Too worn-out after a long day to cook food? Don’t order in that oily fried chicken yet, these startups will help you stick to your diet plan with healthy meal options. With the increase in lifestyle illnesses, people are now keen to say goodbye to their fast food and seek healthier options. But running the rat race hardly leaves you with the time or energy to cook up healthy meals at home. Skipping breakfast, a hassled 15-minute lunch, and a late-night takeout dinner is ever more becoming the norm for the working class. 

Apps for Healthy Food At the Doorstep

Here we are with our list of six startups that are not only making healthy and delicious food but also delivering it to your doorstep. 

1. Healthie Team 

The healthier team is your go-to service option. They are on a two-pronged mission – to make India healthy and to build a business by offering healthy food that is also enjoyable. Currently delivering services in Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. They serve meals that are healthy and have an Indian touch for the urban lot. Healthie offers Super Bowls, Super Sandwiches, and Super Thalis together with its Black Range of Black Beast sandwiches, Black Rice Bowl, and more. You can get it either home delivery or order in from apps like Swiggy or Zomato. 

2. PurpleBasil 

PurpleBasil is a healthy food delivery service that aims at two customer groups – people who want to eat healthy and tasty food, and people who are fitness conscious and are looking to solve the food part in their fitness regime. It is currently serving close to 3,000 meals on an average every month. By 2021, the company plans to start in Hyderabad and Mumbai. 

3. Yustrength 

This startup offers healthy and tasty meals based on a subscription model. Daily, weekly and even monthly-based meals are customized for each customer and are dissimilar from the ones available online for home delivery. Your strength is presently operational only in Mumbai and caters to more than 20-30 clients per month; it has 400-500 orders monthly through online portals. 

4. Kalchi Cooking 

Kalchi Cooking
Kalchi Cooking 

Kalchi offers packed on-the-go meal options that are fresh, have balanced nutrients, and are free of preservatives. Presently available in stores, for example, Nature’s Basket, Spar, and BigBasket, they offer ready-to-eat kebabs, ready-to-eat curry spreads, and ready-to-cook marinated chicken. Regular testing for nine months with a chef and receiving constant feedback has helped them reach their goal of creating authentic Indian tastes. 

5. Tandurust 

Bengaluru-based Tandurust has scored more than 10,000 orders in the first 7 months of operations itself. According to the founding duo, a person should have six meals a day and they are motivated to deliver four of the six. Their food is nutrition-measured, calorie-counted, and uses the least amounts of oil and salt. Having customers of top companies such as Goldman Sachs, HSBC, and CISCO, they offer a subscription-based weekly and monthly food service. 

6. Foodgasm 

Foodgasm aims at delivering and serving you with the tastiest and the healthiest dishes they can. They have various unique options to choose from. With items like Quinoa Biryani and other tasty and healthy things on their menu, Foodgasm’s meal service, one Up, offers customized meals to its corporate clients, health enthusiasts, and even people living alone. The company is aiming to cover all areas of Mumbai first and then later move to Delhi and Bengaluru.

These were some of the startups you can go for if you want tasty and healthy food delivered to your doorstep. With the everyday work routine and hustle, keeping track of your nutritional needs can get tough every single day. This can lead to various problems like loss of appetite, deficiency in some nutrients, and well of course if you rely on fast food too much, we cannot even begin to tell you how unhealthy that will prove to be for you and your health in the long run. 

Working people especially need to have a daily source of healthy prepared meals for them to meet their body’s nutritious demands. Even if you are someone who is not a working person, having yourself a regular healthy food service will always be beneficial for you. It will help you keep your fitness and weight on track and also limit your unhealthy food intake.

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