You paint and contour. In the whole process, you flush your faces with products using makeup brushes daily, Don’t you? However, the question is how often you clean those brushes? Turns out, not enough. Shocking!!! 

According to makeup artists & dermatologists, you should sud up all your makeup tools at least every week to avoid building up of bacteria that can gradually result in unwanted breakouts. Keep reading to know some beneficial facts about your makeup brushes as well as how to clean your brushes & tools the right way.

Things You Can Use To Clean Your Brushes 

The excellent method for cleaning your makeup brushes only requires water as well as a gentle soap (normal soap formulas will dry out the bristles, particularly if they have natural hairs) or brush cleanser. Easy, peasy!!!

Unclean Makeup Brushes
Unclean Makeup Brushes

Steps To Clean Your Makeup Brushes 

Use these 7 easy steps to make your brushes cleaner & good-as-new:

  • Wet the bristles using lukewarm water
  • Put a drop of makeup brush cleanser into the palm of your hand.
  • Gently massage the tips of the bristles in your palm
  • Wash the bristles.
  • Squeeze out the extra moisture using a clean towel.
  • Re-shape the head of the brush.
  • Let the brush dry with its bristles hanging off the edge of a counter, that is, allow it to dry in the correct shape. You should never dry your brushes on a towel as the bristles can get mildewed.

Some Important Tips: 

Always keep the base of your brush head away from the soap & water. As the bristles are glued to the base, water & detergent may disintegrate the glue resulting in the losing and shedding of bristles. Never dry vertically as water may leak into the ferrule that can also loosen up the glue as well as lose the bristle.

Why are Dirty Brushes Dangerous? 

By now, we all know that cleaning our makeup brushes and tools is an essential part of our beauty routine. Of course, I too get a little lazy sometimes. You too right? As an excellent wake-up call to keep all of us on our toes, let’s put some light on some weird and gross things that happen due to dirty bristles: 

  • Pores May Clog Up 

If you are not washing your makeup brushes enough, then you are probably spreading bacteria & dirt from your face to your makeup, and visa Versa. If your skin is breaking out and you have tried out everything else, then my friend, your makeup brush can be the reason.

  • Cause Wrinkles 

Dirty brushes can increase your skin’s exposure to oxidative stress that causes a breakdown of collagen as well as elastin and gradually premature aging.

  • Worsen Up Your Makeup

Why you use a makeup brush? Obviously, to let your makeup go smoothly and evenly. However, if your brushes are already packed completely with yesterday’s foundation, then how will they function properly today?

  • Cause Pink Eye 

Conjunctivitis or pink eye can easily spread by unclean brushes. It is a common & non-deadly infection, nevertheless, a pink eye is something you should probably avoid.

  • Skin Irritation 

When gross bacteria and dirt build-up, it can lead to stiffer bristles, which can extremely irritate and harm your skin. 

Bottom Line

Most dermatologists suggest soaking the tools, particularly concealer & foundation brushes, on a weekly basis to prevent any product buildup. Keep in mind that these brushes & tools are used on your face, hence cleaner is always the better. Brushes that you use around your eyes should be cleaned at least two times a month. 

All other tools can be washed once a month. Do you know that soaping up your makeup brushes daily can increase the sustainability of the bristles as well as help in better makeup application? Yes, it is true! Brush hairs and sponges are absorbent, hence they have a tendency to hold debris, oils, and even bacteria. If you leave your brushes dirty, then your application can be spotty as well as blending can be a bit difficult. 

Be beautiful with brains!! 

Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean!!!

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