Does Body Fat Affect Sex? 3 Key Points To Remember

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fat women sex
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What does the word ‘fat’ actually refer to? It means to have a higher body weight than average, being bigger than usual. 

Something that’s surely got nothing to do with the stereotypically beautiful or attractive body types. Who gets to decide what’s beautiful and what isn’t? So, let’s read more on fat women sex.

All bodies are beautiful and deserve to be appreciated and loved. If you’ve got a wider butt or larger bust than your friend, you’ve nothing to be ashamed about. The one thing that some people (though it doesn’t concern them at all) wonders: how do big girls have sex?

Sex has nothing to do with size!

Before anything else, you have to love your body and be proud of it. If you’ve ever been bullied by your partner concerning the difficulties of having sex with fat women, you deserve better, honey. 

In today’s century, you don’t have to entertain those who don’t value you and your body. There are tonnes of other people who love you the way you are. So, get up, straighten your crown and look for them! 

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fat women sex

3 Points To Remember Concerning Fat Women Sex 

1. Don’t question your self-worth – 

There are a lot of women who aren’t comfortable having sexual intercourse with their partners who’re smaller than them. Even if they want to do it, they feel insecure and conscious of their body. 

This is not desirable. If your partner wants to have sex with you, they’re aware of your body proportions and would want to do it, nevertheless. 

Get rid of your shame and embarrassment. You can even take professional help for the same. You cannot invest yourself completely in the process if you constrict yourself and your actions. 

If you’re not comfortable opening up to your partner, try exploring your body on your own first. Masturbation can not only make you understand your body better but also increases self-confidence. 

2. Pillows are your blessings – 

Fat women can have amazing sex and more so when there’s a sufficient amount of pillows available. These help to position the body conveniently. Do it on surfaces that can hold your body up instead of mellowing it down. 

3. Loads of lube – 

Lubrication is important for everybody, irrespective of body types. However, sex with fat women might as well be trickier. The labia of their vagina is usually thicker than others. 

Thus, penetration requires effective removal of the fats around the region and moderate amounts of lube. Water or gel-based lubes are the best for such circumstances. 

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Sex positions appropriate for heavier women 

Choosing sex positions doesn’t just need considerable thinking only while having sex with fat women. All sex positions are not for everyone unless you’re extremely fit and flexible, almost like you’ve got no bones. 

Fat women’s sex is going to be pretty smooth if the following sex positions are emulated instead of trying out numerous positions and wasting time.

  • Doggie style – 

This is one of the most popular positions. It is extremely pleasurable and worthwhile for having sex with heavyset women as well. Try adjusting your butt by placing pillows under your tummy. This would accentuate and give height to your butt and pave a clear path for penetration. Place your hands firmly on the bed or any other surface you’re on, to maintain balance. The best part? Your tummy is out of the way. 

  • Missionary – 

In this position, the one who’s penetrated is dominated by the one who’s going to penetrate. To make this position effective while fat women have sex, it is advisable to position pillows underneath the butt. 

Next, the legs should be pulled up, the knees pointing towards the face of the one who’s going to be penetrated. This would provide sufficient room and ease entry. Keep your tummy rolls and thigh fats out of the way and feel the pleasure. 

  • Cowgirl – 

This is when it’s your chance to be over your partner. Large women finds this position to be extremely enjoyable and also gives them the power, which can be a huge turn on for some. 

You can easily manage your belly and place it in a comfortable way when you’re sitting straight and upright on your partner. Spreading your buttcheeks is also simple. Penetration is super smooth and impactful with proper lubrication. Are you satisfied yet? We’re sure! 

Sex With Fat Women: It’s Not Just About Penetration 

While you’re at it, don’t forget that sexual arousal has got to do with your entire body and not just your genitals. Foreplay plays a major role in sex. If you’re not comfortable in the foreplay with your partner, you wouldn’t have satisfactory sex either. 

Studies show that several people fantasize about heavier women. But should that be the only reason for sex? Surely, not. 

Fat women’s sex is not different from the sex that other people have. When someone is really into you, they’re going to find your body rolls attractive and beautiful. They aren’t imperfections. 

Your partner is supposed to pleasure you, focusing on all your sensuous points. They should desire you and not just do it for the sake of it. Mutual desire is the key to good sex. 

If you’re comfortable in your own body, others would also like you and want to know you better. Stares and jeers are quite common for women, irrespective of their sizes. Hence, they shouldn’t make a difference in the way you view yourself. 


While it’s important to preach and practice body positivity, obesity is not good for the overall well-being of our body. Excessive body weight can result in several health hazards like diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, heart attack, etc. 

To stay away from all these evils, it Is imperative to maintain a certain level of fitness. Your body should never be a cause of lethargy or laziness. Having a broad structure doesn’t refer to obesity. If you’re having a great time with your body, without any hurdles, you’re good to go. Take care of your health and body and enjoy loads of sex!

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