When it comes to summer skincare products, sunscreen is the only thing you need to be layering on thick. Makeup, alternatively, is a whole different story, because anything you put on whether it be a base, eye shadow, or bronzer will probably melt off the minute you step into the scorching summer heat.

This is why the makeup in summers should be super-lightweight, sheer, and creamy because it helps lessen the chances of your makeup turning into a sweaty, cakey disaster the second the sun hits. Sweatproof and water-resistant products are also significant, so are multi-tasking makeup you can bring with you to easily touch up throughout the day.

Tips for Makeup in Summer to Get Fresh Looking

Here are some of the best tips for makeup in summer to get fresh-looking. 

1. Exfoliate 

Exfoliating the skin helps to remove any dirt or excess oil from the skin. This helps to prepare the perfect base for your fresh makeup in summer. Remember, the best makeup looks always start with the best skincare.

2. Go Naked

Throwing lots of makeup in summer can prove to be less flattering due to the sweat and the heat. Therefore, it is recommended to lighten your routine for the summer and use only what you need, like a concealer to cover shadows and spots. Dab on a creamy concealer under eyes and on areas of concern with a finger.

3. Tinted Moisturizer

If you are resistant to the idea of putting on only concealers and no foundation, we have a trick for you. Apply a light layer of a tinted moisturizer. Or, you can always make your tinted coverage by mixing oil-free moisturizer with a foundation for a softer, more sheer appearance. This will give you a perfect look and fresh makeup in summer.

4. Give Your Lips Some Love

Fresh Looking
Fresh Looking

The summer, the rising temperature, the heat, the sweat, and the humidity, all of these factors can leave your lips seriously dry and flaky, and we all know that doesn’t work well for your lipstick. But there are 3 things you can do to keep your lips soft – Protect, exfoliate, and repeat.

Invest in a hydrating balm that fends off damaging UV rays while locking in moisture. Make sure to reapply throughout the day, at least every two hours. Get a nice lip exfoliator for yourself or make one of those DIY lip exfoliators for yourself and engage in some good old exfoliating.

5. Invest in the Proper Tools

Most people like to have a light base just to even out their complexion during the summer, but if not properly applied, it will slide off your face and end up looking like an oil slick. To avoid this makeup landslide, apply your tinted moisturizer with a synthetic buffing brush. This method helps the foundation last much longer and keeps it from looking oily.

6. Use Multitasking Makeup

Invest in a product that does it all, for the lips, lids, and cheeks. It keeps your bag light and gives your look a soft, monochromatic focus.

7. Get a Tan

Get your glow on the way of a powder bronzer and some good old SPF. Put a generous amount of powder bronzer, all over your face to deepen your complexion. Then, put a shimmery bronzer to accentuate the high points of the face (cheekbones, bridge of the nose, temples) to get that fresh summer makeup looks.

8. Switch to Waterproof Formulas

There’s nothing worse than the middle of the day mascara or eyeliner blunders. Avoid this look by investing in a waterproof version of your go-to eye product, especially during summer. With the heat from the body and the rising temperatures, most eyeliners will end up either running or will need to be reapplied all day. A waterproof eyeliner won’t smear, run or smudge like that.

9. Melt Proof Your Makeup Routine

We all know how waterproof eyeliners and mascaras are a must, but during summers, there’s a lot more waterproofing you might need for example there are some pretty miraculous foundations, concealers, and even powder blushes that are formulated to withstand heat, humidity, sweat, and water. Get those products for the perfect makeup in summers. 

These were the tips you didn’t know you needed for the best makeup in summer and get the fresh summer makeup looks you have been dying for!

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