Curls with Bangs 

Who said bangs only belong to straight hair? Bangs are beautiful no matter what your hair texture is. If you have jet black hair with medium hair length, go to your hairstylist and get those curly bangs. If you have natural curly hair, you can leave your hair a little messy to enhance the look. It can frame your face very elegantly. 

curly hair styles

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Wanna add some spice? Go for some baby highlights between your curls to add some sparkle in your hair.

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Curly Top Knot 

This hairstyle was amazingly rocked by Bella Hadid and guess what? You can rock it too! Just curl up your bottom ends and keep your top hair straight. Curl your loose strands with a curling iron and pin-up the bottom ringlets with a pin and make a voluminous knot on the top of your hair. You can use hair spray to tighten up the upper hair to make it look straight (if you have natural curly hair). 

Source: MarieClaire

The top curly knot is going to give a supermodel look for your luxury parties and those romantic dates. 

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Khaleesi Braids For long hair 

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Who doesn’t love the audacious and royal look of Khaleesi and the mother of dragons from the game of thrones? Well, you can rock that look too! If you have wavy and a little curly hair in the ends you can do this hairstyle by using some hairpins and elastic bands. Just make braids from front to back on both sides of your hair. Make 4-6 braids according to your preference. 

You can style your hair with a round ring and keep your ends curled to give it an original Khaleesi look. 

Make a high ponytail 

If you have wavy curls do not mind to make a high ponytail. It is easy and doesn’t take much of your time. Just pull your hair up, go as high as you want and tuck it up with a rubber band and you are ready to rock your curls. This simple ponytail can look good at a party or even at a day outing. It is simple and easily manageable, so say goodbye to that tangled hair. 

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Long curly braid 

If you have extremely long hair with thick natural curls do not forget to try long braids. It is manageable all day long and looks extremely dapper. To show off your curly ends, braid till halfway down and tuck it up with some hair accessories or a beautiful band and leave the rest of the curls as it is.

You can try to start making braids from the top of your head and all the way to the bottom. This is a rich and sleek look you’ll ever wear. 

Messy bun 

Well, we all watch tutorials to make a messy bun but the key to a messy bun is just being random and you’ll end up with a stylish messy bun and if you have curly hair, it’s even easier. Curly hair is difficult to manage and sometimes a mess, so why not style it that way? It is easy to do and doesn’t need any heat to style it. Just bring your curls up in a messy bun and boom! You have a cute curly hairstyle ready for you. 

If you have bangs, make them come in front of your face to define your face. 

Double Buns 

Those cute little buns on either side of your head look absolutely beautiful and fashionable. If you have curly hair, you are going to rock this hairstyle. Just take an elastic band, part your hair, make two small ponytails on top of each side of your head and roll around your curls on both sides. Leave the rest of the hair as it is. Remember to keep it loose as they may irritate you but tuck them correctly so they do not open up. 

These were some easy and popular curly hair styles to try this season for your outing and parties. Do not forget to try these amazing curly hair ideas to make your curls look more beautiful and stunning. 

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