Can Body Image Affect Your Sex Life? We all are living in an extremely judgemental society wherein women are supposed to adapt to a set of strict rules, including how to look, how to dress, speak, behave, work, care, not care,  and in fact how to live their damn lives. 

Most women out there are uniformly bombarded by other people. But, do you know the result of all those toxic comments? For god sake, it causes women to experience low self-esteem as well as negative body image. Body image is altogether a very big topic to discuss, however, in this article I am going to highlight how body image can affect someone in the bed? Keep reading!!! 

How Can Body Image Ruin One’s Sex Life? 

Most people still don’t know that body image can actually mess with their heads, particularly in bed. Talking about a woman, the way she sees her body can have a great effect on her feelings, that is her sexual desires as well as her ability to be aroused. Not only women but men can also suffer several feelings of body self-consciousness, however, it does not often interfere or affect their sexual functioning as much as it affects women. 

In fact, as per researches, after relationship distress, the negative body image is considered one of the severe disruptors of sexual desire, enjoyment and responsiveness in a woman. Now let us know what all are the types of body image problems that can sexually affect a woman. 

Body Image
Body Image
  • The Way She Sees Herself 

When a woman starts feeling like her body is just unattractive, eventually it results in lower sexual self-esteem and this further leads her to avoid any kind of sexual activity with her partner. And once an area of your sexual cycle is stopped, then it can also interrupt various other areas of your sexual cycle such as arousal, desire, and even orgasm. The more you will critically see your body, the more anxiety you will start feeling about being seen & touched and at last you will have less ability to lose yourself in the moment as well as become aroused. 

  • Thinking How Others Sees Her 

When a woman feels that her partner thinks that she is really attractive, automatically her sexual functioning gets much higher. But, when you feel, regardless of the truth, that people around you view your body in a negative light, your desire can be disrupted and thus affect your ability to be aroused.

  • How To Help Yourself

Take a look at some of the practices you can do to combat negative body image to undermine your sex life: 

  • Trust Your Partner 

Most of the men get frustrated and complain that even though they find their wife extremely sexy and beautiful, yet she does not feel the same about her own body & hence rejects him. Is it now clear, why is it important to believe your partner? 

  • Reduce Negative Self Talks Prior to & During Sex 

Try to become aware of the disapproving voice inside your while getting into sexual moments. When you overhear your thoughts, just focus on the sexual pleasure you will acquire as well as remind yourself that sex will help you to be more close with your partner.

  • Practice Kegels 

Use Kegel exercises to distract your mind from negative thoughts about your body. The pain involved in compressing your pelvic floor is just enough to stop your mind from having other negative wanderings.

  • Prepare Your Mind 

For a few minutes daily, practice to be in the present and examine your every thought. When you will question your thoughts & feelings, you will learn that they are just thoughts & feelings and not a concrete reality.

  • Breathe 

Breathe when you are having sex. Two deep breaths can help you focus on the sexual sensation instead of your negative thoughts. Plus, daily meditation helps to be less stressful!


You should notice when you are having negative thoughts as well as how they are making you feel. Try to view your thoughts as untrue stories that you have inherited, and realize that it is not the truth of your body.

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