Have you long been obsessed with the soft, natural pink lips of Instagram models and Youtubers and your favorite influencers? Do you stare at your phone wondering how they have such wonderful, pink-toned lips while you can barely remember to put on lip balm when your lips start to dry out? (Well, that might be a clue…) .

Don’t look at celebs enviously because they have access to a lot more products (which are very pricey!) than we do, but if you really want to get soft, natural pink lips too, then you’ve come to the right place.

First Off, Do You Take Care of Your Lips?

It sounds a bit silly, but actually, as we women know, you really need to pay attention to all parts of the body if you want everything to run smoothly and look good. Beauty is pain and beauty is time! Your lips actually need special care, because they have no sweat glands so they need to be moisturized regularly. To get natural pink lips, the first thing you have to do is to make sure your lips aren’t dried out and chapped.

So make sure you take care of your lips. This means following a healthy lifestyle – drink enough water, don’t keep your makeup on at night or use expired lipsticks, don’t smoke or get over-caffeinated. These can all cause your lips to become darker, which isn’t the way to get naturally pink lips for sure.

So Now What?

Now that we’ve covered what you should avoid, there are a lot of ways to get those beautiful lips you drool over in magazines. And they’re all home remedies for rosy lips. Follow some of these tips for healthy pink lips:

How to Get Pink Lips Naturally?

In this section we have enlisted some great tips to maintain pink lips naturally

1. The Basic Lip Balm and Scrub

Basic…but effective. If you’ve got dry, chapped lips, just apply a thick layer of your favorite lip balm before you go to bed. Apply generously and in the morning, use a wet toothbrush or a damp cloth to gently scrub and exfoliate your lips, removing the dead, dry skin. Your lips will look soft, smooth, and your smile will be much improved!

2. Honey and Sugar

The classic ingredients to put a pep in your step…or in this case, to make your lips feel a lot better. Try and use brown sugar because of the antioxidants that protect your skin from UV damage.

Sugar also has glycolic acid which acts to condition the skin and protects it from toxins. Honey will help to keep the lips hydrated. So mix honey and sugar together into a lip scrub and try to use this regularly for lovely natural pink lips. You can do it for about two or three times a week to gain natural pink lips.

Honey and Sugar
Honey and Sugar

3. Pomegranate Seeds With Milk

Another of the home remedies for rosy lips involves pomegranate, which can really help to lighten your lip color and bring it closer to a pinkish tone. It has a substance called punicalagin which slows down melanin production. It also protects against sun damage. Grind pomegranate seeds and mix well with milk, then apply the mixture to your lips. Leave it for about fifteen minutes and then wash it off. You can do this regularly to gain pink lips at home.

4. Rose petals

Rosy lips call for rose petals! You can deal with discoloration and lightening lips by soaking a few rose petals in milk for some time. In the morning, strain it out and grind the petals into a mash.

Add some more milk so that it forms a kind of paste, and then apply to your lips for some fifteen minutes. Wash it off afterwards. Rose petals have anti-inflammatory substances as well as natural oils which help to moisturize your lips. This is quite a gentle treatment so use it as often as required for natural pink lips.

5. Beetroot

As you can guess from the color, beetroot can be a big help here. You can basically make a natural lip balm using beetroot. Beetroot can be a natural exfoliator as well as a lip stain.

To make a beetroot lip balm, use beetroot powder, shea butter (to moisturize your lips), olive oil, and beeswax. Heat them up and stir the mixture together, then store it in a jar. You can use this natural beetroot lip balm whenever you like! This is one of the best home remedies for natural pink lips. 

Pink Lips
Pink Lips

So there’s your solution to natural, rosy lips, and you’re probably spending a lot less than all those celebrities and influencers. Make your lips look beautiful, lush, and pink with these home remedies for natural pink lips!

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