Pink Lips have been quite an inspiration to many singers and poets over the years. There must have been hundreds of songs made or poem written mentioning ‘Pink Lips’ in them for sure. Be it, Snow White who had rosy lips, or Cinderella who would always flaunt her naturally pink lips by grinning like a Cheshire cat, their smile has always been an important description in the stories. 

As the wise say, a smile is the best curve on a woman’s body. Smile is the best thing one could wear besides confidence. To maintain this best and the only free of cost accessory in the world, one must look after their lips. Pink lips are what makes a smile beautiful. Pink lips and smile are like a car and fuel, incomplete without one another. 

Pink Lips No More

However, having pink lips can become a tough job sometimes. The constant hustle-bustle, pollution, and stress make it very hard for lips to be pink and soft. Oftentimes, lips get pigmented due to several reasons. 

Besides pigmentation or darkening, lips also become chapped and sometimes even bleed. This happens mainly because the skin of our lips is the thinnest and most sensitive. The skin on lips doesn’t have any sweat gland which helps in flushing out the toxins and moisture-retaining capacity, hence they become chapped. 

Lacking these functions, lips are the first thing to get affected by the slightest change in the living environment or health. There are many possible reasons for lips to become chapped, dry or pigmented. 

Some of them are as mentioned below:

  1. Dehydration is the most common cause of dry lips which gradually results in discolouration of the lips. Less consumption of water causes the body to dehydrate.
  2. Hyperpigmentation can be a result of reckless lifestyle patterns, habitual smoking, consuming junk food, or high levels of stress.
  3. Discolouration of lips can also happen due to the high-level consumption of caffeine.
  4. Anaemia also causes lip damage.
  5. Dozing off with makeup on can also cause damage to the lips.
  6. Using the products which don’t suit your skin type can lead to pigmented and damaged lips.
  7. Change in an environment like pollution levels, too much exposure to sun or cold winds can damage the delicate skin of your lips.
  8. Using expired products on your lips can have side effects by damaging the quality of your lips.

Anyhow, lips recover very quickly exactly like the way they get upset. With the inclusion of a few DIY remedies, you can get your naturally pink lips back. So ladies, get ready to ditch that lipstick of yours and show off your new favorite shade of pink: 101 percent All Naturally.

How To Get Pink Lips Naturally

The following are different types of DIY remedies to ace those pink lips all naturally and quickly.

1. Rose Petals And Milk Mask

Time to bid adieu to your dark, patchy, and pigmented lips. This remedy helps you to soften, nourish, and lighten your lips in a very easy way. Your lips would just become like the master ingredient of this remedy, rose petals.

Pink Lips
Pink Lips

Procedure– Take a half cup of milk and let 5-6 rose petals soak overnight. In the morning, filter out the rose petals from the milk and grind them with a very moderate pressure to convert it into a thick paste, add a few drops of milk accordingly, to get the desired consistency of thickness. 

Ta-da…Your mask is ready! Apply this paste on your lips and let it sit for about 15 minutes. This paste can be applied regularly for better results. 

2. Lemon And Sugar Scrub 

Lemon is a very rich source of antioxidants. Lemon possesses all these nutrient properties which sound too good to be true. Anyway, one of the qualities of lemon is its impact on the skin. If your lips aren’t chapped, applying lemon and sugar can do wonders to your lips. Getting pink lips naturally would become everyone’s cup of tea with this trick.

Lemon And Sugar Scrub
Lemon And Sugar Scrub 

Procedure- Slice a lemon and dust some sugar upon it. Massage your lips with this for about 2-3 minutes.

This remedy helps in exfoliating your skin and removing the layer of dead cells from it. The rich properties of lemon with the texture of sugar make this remedy a great natural DIY scrub.

3. Aloe Vera Gel Lip Balm

Saving the best for the last! Aloe Vera gel is one answer to all your problems. You name it,  Aloe Vera got it. Aloe Vera is the must-have plant, it can be easily grown in the garden or even in a small pot. It is a  ‘low maintenance, high profile’ kind of a plant. There is no doubt that it benefits your skin too. Aloe Vera gel is one of the best and most appreciated remedies to get those luscious pink lips naturally.

Aloe Vera Gel Lip Balm
Aloe Vera Gel Lip Balm

Procedure- Take a fresh leaf and cut it open. Scoop out the gel from it in a container. Add a few drops of any essential oil, or coconut or olive oil, in the container and refrigerate it. 

Your Aloe Vera lip balm is ready to use. It can be used several times a day.

Besides these remedies, ensuring the intake of a proper nutritional diet is also necessary. These remedies may work wonders within an instant but the right diet heals your lips as well as body, just how you like it, naturally.

Along with diet, another important factor to consider is your daily lifestyle. Lifestyle plays an important role in one’s mental and physical well-being. Living the right kind of lifestyle will eventually help you get rid of pigmentation on your lips.

Lifestyle Changes To Achieve Naturally Pink Lips 

Following guidelines must be followed dutifully to get rid of pigmentation on lips forever.

  1. Eat vegetables like cucumber, melon, tomato, etc. to maintain a high level of hydration in your body.
  2. Prefer using homemade natural lip balms instead of the ones from the market or drugstore. These lip balms have a very high amount of chemicals in them which only worsen your lips’ quality and damages it further.
  3. Before dozing off to the bed, cleanse and moisturize your face properly after removing the makeup.
  4. Smoking is injurious to health as well as lips. Pink lips would be an unachievable dream if you don’t quit smoking.
  5. Apply sunscreen on lips as well. UV rays are not biased like most of the humans, they fall on and affect every exposed area, even your lips.
  6. Scrub or exfoliate your lips. The dead cells on it need to be jerked off a little.

Keeping all these things in mind and also applying them in life will help you get rid of those chapped, dry, and pigmented lips for sure. Now it would be your lips’ turn to be written about. It is time to bring your game back to the court and kill them all with your dangerous smile. A new competition for Snow White’s and Cinderella’s smile has arrived.

After all, a beautiful lady’s smile is more contagious than Corona.

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