Acne is something that we all hate to see on our faces. We do our best to keep those red and sometimes painful bumps at bay. Having an acne outbreak when you have a special occasion to attend is like a nightmare, right ladies? Yes, there are makeup hacks that can cover acne, but it always feels good when you have a naturally spotless face. 

Now, the thing is that no matter how hard you try to protect your skin from acne breakouts, those annoying zits always find their way to appear on your face. There is a possibility that you may have a genetic acne issue. 

While you are struggling with acne issues, there are few people out there who never even had one pimple on their faces. So unfair, right? Well, the culprit in this case – genetic disposition. Keep on reading to know all about genetic acne and how to get rid of it.

Acne : the Common Enemy of the Skin

Let us first find out what exactly acne is. Acne is a condition of the skin that causes the skin pores to get clogged with oil and the dead skin cells. Along with it, the bacteria, Cutibacterium acnes, contributes to the formation of acne. 

However, the direct connection of how this bacterium contributes to our common enemy is still a blur. 

Symptoms of Acne
Symptoms of Acne

Symptoms of Acne

Most of us barely know that we have an acne issue because we all only know that acne means red bumps with or without pus. But in fact, there is a range of symptoms that indicate you have an acne issue. 

  • White-heads
  • Black-heads
  • Red bumps
  • Bumps filled with pus that looks white
  • Large painful bumps that are often hard to touch

Is Acne Genetic: The connection between your Genes and Acne

Many of you must have thought at least once if you have a genetic acne problem, or does acne come from mom or dad? The answer is yes. Although acne also occurs due to environmental factors, if you have a genetic acne issue, you are more prone to acne breakouts anyway. 

Another point worth mentioning is that there is no specific gene that gets passed down to the future generation leaving them with genetic acne. But studies have shown that if either or both the parents have had acne issues earlier in their lives, then it is highly possible that their children may also become prone to acne breakouts.

Genes and Acne
Genes and Acne

Factors that you may inherit from your parents leading to genetic acne

Shedding some light onto the genetic factor leading to acne.

  • A hormonal disorder like Polycystic ovarian syndrome is something that is genetic in nature. One of the most well-known symptoms of Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS is acne breakouts.
  • As a result of genetic disposition, it affects a lot on how the skin is prone to clogging pores or how efficiently your immune system can fight off cutibacterium acnes. 

Other Factors Causing your Acne

Apart from the genetic factor, here are some more reason why you may have acne. 

You are drinking less water

H20 is undoubtedly the elixir of life. If you have ever noticed the secret that every celebrity shares on how they have glowing skin, most of them have only one answer – drink lots of water. 

You may be battling with acne regularly because your body isn’t getting a sufficient amount of water. Most of us barely even remember to stay hydrated during the daytime, be it summer or winter. Because of this, it doesn’t really matter if you have genetic acne or not, as you will most likely develop acne.

Unhealthy diet

Another reason for your skin to welcome acne is you following a diet with less healthy food and more junk food. 

Blame the water & air quality

The water quality and air quality also play an important role when it comes to your skin. If you have been using hard water for quite some time now, you may become prone to acne and even eczema.

The same goes for air quality. If the air quality in your area is poor, full of suspended particulate matter, then your skin will be more susceptible to develop this skin condition.

Genetic Acne
Genetic Acne

How to Get Rid of Genetic Acne?

Another question that most of you must be thinking about is how to get rid of genetic acne, or can you stop genetic acne from developing?

Well, unfortunately, we cannot undo something that is in your genetic code. But what you can do is make some serious lifestyle changes. We do get it that leading a healthier lifestyle all of a sudden is a big change, and you may find it difficult to follow. 

So, it will be wiser to make the transition with baby steps. Follow these tips if you want to rid of genetic acne:

Take good care of your skin without fail

Can you stop genetic acne? Well, in a way, yes! All you have to do is take proper care of your skin at all times. Use a good skin cleanser like rose water. Always wash your face after getting home from outside. Use a good moisturizer as per your skin type. 

Minimize the intake of junk food

We all love to tantalize our taste buds with all the different types of cuisines and street food available. It makes us happy, right? But the thing is our consumption of food rich in cheese, oils, and spices make it easier for the acne to develop, especially if you have genetic acne.

Stay hydrated

Drink water and stay hydrated. If necessary, you can also download apps that will remind you to drink water throughout the day.

Stay away from stress

Stress is not good at all. When you experience severe stress consistently, your body releases the cortisol hormone that increases the secretion of oil on your skin. We all know what happens when there is excessive oil production – Acne.

Start the intake of vitamins

Vitamins have a positive impact on our skin, keeping the acne at bay if you are prone to it. Vitamins such as A, C, E are important in this case. You can either increase the consumption of food rich in these vitamins or take vitamin supplement pills. 

Visit a good skin doctor

Visit a good dermatologist in town to get professional guidance on how to tackle genetic acne issues. Living with genetic acne issues is irritating, but honestly, all you can do is try your best to protect your skin from the acne by following these tips. Don’t get too stressed out and upset about the development as it will only worsen your situation. Stay healthy and keep the common enemy of the skin away from your skin! Also, avoid touching your face too much. Thank us later!

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Take care🏶